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Got a sWaP Rebel? Pair It With Any Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones Of Your Choice – Check Our New Bundles!

Buy 1 sWap Rebel, Get 10% off Jaybird Bluetooth Sportbands 2 or Freedom Headphones!

If you like being stylish and elegant, grab your new sWaP  – a unique watch and mobile phone -  and one of the two Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones – The New Freedom or the Original Sportsband 2!  Both of these devices are Bluetooth and are perfectly compatible with sWaP, giving you hands free, wire free music.

Instead of using the in-built speakerphone or wired earphones, pair your Freedom/Sportsband 2 headset via Bluetooth to your sWaP Rebel. And that’s you ready to listen to your favourite songs stored on your watch via Bluetooth!

The sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player – £189

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Buy your Jaybird Freedom or Jaybird Sportsband 2 Headphones for only £89.10 (WAS £99) when you purchase the sWaP Rebel

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Big Congrats to Revo Sales Director Colin Urie Who Has Raised £1002 for Macmillian Cancer Support!

On Sunday 15 May, nearly 5,000 cyclists and Revo Sales Director Colin Urie took to the closed roads of Pitlochry and the surrounding area to complete one of the UK’s premier cycling challenges: the Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia.


Revo Sales Director Colin Urie has raised £1002 for Macmillian Cancer Support (a previously supported AMP3 Charity)  by cycling the Etape, an 81 mile cycle route.

Colin said “at the 65 mile mark it was starting to feel like a bad idea, but it seems worth it now!”

We suspect that since this race Colin has been at home relaxing to the awesome tunes of the Revo Axis, a multiple award winning product which brings your home to life with its array of music sources and options, and exactly what our tired hero would need!


Well done Colin from all at AMP3, we were delighted to sponsor you.

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Capture even the most extreme sport in full HD as it happens!

Be a Hero for ever with GoPro HD Hero 960 – Full HD 960p Extreme Action Video Camera!

Nothing quite like capturing your very own ‘extreme’ footage from the angle that you have experienced it all from. With GoPro you get the opportunity to re-live the moment by capturing everything at high-speed in full crystal clear HD!

GoPro HD Hero 960 – Full HD 960p Extreme Action Video Camera - £199.99

- Check the product features here -

Hisoundaudio Studio-V: The Audiophiles Dream Player?

A New Star has just arrived at AMP3, king of audio?

Incredible little Digital Audio Player that sounds stunning – Perfection is now called Hisoundaudio!

In few words:

What you are looking at is a dedicated audio device, it’s sturdy but beautifully crafted body is home to some hi-tech kit that is waiting to shine a new light on your personal audio experience. It boasts over 60 hours of battery life, upgradeable firmware to suit your audio preferences, a memory expansion option and an audio quality to die for!

For more details, please read Mark Ramos’s review on Head-Fi - please click here -

Hisoundaudio Studio-V 8GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player with Expandable Memory - £279

- full product description here -


Exclusive Offer:

The First 10 orders of the Studio-V will be shipped with a FREE set of HiSoundAudio Audiophile Grade Live Earbuds worth £80! Boasting excellent clarity and transparency these add the finishing touches to the HiSoundAudio Studio-V Digital Audio Player.

MiLi Power Spirit – Your Battery Saviour!

This month, MiLi have developed an amazing accessory for iPod/iPhone owner!

A mini battery to ensure you always have a source of power!

So you have an iPhone? Isn’t it great having such a powerful and complex device in your hands?  Well, your iPhone is only as good as the battery power you have left in it.  If you forget to charge your iPhone over night or find yourself on a long trip it’s a guarantee that you will have one eye on your battery.  When your standard iPhone battery fails, the MiLi Power Spirit becomes your saviour!

MiLi Power Spirit External Battery for iPod and iPhone – £25

A Visionary MP3 Player Has Landed on AMP3 – Say Hello to the Archos 35!

Archos is back on Advanced MP3 Players with a nifty new gadget: the  Archos 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output!

An Ideal Device for the movie buff!

Why is AMP3′s staff  all excited about this new gem?

