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Night’s in will never be the same – Cantons 5.1 Speaker system, the Movie 125 MX coming soon to AMP3!

5 Star Award Winning Canton Movie 125 MX

The Canton Movie 125 MX is available for Pre-order at Advanced MP3 Players!

The 5 Star Award Winning Movie 125 MX from Canton is a class leading, compact 5.1 Speaker system!  It comes with 4 identical satellite speakers (15mm tweeter + 8xm mid/bass driver), a front centre speaker (2x 15mm tweeter + 8xm mid/bass driver) and a powerful 140W active subwoofer with 20cm forward firing driver!

The Canton Movie 125 MX boasts a clean, clear, crisp and precise sound reproduction- What HiFi were so impressed they slapped a 5 star award on it….

“It doesn’t get shouty at volume, for example, and neither does it lose detail at low levels – something that any number of rivals are prey to…at the money, it’d be greedy to ask for more.” What HiFI Rated 5/5 (full review)

Available for Pre-order Today, £400
-Click Here-

Canton Speakers – Barely Visible but Premium Sound!

Cantons brand new Speaker range has arrived at Advanced MP3 Players – Check out their fantastic range of  high quality speakers!

There are two main ranges of speakers: “InCeiling” and “InWall”. As their names indicate, Canton developed a specific range of speakers that need to be placed in your wall and a second that need to be hooked on your ceiling.

Let’s have a look at these new Canton Speakers 800 series:

The new Canton 800 Series joins a large selection of professional home audio listening sound systems. The 800 Series feature a magnetic grille with an extremely slim and unobtrusive frame. They produce a crystal clear precise flowing room filling audio.

Top of the range, these speakers are easy to set up! A shallow depth makes positioning easy, swing out fixings and Easy-Link cable clamp contacts make connecting and installing simple.

Let’s you tempted by these premium sounding speakers! Your house will definitively sounds first-class quality with Canton.

Canton InCeiling Speaker are available from www.amp3.co.uk from £274.99

Canton InWall  Speaker are available from www.amp3.co.uk from £274.99

- You can also check Canton entry-level models here (from £125) -