Amp3 Tech Spot: Syncing the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Earphones with the Apple iPad

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If you’ve got two of the latest hi-tech gizmos on the market, the Apple iPad and the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth earphones here’s a quick guide to show you how to pair them together so you can get great sound without wires!


On the iPod select the ‘Settings’ option from the main home screen.



On the left you’ll be presented with a list of sections, to find the Bluetooth settings select ‘General’ on the left.  On the right hand side of the iPad screen you’ll now be presented with a long list of the general settings, and one of the options near the top will be ‘Bluetooth’, quickly tap that option and you’ll be presented with the relevant settings.


First, switch on the Bluetooth if it’s not already set. The iPad will then start to search for any nearby Bluetooth devices.

Press and hold the power button on the Jaybird Sportsband headphones, the power light will first start to flash blue, keep holding the button until it flashes red and blue, which will indicate the earphones are ready to be detected.

The iPad should now have detected the Sportsband earphones and they will be listed as model ‘SB1’ with a status of ‘Not Paired’ on the list of available Bluetooth devices.


Tapping on the SB1 entry, the iPad will now confirm you wish to pair with the Sportsband earphones.


Clicking ‘Pair’, the Sportsband earphones will now be shown as connected and now ready for use with the iPad.

Press the home button to go back to the main iPad home screen and click on ‘iPod’ to bring up the music functions. The iPad will now show in the top left that it is using the Sportsband (SB1) earphones instead of the internal speaker or normal headphones.


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