Coming soon: Sharkfin self-molding earbuds – customised earbuds in minutes!


Soon to arrive at Amp3 are the Sharkfin self-moulding earbuds, from Vdera Inc. They are a fantastic idea and are ideal for anyone looking to ensure their earphones stay in ear and sound sublime without having to splash out for custom moulds. Sure they might look a little bit like you’ve stuffed some blu-tac in your ears but considering they’re only going to cost around £5 they are well worth a look.

The Sharkfin moulds are compatible with any traditional earbud style earphones, inner ear monitors, bluetooth hands-free kits and even in-ear communication systems. Their set-up and molding is easy too. Simply follow the instructions to wrap the mold around your headphones, place in your ear and wait for the mold to set. Once dry, take out and enjoy increased security and noise-isolation. What more could you ask for?

Note: trialled amongst Amp3 staff we would recommend that you get a little help with the smoothing and setting parts of the process.

Pre order below to be sent a set as soon as they arrive.


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