Review of the InEar StageDiver 2 Universal Fit High-End In-Ear Earphones


InEar StageDiver 2 Universal Fit High-End In-Ear Earphones

Price: £290.00


~ An Elliot Holmes Review ~


•    The fit of the earphones is incredible thanks to the effort InEar put in to the design process. The great fit means they’re easy to get them in and out of your ear and helps stave off ear fatigue.

•    There is impressive distinction between frequencies, due to the dual drivers, and the bass response is noticeable but not overpowering.

•    These earphones use braided cables and while these won’t totally eliminate tangles they definitely help cut down on them. There’s also memory plastic so you can retain the shape around your ear.


•    There might be a slight crackle during playback but this only seemed to happen at full volume so could simply be peaking.

•    While the earphones fit well they are quite large so aren’t as conspicuous as some other sets out there.

•    They have an impedance of 40ohms so won’t be suitable for mobile phones, in many cases, or other low output devices.


Deciding between earphones nowadays can be quite a difficult affair simply because there are so many brands out there purporting to be the latest and greatest in audio brilliance. While most of the top-tier brands sound, for the most part, as good as each other it’s more often than not the subtle differences which suddenly become incredibly important. For instance some brands are generally better for bass sound, such as Sennheiser, whereas brands like Shure are the ones to look at if you fancy more of a ‘reference’ sound. However, every now and again you come across a set which should meet nearly every requirement a user might have – the StageDiver 2 earphones are for definite.

InEar definitely put a lot of love and care in to their products and this is telling through their efforts to create earphones which not only sound fantastische but are also so comfy you could quite easily forget that you’re even wearing them. High quality sound doesn’t easily get much better than these wonderful products.

The StageDiver 2 earphones are designed in such a way as to make them fit comfortably in to virtually any ear. This is thanks in no small part to the effort InEar went to in creating the housing for the earphones. They actually developed the housing but overlapping over 500 scans of individual ear impressions and built up prototypes for customers to field test and at the end of the process they had a set of earphones which are styled to reflect the contours of the human ear and near-guarantee a great fit. Now that’s German engineering and efficiency for you!

Since InEar have taken so much care in ensuring that these earphones secure a good fit in your ear the comfort level is fantastic and you should be able to keep these in your ears for significant time before any aches creep in. Moreover, as they are designed to provide a neat fit the earphones don’t move around too much as you do and this should stop outside noise leaking in, as it normally might with other sets as the housing moves around in your ear, and this is helped even further by their inclusion of flexible plastic around the earpiece which bends in to place and retains the shape around your ear. In fact the only problem I could find with the design of the StageDiver 2 earphones in that the housing is quite large so they’re not as conspicuous as many other sets out there. I would say that that provided you don’t especially want teeny-tiny earphones and would rather have a good fit then a slight bit of bulk is quite easy to live with.


Of course when you’re considering spending close to £300.00 on a set of earphones you need to be pretty sure that they’ll sound fantastic and give you good value for money. In this respect the StageDiver 2 earphones would be a great choice as while they are quite expensive they are a joy to listen to and certainly merit the fairly hefty price tag. Overall they sound strong and the dual drivers do a fine job of handling the various frequencies so everything comes through to your ears without struggling to be heard. However, I should mention, as I normally do since so many people ask when enquiring about earphones, while the level of bass is very good and lends a punchy quality to the music it may not be quite high enough if you like a huge bass sound as they veer more towards the reference side of things.

The fact that these earphones have such a lovely sound quality does come at a price though, and I’m not talking about monetary costs. They have a very high impedance level, requiring 40 ohms to be driven effectively, so you really do need to be sure that what you’re planning on plugging them in to can provide this; otherwise you’re pretty much just wasting your money. This can pose a problem if you’re intending to only use these earphones with a mobile phone or standard digital audio player, since generally speaking these devices don’t output to a good enough level to power the earphones, but can be easily corrected by either upgrading the source device to something better or considering a portable headphone amp which will ramp up the output from your device to a suitable level.

I know that what I’m about to mention isn’t anywhere near as important as fit or sound quality but let’s talk bundled accessories for the briefest moment. While it’s not the case for every manufacture out there sometime you find that companies who charge a lot of money for their products can be a bit stingy when it comes to bundled accessories. Sure it’s great when manufacturers include a variety of different sized ear-tips but then they go and spoil the good feelings by bundling in a soft carry case which will offer almost zero protection for your pricy prize and no doubt cost them very little to make. InEar are definitely on the more rewarding side of the spectrum as they pop in a case that looks like it can be used as a fallout shelter for hamsters, a 1/4” adapter and some handy cleaning cloths to help you remove the gunk from the ear-tips. Yes, this is nothing to really get over-the-moon excited about but it once again demonstrates that InEar want you to get the most out of their earphones.

In a nut’s shell the StageDiver 2 earphones are one of the finest sounding earphones we stock at the moment and if you use them in conjunction with a source device which will cope with them you’re in for a treat. These earphones come highly recommended and we’re sure that if you give them a chance they won’t disappoint you at all.

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