This is without a doubt an excellent all round portable media player! Playing back most digital content with ease on it’s clear 3.5″ screen couldn’t be simpler. The 1080P playback is an excellent feature, especially with the ability to playback your movies on the BIG HDTV via HDMI. With everyone’s digital media collection constantly expanding the ability to expand your memory capacity by a Micro SD or SDHC card is a desirable feature – thank you Archos for including it! 14 Hour Audio playback and 5 Hour video playback is fair and will see you through most commutes to and from work.

ARCHOS 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output – Only £89

- Please click on here if you fancy more information -


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Got A Bluetooth Device? Get your New Veho Bluetooth Speaker and Say Goodbye to Wired Connections!

Veho have just launched a revolutionary little gem: the VSS-006-360BT – 360 Bluetooth speaker!

Listen to your music wherever you want – no more wires required!

A trip down the beach or to the park wouldn’t be the same without some music. Veho look to capture the portable speaker market with this wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s perfect for any iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or MP3 Player with Bluetooth compatibility.

Slip into your pocket your tiny Veho and take your music out on your next adventure. This speaker sounds incredible and offers you 4 hours playback time. With Veho VSS-006-360BT – 360 Bluetooth speaker, you travel with music!

Veho VSS-006-360BT – 360 Bluetooth speaker – Only £17.99

- full product description here -

Robbie Renwick (gold and Silver medallist in swimming) wearing them at a Bank of Scotland School Sports week!

Jaybird Sportsband 2 Supports Every Champion!

Robbie Renwick – gold and Silver medallist in swimming – wore Jaybird Sportsband 2 at a Bank of Scotland School Sports week!

Once again, Jaybird Sportsband 2 (SB2) seems to be the best companion for sport. Nominated “best set of headphones for exercise” by T3 Magazine in January 2011, SB2 is undoubtedly a star among athletes.

Jaybird SB2 Headphones have been specially made for your very own exercise routine. Designed to hug your head, SB2 are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Thanks to their impressive battery life the SB2 will keep going for up to 8 hours from one charge!

JayBird Bluetooth Sportsband 2 Headphones – Only £99 at


What’s Your Favourite Gadget? Jaybird Freedom? Nike+ SportWatch? Logitech Harmony? Tell us!

The Scotsman Digital Columns are back with new reviews!

Discover the hottest tech products now! 

Jaybird Freedom – Launched and sold out at Gadget Show

“These Bluetooth babies use the latest apt-X sound technology which avoids the meat cleaver approach to sound compression, leaving the music entering your ears indistinguishable from traditional wired approaches.”

“While the Freedoms are one slim lead away from being truly wireless, they sound great, stay put – and provide a liberating experience that William Wallace would be proud of.” The Scotsman (read the full review here)

Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones with apt-X Sound Technology – Available Now at AMP3 – Only £99

Nike+ SportWatch – Ideal for all athletes

“The lovechild of an emerging relationship between the kings of sportswear and TomTom, the queens of GPS.”

“Whilst £179 marks the SportWatch out for seasoned runners, it’s a mighty motivational aid for those marginally allergic to exercise as well.” The Scotsman (read the full review here)

Logitech Harmony the Advanced Universal Remote

“This glossy black device has a mini colour touchscreen and comes with a tomb-like cradle for charging.”

“It’s one of those gadgets that you baulk at the price of and then wonder how you lived without.” The Scotsman (read the full review here)

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One of our QSB Speakers reviews is currently top of Google!

I am glossy, I sound terrific, I am unique and I am loved by reviewers…

… Yes that’s correct: I am the QSB Speakers developed by Sound Science!

Technology and Gadgets News have recently reviewed these two little beauties and its review is currently top of Google News. You can’t miss them!

“QSB 30W HiFi speakers deliver sweet sound with a powerful base and unbelievably are powered directly from your computer through just the one USB cable.

“QSB’s are a real engineering masterpiece, quashing those preconceptions.” (read the full review here)

SoundScience QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology -£89

And today AMP3 suggest you to buy your pair with a discount coupon – click here to discover the deal!

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