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RegHardware noise-cancelling headphone round-up features 3 Amp3 products!

Time for another RegHardware product round-up. This time it’s for noise-cancelling headphones. See the sets of headphones that made a starring role in the round-up below!


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Audio Technica ATH-ANC23


‘Its noise cancellation is agile at reducing background hubbub and it works as a normal pair of headphones with cancellation off.’

RegHardware rated: 55%


The advanced circuitry of the headphones ensure background noise is in no way a factor when listening to your music. The microphone built into the headphones will identify and block out ambient noise making your listening experience purer. These headphones also pack punch with a 12.5mm driver unit.





Denon AH-NC800


‘Overall the headphones deliver a bold, open and expansive performance.’

RegHardware rated: 75%

With any set of Denon headphones you know there is quality in the build. Denon technology has claimed to reduce up to 99% of outside noise. The sound quality is excellent with luxurious padding for guaranteed hours of comfortable listening.




Wolfson Microelectronics Digital Silence Digital Silence DS-321D


Digital Silence

‘Its advantage is the tiny, featherlight control unit but you’ll need a mains connection to recharge. Sensibly they also work normally if noise cancelling is off.’

RegHardware rated: 70%

These headphones won’t break the bank but are still quality enough to warrant a place in this round-up. A feature of these headphones is the in-line microphone and button to accept and end calls easily.





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Turn down the outside world with new Wolfson DS321D headphones. Pre order today!


WolfsonWolfson Digital Silence DS321D Noise Cancelling Headphone


If you’re one of these people that expect to hear your music and only your music when you plug in to your MP3 player you’ll be left bitterly disappointed by most headphones.

Enter the Wolfson DS321D. They use digital Ambient Noise Cancellation to reduce the background noise around you. Suddenly taking a flight becomes more appealing without the incessant drone of the engines to keep you company. Turn the outside world down and your own world up.

These headphones are also designed with an in-built microphone. Wolfson have made life even easier with the ability to control your music and your calls through the remote located on the headphone wires.

The headphones come with a carry case to make them portable and protected. The battery is rechargeable and you’ll not need to worry about the sound quality – it’s of a hifi standard!


Read more here and pre order today!


pre order

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Sony MDRNC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones now in stock! Enjoy blissfully isolated commutes for only £39.99


Sony MDR NC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones


When you’re investing in headphones as good as the Sony MDRNC7B model, you’ll expect to only hear the sound of your music and only the sound of your music.

With these noise-cancelling, over ear MDR NC7Bs you’ll enjoy up to 87.4% of ambient noise reduction.

With this kind of sound isolation, these headphones are ideal for commuting. They also fold up very easily allowing you to pack them away in to a bag or briefcase.

A flat headband and luxurious padding around the ears allows you to wear these for hours enjoying prolonged comfort.

So if you haven’t been persuaded yet, these headphones are also clear in sound offering a kind of clarity often found in higher end models.



With all the boxes ticked, what are you waiting for? Get yours today.


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