Amp3 Technical Spot: How to create your own iPhone ringtone!

Amp3 Technical Spot


At AMP3 we love to give you something for nothing. So here is a way of saving yourselves some cash. Ringtones, every one loves a good ringtone but with companies charging as much as £5 per tone it’s often more costly than buying music.

If you have an iPhone and want to create a ringtone from music that you already own here is how you go about it.

Right click on the track you want to convert and select Get Info. Set the Start time and Stop time to the start and stop times that you want the ringtone to cover, this can be no longer than 30 secs.



Create an AAC version of the track:


Go to the location of the file and change the file type from M4A to M4R

This file can then be dragged and dropped into Tones within iTunes and Synced to your iPhone. You then go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and select your new tone:


As simple as that! Check back next week for another spot of advice.

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