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Revo have produced another stunning model to add to their digital radio range. This time they incorporate DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet radio into an aluminium tower. Impressively, and unlike most digital radios, the K2 offers video playback from a variety of Apple devices. This comes alongside standard high quality features of all Revo products such as the ability to connect to Last.fm or stream wirelessly from a connected PC or Mac.

With dual Class D amplifiers this is not just a radio to have by your bedside or in your kitchen. At 40watts, it’s a party starter. Enjoy its ability to blast out your favourite music if you so choose or sit back and chill while listening to your favourite Internet radio station – of which there are thousands to choose from!

Like with other Revo models, navigation around its various functions is done with ease thanks to a bright and clear OLED screen.
Without being too technical the K2 plays digital audio at higher than CD quality thanks to its advanced technology.


In case you are a tech-head, see if you can spot the four Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers, twin Audium Class-D power amplifiers and bass port from the picture below.

Revo consistently produce quality products and this is an exquisitely manufactured model that does not fail to exceed the high standards Revo set.


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