FiiO T-Shirt Design Competition



Here’s your chance to take part in the fantastic T-Shirt competition set out by FiiO – makers of audio amplifiers and converters. Read the official text below from FiiO and let the competition commence!


FiiO T-shirt Design Competition

1000$(Maximum) big prize is waiting for you!

To express the thankfulness to all customers’ support and appreciation. FiiO is
holding an activity ,named FiiO T-shirt design competition. All net-friends are
warmly welcomed to take part in it and cast a vote, on the basis of
openness ,interaction and sharing of the Internet. Following are some rules:

Qualification: anyone who has knowledge of computer graphics.
Prize level:
a): First prize(1 winner): The first winner will get 1000USD or each one FiiO
product for all the models, the winner also can be Fiio’s life-long VIP who can
get 20% discount and free shipping to all over the world. ..
b):Second prize(3 winners): The winners will get 500USD or any 5 pcs of FiiO
products. At the same time, winners can be Fiio’s life-long VIP who can get 20%
discount and free shipping to all over the world.

c): Memorial Prize(16 winners): Winners will get any one piece of FiiO
product. Meanwhile, they can be FiiO’s VIP who can enjoy 20% discount for
three times and free shipping to all over the world.

d): Regarding the Free shipping for the VIP’s: The international parcels will be
shipped via HongKong EMS. China mainland parcels will be delivered via
domestic express.

e) China Mainland winners, if you choose cash prize, the exchange rate is 1:6.3.
f) Each competitor has only one chance to win.

Requirements of works:
a)First, competitor download FiiO LOGO and compressed packets of T-shirt from
below link:
b)To avoid not necessary disputes and violation of intellectual property rights, all

entries shouldn’t include the following contents:
i) any patterns or contents that may remind people of politic, pornography,
race and religion, etc.

ii) anything that has copyright protection, such as pattern, logo, characters,

c) Entries should be submitted according to template.(Jpeg form, RGB color file,
resolution is 1000Pix) Fiio LOGO size should be zoomed ,the color should be
only in pure white or red(C0,M100,Y100,K0). After finishing designing, you
can submit to the two mailboxes: & .

d) If your work has been selected, competitor should provide entry with higher
resolution.( CDR, PSD,AI, JPEG etc. form ).

4.Approach and time arrangement:

a):11/Oct./2011: Please download the stencil at below address:

b):11/Oct./2011 24:00—31/Oct./2011:Design your work and submit to organizer
via email.
Quantity of entries: one participant can submit three pieces of works at most .

Subject of mail: FiiO T-shirt design or FiiO T……
Email :
Note: Please send it to the above two mailboxes at the same time for the receiving

of your email.

c) 3/Nov./2011: To select and announce the 20 pieces qualified works.
The list of qualified works will be announced at FiiO official
website( and other webs that also hold the activities.
Note: If the quantity of qualified works less than four pieces (including four
pieces) ,the activity will be closed. But all qualified participants will be given
memorial award.

d) 3/Nov./2011 24:00—7/Nov./2011 Online voting
Voting address will be announced at the same time with winner’s list. The final
result will be released after gathering all data, for the reason of carrying out the
activity at several places and websites.

Note: If there are two works with the highest votes at the same time, FiiO will
chose one finally.

e) 8/Nov./2011 Announce winner’s list.
Voting results will be published at above websites, Prize-winner will receive an
email from FiiO ( for checking detailed information. Bonus
and prizes will be sent within one month.

Note: The tax of prizes or bonus is paid by participants.

5.Copyright agreement

a): All entries cannot appear commercial advertising slogans except designer’s

b): Designer should be responsible for the copyright of what he using in the entry.
What’s more, he needs to provide the information of copyright owners or the
permission of using the copyright;
c): Ownership and use right should be belong to participants. Designers cannot crib,
copy other people’s work. once found, will invalidate the qualification for
participating the activity and prize-winning. What’s worse, he is also responsible
for any legal disputes when it happens;
d): Entry cannot be transferred to others or permitted the third party to use during
the competition time . Participant should agree that he will should the
responsibility for violation of above rules and make sure that organizer don’t
suffer from any loss;
e): From the activity begins, organizer has right to publish and use all entries.
Copyright of prize-winning works belongs to organizer ,while authorship right
belongs to winners;
f): All the personal information that provided is only used for selection and
awarding .The organizer will keep secret of participant’s privacy in accordance
with privacy policy. The prizing award is sent according to participant’s
information, so please make sure that all information you provide is 100% right;
g): Organizer reserves the right of final explanation.

6.Modification statement:

On the basis of not changing designers idea , FiiO can make small changes for the
need of printing and correction of minor errors without the permission of designers.

7.Activity time is subject to Greenwich mean time.

FiiO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
12 October 2011

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