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Brand New in Advanced MP3 Players: BlueAnt Stereo Headphones!

Specially Designed for use iPod, iPhone, iPad, these BlueAnt Headphones look very promising!

The new BlueAnt arrival that was unveiled at CES ’11 – the wired Embrace Headphones! While most of you familiar with BlueAnt would expect another wireless set of headphones, they have bucked the trend with their Embrace model, it’s wired!

Memory Foam padding on the earpads is not only luxuriously comfortable but it’s an external noise reduction aid. A detachable cable and folding design make these perfect for portability, not to mention the handy, and stylish, carry case that comes with the headphones. BlueAnt tell us ‘Embrace’ life, we say why not! A stylish set of headphones that give you complete control over calls and music without taking your phone out your pocket.

BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headphones Specially designed for use iPod, iPhone, iPad – Only £149.99

- Full product information here -

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