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JayBird receive top marks from Men’s Fitness


JayBird Bluetooth headphones never fail to disappoint and now they’ve won the seal of approval from leading fitness magazine, Men’s Fitness. Rating the Sportsbands a respectable 4/5 and the Freedom full marks with 5/5 the JayBird brand continue to cement their quality reputation amongst the experts.

Both headphones are engineered to be the best exercise accessory available. However, JayBird’s combination of microphone and impressive audio output with usability make these headphones as ideal for the everyday user as they are for the athlete.


Totally wireless the headphones allow unrestricted movement even during the most rigorous of exercises. Their lifetime guarantee against sweat means they are built to last and, unlike many sports headphones, are not susceptible to water damage. With a simple touch of a button, both sets of headphones will answer and end calls without disruption.

JayBird have implemented simple yet innovative design principles to produce what are sophisticated top of the range sports headphones.

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Brighten up your sound with loud in colour, loud in volume X mini II Capsule Speakers!

X mini II

X mini II


Get a black, white, red, purple, green, or blue speaker!

The X mini name is synonymous with serious volume and now you can have similarly matched colour! The X mini II Capsule Speaker has the ability to bring the party to any event with its louder than loud volume.  Small enough to fit into your pocket, the X mini II Capsule Speaker can be taken anywhere.


X-Mini II BottomX-Mini II Capsule SpeakerX-Mini II Capsule SpeakerX-Mini II Capsule Speaker


With a 40mm driver the X mini produces a rich and full sound that isn’t compromised by the ground breaking volume. From just one charge you can enjoy your music for up to 11 hours.

With the new Buddy Jack connecting system you can connect an infinite amount of X minis together to create serious noise. The built in 3.5mm audio connector will fit most MP3 players and phones to make music even more portable. Don’t hesitate to get yours today while stocks last in these vibrant colours.


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Tracks by AiAiAi bring Award Winning Design to the Shelves of Amp3

AiAiAi Tracks




New in to Advanced MP3 Players are these delicately designed AiAiAi Tracks headphones. Coming from the Danish design house AiAiAi, you know these headphones are stylish without even looking at them. AiAiAi are known for both their neat minimalist design as well as the quality of their products. They blend minimalism and functionality seamlessly evidenced in previous models such as the in-ear Swirl or over-ear TMA-1.


Now the Tracks have arrived bringing a lighter, stripped back on-ear model that reproduces incredible audio while worn virtually unnoticed. The ear pads adjust by sliding so will fit any size of head and they come in a range of colours to suit any style. Interchangeable colour sliders are included in the box to encourage a more individual look.



Each ear pad is packed with a 40mm driver giving you a powerful sound with deep and rich bass notes. The headband is flexible and light and the wire includes a 3 button in-line microphone. These headphones are exactly what they appear to be.


Their exceptional design and sound won them the 2010/11 Danish Design Prize.


For more information click here.

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What HiFi budget earphone round-up! See what Amp3 headphones made the cut!

What HiFi Magazine have compiled a top budget headphones round-up and featured in it were a handful of Advanced MP3 Player headphones. The round-up looked at a variety of headphones that were each of excellent quality. The headphones featured in the round up included the below.


SoundMagic E10



Rated: 5/5

Simply but stylishly designed the E10s boast more in the way of sound than in appearance – and rightly so. The E10s have received heaps of praise and it doesn’t stop here. Their superior sound  (that is more akin to earphones double this price point) is powerful and suits a variety of music types.


Jays a-Jays Four

a jays 4


Rated: 4/5

These are perfect everyday earphones that combine the portability and functionality well. They are a light set that boast a flat cable that won’t tangle. The sound is well defined and open. The in-line button control is a lovely touch that cuts the a-Jays Four a distinct edge in this round-up.


Skullcandy 50/50



Rated: 3/5

The recognisable skull emblazoned on all Skullcandy products identifies their quality make and individual aesthetic. These 50/50 earphones show typical preference for bass but also boast a dynamic sound.


thinksound TS02





The TS02 headphones are great and warm sounding headphones that won’t leave you feeling guilty about the environment. They have a wood housing which give their warmth in sound and are made from consciously selected materials from sustainable sources. A clear sound and a clear conscience.

