Elliot’s Buyers Guide for the Best Wireless Earphones and Headphones

Buyers Guide: Best Wireless Earphones and Headphones


Wireless earphones and headphones are a great idea as you can obviously escape the annoyance of becoming tangled in cables or having to pick apart knots every time you want to listen to music.


Many will be familiar with wireless earphones and headphones already as Bluetooth has been around for quite some time now. However, while there have been various wireless sets available for a while from a number of different manufacturers it is only really in more recent years that there has been a decent enough leap in sound quality to warrant splashing out your hard earned cash.


Sure there was always the convenience of not having to worry about cables but the sound was never really as good as it could have been. Nowadays we have Bluetooth protocols, such as APT-X, and other features which improve range and most importantly sound quality so finally wireless sets and beginning to look like an attractive choice when considering earphones and headphones.


In this guide we have listed a few choices which we think are worth a look and you can certainly expect more suggestions in the future as newer models are released.


JayBird Bluetooth Sportsband 2 Headphones (£89.00)



Jaybird have been around for a few years now and are at the forefront of the wireless headphones and earphones market. The Sportsband 2 headphones is one of their more popular lines and it’s easy to see why.


The sound quality is very good and thanks to the generous Bluetooth range (up to 10m) you can quite happily wander away from your player or phone while still enjoying your music. Moreover, you can also handle phone calls over bluetooth and the Sportsband 2 Headphones have handy controls built in to the earpiece. These controls, as well as allowing you to answer phone calls, mean that you can skip tracks, pause music and adjust the volume at your leisure without touching the player itself.


Jaybird also helpfully provide a lifetime warranty against sweat damage which is nice to hear considering that many people would want to use these headphones while exercising.


You can read magazine and customer reviews here:


What makes the Jaybird Sportsband 2 Headphones great?


•    Simple to pair to other bluetooth devices, be it an MP3 player, bluetooth dongle or mobile phone.
•    Nice punchy sound quality with a decent bass response.
•    Ideal for sport thanks to the lack of cabling and the lifetime sweat warranty.


What isn’t so good?


•    While you can adjust the headband those with smaller heads might experience a bit of slipping with the headphones.
•    For the most part the Sportsband 2 headphones are comfortable, even while sweating heavily, but some may find that the foam pads a bit scratchy on the ear.
•    As they do not encapsulate your ear sound will possibly still leak in over your music – if you’re using them in a gym you might need to crank the volume.


See the Jaybird Bluetooth Sportsband 2 Headphones here.




Novero Rockaway Wireless Bluetooth Headset (£64.99)




The Novero Rockaway earphones offer, as you would expect, wire-free listening and call handling and are compatible with nearly any Bluetooth enabled device. They offer a great range at 10m so you can get quite far away from your player or phone before the signal drops out.


However, what sets these apart from many similar sets is their active noise cancellation while making calls with the headset. There are two microphones built in with one picking up your voice and the other soaking up background noise meaning that calls are crystal clear.


The sound quality is decent is comes across as being crisp without sounding tinny. Furthermore, thanks to their in-ear design the buds act as earplugs so you won’t hear a whole lot of noise over your music.


You can read customer reviews here.


What makes the Novero Rockaway Wireless Bluetooth Headset great?


•    The headset features two mics with one focusing on your voice and the other filtering out annoying back ground noise. This is great as it allows you to make crystal clear calls.
•    Thanks to the in-ear design the earphones will not let an awful lot of background noise through so you shouldn’t have anything interrupting your music.
•    Weighing in at only 10g the headset is light and goes a long way in making the earphones comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.


What isn’t so good?


•    There has been some slightly negative feedback about the design of the earphones. While the style probably won’t put too many people off we thought it worth mentioning just in case.
•    The remote control, being built in to the cable which runs behind your head rather than an earpiece, can be a bit tricky to get to without fumbling.
•    Some users have reported that the earphones can slip out of the ear after a short time so it would be nice if there was a simple wireloop to keep them in place.


See the Novero Rockaway Wireless Bluetooth Headset here.




Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones (£99.00)



Jaybird certainly know how to make a well functioning, lightweight and great sounding set of Bluetooth earphones. The Freedom earphones are one of their latest releases and they’ve been taking the world of wireless listening by storm.


The Jaybird Freedom earphones are small, so they sit comfortably in your ears, and pack some serious punch when it comes to sound. They are fitted with high performance drivers which have been specially designed for warm bass, low mids and balanced highs and this really shows when you crank the volume.


Since Jaybird are avid gym fans they know what most people look for when using earphones – and that doesn’t just mean cutting back on cabling – and offer a life time warranty against sweat damage.


The Freedoms grip well in the ear so they shouldn’t fall out too easily if you get a bit sweaty and if you pair them to your phone you can handle phone calls on a whim. Away from the phone you can pair them to a player and control music playback through the earpiece controls. Moreover, if your player doesn’t have Bluetooth built in then there are handy dongles which let you enjoy wireless music on nearly any device.


You can view customer and magazine reviews here.


What makes the Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones great?


•    They are small and highly portable. This also makes them a fantastic choice for enjoying music in the gym since they are so unassuming.
•    The Freedom earphones come with a decent range of accessories which includes the new Secure Fit Ear Cushions to ensure that they stay in place while you run around.
•    Call handling and music control buttons are built in to the earpiece and helpfully eliminate needing to fiddle about with your player to change the volume or so on.


What isn’t so good?


•    While they do sound very good users who value sound quality over wire-free enjoyment would potentially still be better off with wired, higher-spec earphones.
•    The battery life, when not on standby, will only last for around 6 hours.
•    The microphone is not the best so you might experience a little bit of annoyance during calls.


See the Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones here.


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