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Sansa Clip Zip has arrived! The very best of affordable MP3 players!



Clip Zip

Sansa Clip Zip



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Prepare for the arrival of Sansa’s latest product, the Clip Zip. They have done it again and made an enhanced version of the Clip+. This is an extremely affordable device with loads of features on it to keep you entertained. It is designed for the active user.
Physically clip your Clip Zip onto your clothes and enjoy the freedom the lightweight and compact MP3 player allows you to have. This newer model comes with a stopwatch feature to make timing your runs or exercise much easier.
It has a bigger 1.1” colour screen with a fantastic and vibrant display. There is also the option to expand the memory on your player with a microSDHC card. If the need may arise, you can record your thoughts or sounds on the built in voice recorder!


~Check back here for updates of when it arrives!~

Check out the Clip+

The Clip Zip 4GB will be availabel at £49.99

The Clip Zip 8GB will be available at £59.99




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