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Stephen Merchant models the Hoodie Buddie on the BBC!

Hoodie Buddie

Hoodie Buddie


~ Watch the video clip here. ~


Hoodie Buddie


The innovative Hoodie Buddie which has headphones built in to the drawstrings of the hoody, has been featured on the BBC 2 Sunday programme, Something for the Weekend!

In a Christmas gadget round-up for men the Hoodie Buddie was modelled by comic, Stephen Merchant. After sparking some jovial banter on the show the Hoodie Buddie went on to sell out over the weekend.


The Hoodie Buddie uses patented HB3 Technology that has two earphones hanging from the drawstrings of the hoody and a standard 3.5mm jack to connect with most mp3 players or phones.


The best feature yet about the Hoodie Buddie is not its ability to provide you with headphones whenever or wherever you may need them, nor its array of fun colours to choose from, but the fact that it’s 100% machine washable.

Keep your beats as fresh as your clothes with this great garment.


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The Gadget Show rates Shure SE535s 4Gs! Read more here

Shure SE535Shure SE535 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones

~ £319 ~

Shure SE535s – RATED: 4Gs from The Gadget Show!


The experts from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show have put together a very selective in-ear round up. Only three headphones were chose for the round-up, one of which were the Shure SE535 noise isolating in-ear earphones.


These are premium earphones that earned their way on to the Gadget Show’s round-up. Their sound-isolating merits were praised by Jason, a tech expert presenter from the show. He described their sound as, “great, [with] well rounded quality.”




Shure earphones are known for their high fidelity sound and these headphones certainly have this. The SE535s have a preference for bass which The Gadget Show acknowledged stating it as “very full.” So if it’s bass that you’re after, get yourself a pair of Shure SE535s!


The sound of the Shure’s might be bassy but it also has a lot of space. Having incorporated both a driver and a tweeter in each of the headphones Shure have packed these earphones with quality technology that delivers pristine sound. They are designed as over-ear earphones to keep cables out of your way. The earbuds create a seal around the ear giving them their noise-isolating quality and also provides a comfortable fit thanks to the optimized nozzle.


These earphones are excellent performers but come with quite the price tag. Rest assured though with Kevlar casing for the cable and a gold-plated MMCX Connector, the Shure’s are worth every penny.


The Gadget Show awarded the Shure SE535s a massive (but well deserved) 4/5 G rating!


For more information click here.

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Gizmodo France give thinksound TS02s great review

thinksound TS02


Even if they can not be 100% ecological, Thinksound went as far as possible to meet environmental requirements.Gizmodo France read full review here


The thinksound TS02 headphones have been given a glowing review by the experts at Gizmodo. thinksound are masters of blending great sound with minimal environmental impact. In an age where everything is made from all types of plastics and metals this is quite a hard feat. Yet thinksound have managed and delivered exceptional sounding headphones while they were at it.


Not many reviewers champion the ecological efforts of thinksound – simply, reviewers are there to review the earphones’ capacity for pumping out the sounds they’ve promised to deliver. Yet, Gizmodo see this as a winning factor: ‘Also they look environmentally friendly is not just a single value. These headphones also offer excellent quality.’ (Translation).


The TS02s are warm sounding earphones made with a dedication to the environment. Get your clear sounding earphones and keep a clear conscience.
Thinksound offers excellent value for money especially if they are adding their part green, frankly rare on this type of product. We applaud just for the use of sustainable materials and recyclable.’ Gizmodo France


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JayBird Freedom Headphones featured on The Gadget Show

FreedomJayBird Freedom Headphones



The Freedoms are the world’s smallest Bluetooth stereo headset and lead the charge in the Bluetooth enabled headphone trend. Simply, the Freedoms are two noise-isolating ear buds connected via adjustable neck strap and sit securely in the ear, freeing the user of any wires.


