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The Cowon AC1 has been rated 4/5 stars by CNET US!

Cowon AC1 – limited stock!



The Cowon Auto Capsule AC1 is simple to operate. It automatically captures a 30-second HD video clip when it detects a bump, including up to 15 seconds of video preceding the trigger. […]The Cowon Auto Capsule AC1 HD dashboard camera is so simple that it requires almost no interaction from the driver.’ CNET US – Read the full review here.


The Blackbox recorder from Cowon is a sophisticated bit of tech for inside your car. This compact recorder sits behind your rear view mirror and is programmed to capture any irregular movement.


There are four recording modes with the Cowon AC1. In the event recording mode the AC1 will pick up irregular swerving, change of speed or impacts and will record and save footage 15 seconds prior to the incident and 15 seconds after.


Fitted with a sophisticated 3-axis g sensor the Cowon AC1 will reliably pick up and record crucial footage.




New Jaybird Sprint is rated as a top fitness accessory by Men’s Fitness! Read more here!

Jaybird Freedom Sprint


Men’s Fitness have rated the new Jaybird Freedom Sprints as one of their must have running gadgets in a smartphone running gadget round-up.



The light buds stay firmly in place thanks to a rubber grip that sits in the contours of the ear, while sweat-proof controls make adjusting volume, skipping tracks and answering calls easy to do without interrupting your flow.Read the full review here.


The Jaybird Freedom Sprint is the latest in Jaybird’s premium line of Bluetooth sports headphones. They build upon their predecessor’s high performing qualities to refine this model into a set that positively exceed expectations.



Dramatically downsized, the Sprint is 40% smaller than the original Freedom making the earbuds considerably lighter.  Controls are ergonomically placed for quick and easy musical adjustments and sound has been revamped for high fidelity delivery.


Though they are optimized for sport, these headphones are so much more than that. Their wireless nature, crystal clear sound and sharp tonal delivery for calls make use of these headphones positively effortless. Once you’ve purged your headphones of wires, you’ll never go back.


Safe in the hands of wireless headphones experts who promise a lifetime guarantee against sweat, why not check the Jaybird Sprint out for yourself?


[...]the Freedom Sprints also deliver crisp, punchy sound to confidently cement their position as one of the best pairs of earphones currently available for running.Men’s Fitness




Jaybird Sportsbands rated ‘Best for Audio Quality’ by The Scottish Sun

Jaybird Sportsbands



The Jaybird Sportsbands were deemed ‘Best for Sound Quality’ by The Scottish Sun! The retro design of the Sportsbands were described as ‘perfect if you don’t like the in-ear style’ and their Bluetooth capability as, ‘fantastic – the sound is clear and they maintain a connection a long way (10m or more) from music source.’


Jaybird are renowned for making high performing sports headphones and the Sportsbands are no exception. They boast a contemporary design that is fully functional as both a sports headset as well as for everyday use. Their secure fit makes for a completely unrestricted experience without the fear of the headphones falling off.


Their simplicity in design reflects their simplicity in function. Bluetooth pairing is effortless and once connected volume, track and call answering is controlled from the headset itself.




New Denon AH-C300 ‘Urban Raver’ headphones set a new standard of in-ear audio quality!

Denon AH-C300 ‘Urban Raver’ in-ear headphones



These are one of the top models to come from the brand new and eagerly anticipated range from Denon. The masterful makers of luxury headphones have merged form and function beautifully with the Denon AH-C300. Advancing the reliably awesome Denon sound the AH-C300s deliver deep punchy bass without any distortion thanks to their clever Denon double air compression driver. Each ear piece is kitted out with 11mm drivers to give an intense low frequency experience.

Better yet, located on the right earbud is a control wheel where you can change track, pause music, answer calls and adjust volume. The integrated mic is located on the earpiece and offers clear sound quality for calls.

Even better, a Denon Club smartphone app is available to iPhone, iPad and Android phones which is the world’s first integrated app suite designed for young music enthusiasts.




Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 featured in The Independent as Top tough gadget!


Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player




The Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 has been rated as one of the top toughest gadgets to own by The Independent – see the full feature here. This underwater wonder will play all your favourite songs in crystal clear quality while you slug it out in the pool. Making the monotony of swimming lengths more enjoyable, the Aquabeat lets you arrange your music files into playlists and store up to 4GB worth (1000 mp3 files) – more than double its predecessor!


The upgraded 2.0 even has a screen for clear viewing and large ergonomically designed buttons for easy control of volume or track while you’re on the move in the water.


For a little extra underwater entertainment, look no further than the Aquabeat 2.0.




