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New Sony Under Water Wireless Headphones!

Sony NWZ-W273



Whether you’re training for a triathlon, bored of swimming lengths or just want a set of headphones you can continue wearing in the shower after an intense work out, look no further than the Sony NWZ-W273 headphones. These are fully waterproof headphones that are designed to work as well under water as they are above it.

Better yet, they are totally wireless and come with an in-built 4GB mp3 player. Just enough room to fit all of you most motivational music without having to lug around your phone or mp3 player.

Check these all round sports headphones out here.




Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 featured in The Independent as Top tough gadget!


Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player




The Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 has been rated as one of the top toughest gadgets to own by The Independent – see the full feature here. This underwater wonder will play all your favourite songs in crystal clear quality while you slug it out in the pool. Making the monotony of swimming lengths more enjoyable, the Aquabeat lets you arrange your music files into playlists and store up to 4GB worth (1000 mp3 files) – more than double its predecessor!


The upgraded 2.0 even has a screen for clear viewing and large ergonomically designed buttons for easy control of volume or track while you’re on the move in the water.


For a little extra underwater entertainment, look no further than the Aquabeat 2.0.




Cowon J3 – exceeding expectations in sound, video and design.

J3Cowon J3


Cowon J3 32GB MP3 Player


~ £169 ~


“All the core strengths of the Cowon S9 are still in place, including superb sound and excellent video quality, while the addition of a memory expansion slot and improved battery life are very welcome. The wholly unexpected and unheralded appearance of support for H.264 video and AAC audio now makes the J3 one of the best PMPs on the market.” RegHardware




Cowon are a brand known for excellence in sound. The J3 both embodies this reputation and exceeds it. Winning the prestigious redDot Design Award in 2010, this award added to a long list of accolades for Cowon.


Using the BBE+ audio architecture the J3 is capable of making poor quality audio files shine while bringing out the best in the better files. This MP3 player is not only capable of delivering unwavering quality of sound it can also play high quality videos. The individual pixels in the 3.3” AMOLED screen produce their own light meaning the on screen picture changes more fluidly than on an LCD screen.


Delivering what the consumer wants, Cowon listened to customer feedback and updated the J3 to include expandable memory. Add an SD card and build on the memory the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models can already hold.


Click here for images, video and a full product description.



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New Sony B-Series Walkman from Only £29.99!

Looking for a compact and portable MP3 player?

Grab your new Sony NWZ-B163 Clip MP3 player Now!

Sony have recently launched a tiny MP3 player: “the Clip – a new rival for the iPod Shuffle! Compact, portable, stunning sound reproduction and it’s jam packed with the latest Sony Tech! Bass boost, Zappin, Quick charge…and it’s all in a neat ‘Clip-like’ design!

The neat clip design makes this perfect for regular joggers and as the player only weighs 28g you won’t even feel any extra weight. Simple file transfer system and neat design with a sound to match, Sony are onto a winner with this, take that Shuffle!


Sony NWZ-B163 2GB/4GB Clip MP3 Player - £29.99 / £34.99

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New MP3 Players, New In Ear Headphones, Sony Is Back With Fantastic Little Gems!

Sony have recently unveiled new products: Their Clip MP3 Players & Their Premium In Ear Headphones

Those new gems have just landed in Advanced MP3 Players!

You’re lucky, you can be the first to own these new little beauties:

1- Sony have stuck it to Apples shuffle with their new MP3 Player, the B-Series Walkman. Compact, portable, stunning sound reproduction and it’s jam packed with the latest Sony Tech!

Bass boost, Zappin, Quick charge…and it’s all in a neat ‘Clip-like’ design!


Sony NWZ-B163 4GB Clip MP3 Player - Only £34.99

- full product description here -

2- Sony have released a great range of headphones to the market, all of which vary in audio reproduction abilities, but can any of their other IEM’s hold their own against their EX1000 model? Sturdy design, premium packaging and premuim sound quality. They don’t come at a cheap price point but by gosh they warrant the price tag!

Sony MDR-EX1000 In Ear Headphones – £499

- full product description here -

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