Last week, the JayBird Freedom headphones were featured on the gadget geek’s weekly TV digest – The Gadget Show. The Freedom’s were included in an ‘Ultimate Travel Bag’ feature. Being high performing and versatile headphones their tech credibilities shone through to win their inclusion on the show. The headphones have received large amounts of praise since their beginning and it’s not only the Gadget Show they’ve impressed:


‘We are so incredibly impressed with JayBird’s new Freedom Earbuds. First of all, while larger than normal, wired earbuds, they’re much more compact than any other Bluetooth headphones we’ve seen.’ iCreate

Taking calls and playing music is all done wirelessly with the headphones. Connect to your Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy pristine audio. A hugely important factor that is often overlooked with top quality headphones is their usability. Too often you find headphones that won’t last the hustle of a daily commute let alone a trip to the gym. The Freedoms are designed for the active user and it’s the active user they serve.
Coming with a guarantee against sweat means they will withstand being put through their paces. Cordless headphones for any purpose is a luxury, but when exercising once you go wireless, you might find they are less luxury and more necessity.


The headphones sit securely in your ear and deliver a strong Bluetooth connection. Use them on your commute, to the gym, out for a walk, or anywhere. They blend top quality components and output with usability.





~ Get yours here ~

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SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers: blast your workspace with some serious sound!

QSBSoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers


The design is clean and simple – all that was required was a union with my laptop’s USB port. Recognised immediately by Windows – the QSB sprang into life with a balanced, powerful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, while the edgy tones of Glasvegas echoed with the sonic sharpness of shattered glass.’ The Scotsman


What HiFi RATED 5/5 Read full review here



Here at Advanced MP3 Players we are no strangers to big things coming in small packages. This saying certainly rings true when it comes to the SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers. These SoundScience QSB speakers are clever little things in that they charge using only the power from your laptop or PC. You enjoy big sound from small speakers that don’t even need to be plugged in to a power socket.  A huge advantage if you wish to save space on your desk by reducing the clutter that comes with cables.
The QSB speakers themselves are neat packages of excellent sound engineering. They measure 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm but have the power of 30 watts. SoundScience have incorporated DyadUSB technology which is a revolutionary piece of kit that enables a 15W per channel audio burst all from only 2.5W of electrical power. This unique technology has been made by the best for the best.
As seen above the SoundScience QSB speakers have been well received by expert critics and definitely exceed their price point of £89.99. Their sound is big and certainly loud enough to get the whole office listening. If you’re after quality of sound and more than enough volume for your work space the QSB speakers are definitely the way to go.


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what hifi logo

1 winner and 3 recommended products at the What HiFi? Awards!


What HiFi? Sound and Vision held its highly anticipated annual What HiFi? Sound and Vision Awards on 5 October. The who’s who of technology and electronics industries went head to head, battling it out to win one of the highly coveted What Hifi? accolades. The awards were also another cause for celebration as the magazine celebrated 35 years of circulation.
With four products featured in the awards – which included one winner – at Advanced MP3 Players, it’s our turn to celebrate.

In the Best Internet Radio category the Revo Axis triumphed to come out as overall winner. The usability was a key factor in Revo’s success with its highly responsive touch screen making it easy to navigate through all those internet radio stations! Watch the What HiFi? video of the Revo Axis here.


~ The Revo Axis is available at Advanced MP3 Players for £174 ~

~ Revo also offer a remote for their radio which is available for £9.95 here. ~


The awards not only celebrated the very best in category but acknowledged other contenders that provided the tough competition in the Recommended Best Buy sections of the awards. Advanced MP3 Players were delighted to see three other deserving products be featured at the awards.
Particular success was had in the headphone category where the SoundMagic E10s added to their already impressive list of good reviews by being recommended Best In-Ear Headphones up to £40.


~ The SoundMagic E10s are available at Advanced MP3 Players for £34.99 ~


The Grado SR80i were recommended  Best Home On-Ear Headphones up to £150. See their nomination here.


~ The Grado SR80i are available at Advanced MP3 Players for £104.01 ~


In the Best Systems category the Denon M38 DAB won for Best Micro System up to £400. See the nomination here.


~ The Denon M38 DAB is available from Advanced MP3 Players for £199. ~

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