New and versatile Twig revolutionises iPhone charging

Twig USB iPhone charger


Twig features:
- ultra-portable cable
- bend it on-the-go!
- photo tripod mode
- wall charger mode
- earbud cord wrap
- widescreen mode
- hands-free FaceTime

This versatile product is a USB charger for your iPhone/iPod that cuts out the cable and replaces it with a rubbery, three-legged and importantly short, Twig. The 4in charger replaces Apple’s long cable and eliminates potential for tangling and actually saves some space. Slim enough to fit into a pocket, the charger is highly portable and great to have to hand.

That’s not it though. The three ‘legs’ are utilised as a stand too. Prop your phone up to be a camera tripod, a stand for Facetime conversations or simply for convenience.


For a single unit the Twig is currently priced at $20USD. The price is reasonable given how carried away these Apple accessory merchants can be; charging extortionate prices for very basic products.


The Twig is a simple concept but with boasts incredible functionality. Watch this space for stocking updates.

Check out the Twig website here.



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