Best Headphones for Kids and Teenagers


Here is a staff round-up of all the very best headphones for the youth of the nation. Here you’ll find affordable headphones and earphones that range from being big, colourful and full of bass to being in-ear, inconspicuous and protective of your hearing.


db Logic HP 100


These headphones are perfect for a younger generation of listeners as they actively protect the listener’s hearing. Using HPL2 Technology sound pressure in the headphones is limited which is the main cause of damage to hearing.
•    Over-ear
•    Crystal clear sound
•    Portable


Skullcandy Uprock


These are smart over-ear headphones that come in a variety of bright colours or the less-is-more all black design. The cable is flat meaning it won’t get tangled up saving huge amounts of wasted time.
•    Lightweight
•    Great sound
•    40mm drivers


Skullcandy Hesh


These are chunky headphones that are seriously comfortable. The extra padding makes all the difference when you’re enjoying the dynamic sound these headphones produce. They come with a loud design, like their sound.
•    Unique design
•    Compatible with any mp3 player
•    Lots of bass


Hoodie Buddie


The Hoodie Buddie is one of the coolest ways to listen to your music out there. The headphones are incorporated into the drawstrings of the hoody meaning that they will never tangle but are always available when you have an impulse to listen to some music. 100% washable as well.
•    Innovative
•    Convenient
•    Stylish


Shure SE115


The best thing about these headphones is their sound. Shure are known for making quality headphones and at a price of only £39.99 you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.
•    Durable
•    Sound-isolating
•    Range of colours


SoundMagic E10s


These are great headphones for the listening who likes well defined music but not at audiophile costs. These headphones definitely punch above their price point in terms of audio reproduction.
•    Strong range of sound –deep bass, tight mids strong highs
•    Stylish
•    In-ear




This hat has built-in speakers combining listening to music as easy as keeping warm. Reduce your carry load with the iHat that incorporates good speakers.
•    Convenient
•    Portable
•    Fun


db Logic EP-100


The in-ear version of the HP-100 these earphones are more sound-limiting than the above mentioned HP-100. They also include the protective SPL2 technology to ensure hearing is protected at all times. Their sound is clear and distortion free.
•    Smart looking design
•    Comfortable
•    Innovative


Skullcandy Skullcrusher CYMK


These  are over ear headphones that have serious bass. The name Skullcrusher comes from the bassy sound these headphones produce. They boast a distinctive design and a distinctive sound signature.
•    Crazy design
•    Durable
•    Portable


Soudmagic PL11


These headphones are known to be bass heavy but they are strong in the other ranges producing an altogether dynamic sound. They are in-ear and inconspicuous where they sit comfortable producing the sounds you want to hear but without all the extra material.
•    Light
•    Suits both high quality files and low quality files
•    Long 1.2m cable

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