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Fidelio Docks Lovers? Good News: Philips Expands its Range!

This morning Advanced MP3 Players is thrilled: their range of Philips Fidelio will be expanded soon!

Philips have just revealed their two new docks!

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision tells us more about them:

“Philips has added two further models to its Fidelio range of iPhone/iPad/iPod speaker docks.”

“Both are variations of the existing DS9000 model, which remains on sale at £399.”

“It’s joined by the smaller £299 DS9 (1st pic) and the £399 DS9010 (2nd pic).”

read the full article here

Philips Fidelio DS9 – £299

Enhanced by ZemantaPhilips Fidelio DS9010 – £399
Check at AMP3 Current range of Fidelio Docks
Revo Axis Presentation.ppt

Revo Axis – Looks, feels and performs great!

Revo Axis’Latest Review :

STUFF.TV Review: “… the use of NXT’s ‘Balanced Radiator’ driver delivers a solid, punchy sound with plenty of low-end grunt. It produces lots of detail, and, crucially, it’s nicely built and a breeze to use.”

The Revo Axis Streaming Wifi/DAB/FM Radio iPod Dock is still a star in the tech world! First awarded five stars by What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision “… designed with sound in mind… to give an expansive sound with decent bass and good detail and flow. A well sorted radio.”, and then by STUFF “The don of media-streaming radios.”, this Radio iPod Dock is superb and real success!

The AXiS represents the next generation of ‘connected’ digital radio devices that combine multi-format radio reception, iPod and iPhone docking, audio streaming and access to premium online music services such as Last.fm.

Revo Axis Streaming Wifi/DAB/FM Radio iPod Dock- £199

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