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Exclusive Facebook deal! 10% off NuForce Icon iDo when you become a Facebook fan!

NuForce Icon iDo


**The NuForce Icon iDo is on special offer for one week only through an exclusive Facebook deal. Until Monday 24 October you get a generous 10% off the Icon iDo amp.**


Like‘ our Facebook page now and get exclusive access to this deal today.


About the iDo

The NuForce Icon iDo is here to solve all of your audiophile woes and breathes life into those digital files that aren’t living up to their full potential in your Apple device. Credit to Apple, their range of mp3 players are stunning works of design and function but this is no consolation to audiophiles who expect a higher standard of sound from such a high quality mp3 player. With Apple, ‘high quality’ doesn’t translate as ‘specialist’ which is why many people are left disappointed.

This is where the iDo comes in. Apple stores the original high quality digital file on its mp3 players easily but the problem is with their in-built digital to audio converter.  Their converter is where the quality wanes and becomes that less than special sound. What the iDo does is goes into the device and bypasses this converter extracting the original high quality file giving back the studio quality sound it is capable of producing.


It might sound a little complicated but the solution is simple. The iDo gives you the quality of sound that belongs to your digital file without the need for a high-end, specialist mp3 player.


Save yourself 10% on an iDo by becoming an Amp3 Facebook fan. Check out the page here:


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Sunday Express_review

sWaP Rebel Watch: A Cool Gadget for the Summer!

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player with Camera

The sWaP Rebel Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player was in Sunday Express!

Listed as a “must have” this summer, the sWaP Rebel is a fantastic watch and mobile phone for all gadgets and tech lovers!

The sWaP is a rather unique addition to the mobile phone market and has lots of hidden features that will leave you startled, like the hidden camera, bluetooth compatibility, the FM radio and WAP! It is also open to most networks (other than 3). Thankfully sWaP included the Micro SD expansion as their on-board storage isn’t up to scratch with other devices, but this can be forgiven for it’s tiny size and spy-like design. No more bulging pockets with your mobile phone, mp3 player, wallet and keys, you will have a watch, a phone and an MP3 player round your wrist.

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player with Camera – £189

Also available on Advanced MP3 Players – Visit www.amp3.co.uk

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Is Sony A Reference for Internet Tablets?

Sony Honeycomb tablets “S1 and S2″ will finally be available for pre-order at the end of August / early September!

Do you think Sony new Internet Tablets will be good enough to rival the Monster Apple? Share your thoughts on Advanced MP3 Players Facebook Wall!

Soon a new ally in the Android camp!

“If you need a quick refresh as to why you would want either of these shiny black beauties then take a trip down memory lane, right here.” (read Stuff full news article here)

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Special Father’s Day: FREE Dream Cheeky USB Fidget With Your Order!

This year to celebrate Father’s Day, Advanced MP3 Players offer you a FREE Dream Cheeky Sports USB Fidget!

The offer is valid with any order. The only thing you must do is use the code “FFPAPA” at checkout after adding your choice of Dream Cheeky Fidget.  You can choose from one of three USB Sports fidgets: Football, Golf or Basketball.

With your new Dream Cheeky USB Fidget, escape the stress of work!

Free Dream Cheeky USB Fidget With Every Order

Click here to read more about the dream cheeky offer

The offer ends on Sunday 19th June 2011 – 1st comes 1st served!


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Facebook Fans: Free iPad Case Offer Must End TONIGHT!

iPad owners show yourself before Wednesday Midnight and claim your FREE case!

Advanced MP3 Players is still offering you a FREE iPad case to protect your best Apple device!

Holding your device snugly and securely in place, there’s no possibility of the iPad slipping out easily.  The leather casing protects your iPad from any scratches or small bumps, easing your mind when taking your iPad out and about!

Robust and stylish, it is the perfect companion for your iPad.

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