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FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module - £89.00

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module
- £89.00


New to AMP3’s virtual shelves, the FiiO AM2 Amplifier Module is now available for Pre-order!

The AM2 is a replaceable/upgraded amplifier unit that you can use to change the sound quality of your FiiO X7. Feel that your power-hungry headphones require more juice to get that sweet music to your ears? The AM2 is a medium power amplifier unit for FiiO X7 designed to allow you to change the sound quality of your X7 at will.

Replacing the modules is extremely easy; simply using the Screwdriver that came with your X7 it is merely a matter of undoing 2 screws to remover the AM1 and replace it with the AM2.


The  FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module is available to pre-order now at £89.00.


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DACs for your ‘phones?


Zorloo Z:ero


With greater demand for higher sound quality whilst on the move some manufacturers have come up with a novel way of getting you the quality you demand – earphones with integrated DACs.

The earphone manufacturer Zorloo has designed the ‘World’s First’ digital earphone, the bizarrely named Z:ero, which plugs directly into the Micro-USB port on your smartphone to provide you with digital audio output. With a Wolfson DAC and a headphone amplifier crammed into the in-line control, the Zorloo Z:ero is definitely more portable than carrying around a separate DAC and amp.


FiiO E18

Previously audiophiles on the move would have to carry around amplifier/DAC combos such as the FiiO E18

But Zorloo aren’t the only people to offer headphones with built-in DACs. Sony has already released the MDR-1ADAC, a set of over-ear headphones with a built-in DAC, and Philips demoed their new NC1L noise cancelling headphones at CES 2015, which has an integrated 24-bit DAC designed to give Apple users superior audio via the Lightning port on their device.


Zorloo may not have gotten there first, but incorporating DACs into earphones and headphones may be the start of a new trend as manufacturers look to target the more discerning smartphone audio enthusiasts.


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i.Fuzen wins at Custom PC who rated it 5/5!

i.FuzenAuzentech i.Fuzen



The i.Fuzen is a three in one solution to all the iPhone 4/4s’ woes. It is a protective case for the delicate glass design; it is an additional battery leasing life to the easily tired iPhone battery and best yet, it is a headphone amplifier to brighten even the saddest of songs.


All of these features made for a winning combination at Custom PC who rated it 5/5! The i.Fuzen not only received full marks but was awarded the Custom Kit badge of honour!

The extra battery will close to double the life of your iPhone 4/4s so you’re never to be left in the lurch after sometimes as little as a day of heavy use. The headphone amplifier cleverly uses the base of the iPhone to extract music and boosts it to 180mW with a 113dB signal to noise ratio.


All of these features sound clumpy but not so as the i.Fuzen is compact enough to not impact greatly on weight or size. Make you iPhone unstoppable with the i.Fuzen.


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FiiO E6: big sound from a tiny amp.

E6FiiO E6

~ £16.99 ~


As an introduction to headphone amplifiers, or as an affordable partner to a more expensive at-home unit, the FiiO E6 is perfect. It’s cheaper than the SoundMagic A10 and NuForce Icon, and while it may not have all the benefits of a more powerful amp, it’s much more convenient. Trusted Reviews


For any of us with an MP3 player that is great for space, features, design and all the rest of it (cough, iPod, cough) but isn’t great for sound, the perfect solution is in the FiiO E6!  The E6 is a portable headphone amplifier that provides an exceptional audio solution to sound that is lacking in punch. It is a light and compact square with 3.5mm input and output sockets for compatibility with almost any player and headphones. It will easily go with you anywhere fitting in to any pocket or bag that your mp3 player would.


With three EQ options the E6 will provide a refined sound to suit your tastes with option to choose between -3db, 3db and 6db playing modes. The E6 is a neat device that dramatically transforms mediocre sound into something clear and powerful. It is highly portable and a fantastic entry point into the amplifier market.


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