Sharkfin ear moulds make lasting impression at XSreviews. Check out their rating here

Sharkfin custom made ear-moulds



The Sharkfin earmoulds have been tried and tested by XSreviews and have left a lasting impression! Awarding the Sharkfins a huge 8/10 XSreviews were impressed by the Sharkfin’s capacity for sound-isolation and their ultra-secure fit.

These self-moulding earbuds are the answer to improved sound on your existing earphones. The package comes with enough compound to create 3 moulds leaving enough room for error. Once wrapped around your buds and in place the compound only takes 5 minutes to set. Once removed, you’ve got a pair of high quality headphones boasting supreme noise-isolation and a sweat proof fit.


Custom made ear moulds are normally exclusively associated with improving the quality of sound from your earphones but these also work as a handy sports accessory. Headphones are prone to moving around while in ear when you exercise. Vigorous movement combined with sweat profusion loosen even the sturdiest of earbuds but with the Sharkfins they stay firmly in place and are not susceptible to sweat’s corrosive effects.


The Sharkfins retail for £5 so don’t hesitate to grab a pair for a high performing bargain set of custom moulds! Why not check out the Amp3 video review of them here.



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