Sharkfin ear moulds make lasting impression at XSreviews. Check out their rating here

Sharkfin custom made ear-moulds



The Sharkfin earmoulds have been tried and tested by XSreviews and have left a lasting impression! Awarding the Sharkfins a huge 8/10 XSreviews were impressed by the Sharkfin’s capacity for sound-isolation and their ultra-secure fit.

These self-moulding earbuds are the answer to improved sound on your existing earphones. The package comes with enough compound to create 3 moulds leaving enough room for error. Once wrapped around your buds and in place the compound only takes 5 minutes to set. Once removed, you’ve got a pair of high quality headphones boasting supreme noise-isolation and a sweat proof fit.


Custom made ear moulds are normally exclusively associated with improving the quality of sound from your earphones but these also work as a handy sports accessory. Headphones are prone to moving around while in ear when you exercise. Vigorous movement combined with sweat profusion loosen even the sturdiest of earbuds but with the Sharkfins they stay firmly in place and are not susceptible to sweat’s corrosive effects.


The Sharkfins retail for £5 so don’t hesitate to grab a pair for a high performing bargain set of custom moulds! Why not check out the Amp3 video review of them here.




Cowon Z2 is rated 7/10 by Trusted Reviews! Read more here


For the true audiophile this is a triumph, the Cowon Z2 sounds fantastic with superior audio processing, wide codec support, a responsive UI and expandable storage.’ Trusted Reviews

The Cowon Z2 is the highest performing audio player from Cowon yet. This player exceeds Cowon expectations delivering exceptional audio and video quality as well as adopting and Android UI. Access a variety of apps while listening to your music in high quality.

This personal media player blows any other rival straight out of the water in terms of the quality of its key functions. If it’s a music player that does what it says and more that you want, look no further than the Z2. Tech experts Trusted Reviews agree giving it a 7/10. To read their full review, click here.


The 16GB version retails for £199 and 32GB £249.



Jaybird Freedoms rated 5/5 by Stuff magazine

Jaybird Freedom

~ £99 ~

The Jaybird Freedom headphones are a consistently high performing product in headphone roundups. They’ve already landed a 5 star review from Men’s Fitness and now gadget giant Stuff have awarded another 5 star rating to the Freedoms growing list of accolades.


‘Sound-wise it’s all good: they’re capable of a bassy, full-bodied delivery that makes them every bit as nice to listen to as to wear.’ Stuff

Operating through a wireless connection to your Bluetooth enabled devise these headphones give you the Freedom of movement that is crucial when using them for exercise. It’s as easy as connecting to the headphones, popping your mp3 player in your pocket and you’re set. The in-built microphone lets you answer and end calls through an on-ear button. Volume and track controls are also situated on the earpiece so you’ll never need to consult your mp3 player during use.


Perfect for everyday use as well as sport, their sound is warm, well-balanced and transmits vocal tones clearly – making talk time a pleasure.  Battery time will last for up to 6 hours from a 2 hour charge and the headphones come with a variety of fins and ear tips that ensure a secure fit.




FiiO E6: the tiny portable amplifier to revolutionise your sound

FiiO E6


~ £18.99 ~


The FiiO E6 is the revolutionary budget amplifier that will transform your music on the move. The tiny E6 measures only 40 x 40 x 9 mm and is as light as a feather. Designed to give lacklustre music files a boost, the E6 does that and more according to Geek News Central:


The equalisation was done well, in that while the balance of frequencies was being adjusted, the clarity was still there. Although reduced in significance, the higher frequencies weren’t muddied and the overall impression was of greater warmth.Read the full review here.


Using standard sized 3.5mm input and output slots the E6 can be paired with almost any headphones and media player. It comes with a handy clip so it remains almost entirely unnoticed but brings impressive punch to your music.

Click the link below for more information.




Jaybird Freedom headphones featured on This Morning. Read more here.

Jaybird Freedom Headphones as seen on This Morning


The JayBird Freedom headphones have been featured on daytime TV’s most popular programme, This Morning!

Stating that these headphones are “really handy” they received a warm reception from their expert reviewer and presenters Holly and Phil.

The Freedom headphones are completely wireless headphones that use a Bluetooth connection to your phone, mp3 player, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device to play music wirelessly. Their built in mic gives them another functional dimension making them great for everyday use. Answer calls without even looking at or touching your phone!

When there’s no need for cables, why have them?

The headphones give an unparalleled freedom of movement where you no longer have to worry about tangled wires. Perfect for sport, the Freedoms are the official training headphones of USA Triathlon and come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat. Not only that, Men’s Fitness gave them a 5 star rating. What’s not to love?


**Watch the video here**