Jaybird Freedom headphones featured on This Morning. Read more here.

Jaybird Freedom Headphones as seen on This Morning


The JayBird Freedom headphones have been featured on daytime TV’s most popular programme, This Morning!

Stating that these headphones are “really handy” they received a warm reception from their expert reviewer and presenters Holly and Phil.

The Freedom headphones are completely wireless headphones that use a Bluetooth connection to your phone, mp3 player, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device to play music wirelessly. Their built in mic gives them another functional dimension making them great for everyday use. Answer calls without even looking at or touching your phone!

When there’s no need for cables, why have them?

The headphones give an unparalleled freedom of movement where you no longer have to worry about tangled wires. Perfect for sport, the Freedoms are the official training headphones of USA Triathlon and come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat. Not only that, Men’s Fitness gave them a 5 star rating. What’s not to love?


**Watch the video here**






One thought on “Jaybird Freedom headphones featured on This Morning. Read more here.

  1. Andy Simpson

    I use these and they rock. I had the original freedoms for 5 years and they eventually succumbed to abuse from my baby!! The new versions have a far punchier bass, helped by the increased noise isolation of the design and can run on far less power than the mk 1′s. I don’t believe they are as comfortable as the originals but you can still wear them for hours and hours. Coupled with a cowon S9 they are perfect for the gym and long runs in any weather conditions. I’d even consider wearing them on flights instead of my sennheiser monitors due to their convenience. 5 stars


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