Jaybird Freedom Sprints given glowing review by the Huffington Post!

Jaybird Freedom Sprint



The Huffington Post has put the new Jaybird Freedom Sprints through their paces and they’ve come out winning! The Huff Post’s expert tech writer said of them, ‘In design they reflect that task well. These are simple, understated headphones, with none of the overblown chintz of some other brands. They are light, black, plastic and lightly adorned with decoration, and while other headphones will give you a more ‘premium’ experience (whatever that means), they look the part.’ Read the full review here.

The Jaybird Freedom Sprints are the latest offering from leaders in fitness headphone design, Jaybird. They are a massive 40% smaller than their predecessors, the Jaybird Freedoms, and have even incorporated smaller on-ear controls. With a lifetime warranty against sweat, these headphones are well worth the investment as they are certainly built to last.



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