New iAudio10 takes home top design award at the Good Design Awards, Japan

Cowon iAudio10



New Cowon iAudio10 takes home top design award at Good Design Award presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


Cowon’s latest MP3 player has been creating quite a stir in the tech world. All new Cowon products are awaited with baited breath as the experts in sound improve upon already excellent products.

Now, to add to the anticipation, the iAudio10 has landed the Audiovisual Device Award at one of the world’s top four design awards ceremonies.  The sublime iAudio10 has been expertly crafted to blend ergonomic and aesthetic appeals. The contemporary form is skilfully shaped and balanced to sit comfortably in the hand’s natural grip.


Amp3’s very own Elliot has written a comprehensive review which you can read here. Cowon continue to improve upon an excellent product base that includes the S9 – the winner of the 2009 iF Design award.


Nam-Kyu Park, CEO of Cowon, had this to say following the iAudio10 award:

With this award, Cowon’s excellence in product design and UI [user interface] has once again received international recognition. We will strengthen the image of our brand in the international market even more by continuing to introduce new products that set themselves apart in their design and satisfies the sensibility of the consumer.


The iAudio10 will be available for pre-order shortly at the following prices: 8GB £99, 16GB £119 & 32GB £149

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