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The stunning Revo K2 is now in stock! Read about it here!

Revo K2Revo K2

The Revo K2 is available to order at £299 and is expected to arrive with us on November 15th!

The K2 is packed out with seriously high quality components to make the sound that superior Revo quality we’ve come to expect. With four Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Class-D amplifiers the K2 has enough sonic power to flood a room.

First and foremost the K2 is a radio and it receives DAB, DAB+, FM and internet radio formats and offers access to online music services such as Last.fm. It will wirelessly stream music from any PC or Mac and is capable of audio and video playback from specific Apple models.

Revo K2

The motorised dock is made for several generations of Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. When in use, the otherwise hidden OLED brightly displays playing information on the graphical screen.

A very smooth piece of kit that will add a stylish edge to whatever room you put it in and mark its presence with an incredible sound. You even get a trial period for Last.fm free of charge.


Buy now

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X mini RAVE rated 4/5 starts in iPad and iPhone User magazine. Check out the review here!



‘The X-mini RAVE looks good, it’s highly portable and the sound is better than we expected at this price and size.’ iPad and iPhone User

Read full review here

The X mini RAVE received a glowing review from iPad and iPhone User describing the speaker as ‘ideal for scenarios where you haven’t got access to a full-scale music system.’
The RAVE model of the X mini cohort is equipped with the added feature of FM radio. No longer must you use your MP3 player or phone to enjoy flawless sound from the speaker.  One of the standout features of any X mini speaker is their small size and portability. Despite the radio feature, the RAVE does not change in size but incorporates the speaker into the existing mould. What’s even better is that it comes with a memory feature so your last played station is stored.
You can purchase an X mini RAVE model from Advanced MP3 Players priced at £39.99.



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Amp3 expecting arrival of X mini KAI. X mi’s latest Bluetooth enabled device

X mini KAI capsule speaker

Arriving soon


Here at Amp3 we are very aware of the sheer power packed into the X mini capsule speaker range. They bring maximum noise to a minimum size. With every model that comes out X mi expertly fine tune their models to bring a better quality of sound to the same speaker. With the X mini II they advanced on their already clear sound to make it even clearer; with the X mini RAVE they brought us FM radio without increasing the size of the product or compromising battery life.

All these additions are well and good but perhaps a little boring. There is only so far an X mini can go without it repeating itself. The new X mini KAI capsule speaker transcends any muted expectations and enters the connected world of wireless Bluetooth.

By connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled media device you can both control your music and volume through the toggle at the base of the device and remotely through your phone or MP3 player. Connecting your device is effortless and rids you of the hassle of cables.

Not only is this a sophisticated upgrade but it immediately gives the KAI speaker serious purpose beyond that of producing clear and loud sound. The built in microphone transforms the KAI from being a speaker to a purpose built hub for conference calls. A double advantage in that it can be used for social purposes and professional. The speaker’s capacity for sheer volume coupled with X mi’s sharp focus on quality means calls are received loud and clear.

Retaining the standard 3.5mm jack the KAI will still connect to your MP3 player via this cable. Though most MP3 players and phones are equipped with a wireless function, this is still crucial in connecting multiple X mini speakers through the innovative Buddy Jack. Using the Buddy Jack option you can connect multiple X mini speakers to maximise sound. By connecting a KAI model you can control the entire fleet of speakers wirelessly.

Though the X mini KAI capsule speaker is priced significantly higher than previous models the functionality of this particular model far exceeds the expectations of this price point.

The KAI will be available shortly from Advanced MP3 Players for £69.

Check back here for regular updates on its arrival.


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New iAudio10 takes home top design award at the Good Design Awards, Japan

Cowon iAudio10



New Cowon iAudio10 takes home top design award at Good Design Award presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


Cowon’s latest MP3 player has been creating quite a stir in the tech world. All new Cowon products are awaited with baited breath as the experts in sound improve upon already excellent products.

Now, to add to the anticipation, the iAudio10 has landed the Audiovisual Device Award at one of the world’s top four design awards ceremonies.  The sublime iAudio10 has been expertly crafted to blend ergonomic and aesthetic appeals. The contemporary form is skilfully shaped and balanced to sit comfortably in the hand’s natural grip.


Amp3’s very own Elliot has written a comprehensive review which you can read here. Cowon continue to improve upon an excellent product base that includes the S9 – the winner of the 2009 iF Design award.


Nam-Kyu Park, CEO of Cowon, had this to say following the iAudio10 award:

With this award, Cowon’s excellence in product design and UI [user interface] has once again received international recognition. We will strengthen the image of our brand in the international market even more by continuing to introduce new products that set themselves apart in their design and satisfies the sensibility of the consumer.


The iAudio10 will be available for pre-order shortly at the following prices: 8GB £99, 16GB £119 & 32GB £149

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The superior sound of the Cowon iAudio S9

S9Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player


8GB – £119

16GB – £139

32GB – £199


When I say ‘Cowon’; you say ‘quality’. COWON! QUALITY! COWON! QUALITY! You get the picture.
If you’ve been following the latest deals and reading the latest blog posts you’ll be tired of my going on about the superior sound of Cowon players. You won’t be disappointed – as one member of staff wrote in her product sleepover review of the C2 – ‘once you go Cowon, you don’t go back’. Well, why would you?


The iAudio S9 is one of the most highly regarded of the entire Cowon fleet. For good reason too; firstly, the ‘[s]ound quality is awesomeT3. The S9 uses Cowon’s new BBE+ audio architecture. This is a series of processes that reproduce the music of both your high and low quality files to make them sound incredible. The EQ facilities and stereo enhancements are notable in the S9 which are enjoyed while listening to any of the following file formats which the S9 accepts: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV and APE.
Cowon understand that no matter its high quality audio output, the sound is not going to suit everyone. Sensibly, it has incorporated 30 different music profiles to suit varying music genres so you can find the perfect match to your favourite music.
The S9 also has incredible video capabilities shown through its high quality AMOLED display. Movies are a delight to watch with bright colours and a crisp finish.
Other features on the Cowon S9 are an FM radio, calculator, picture viewer, document reader and best of all it is Bluetooth enabled. Connect to wireless speakers or wireless headphones.
If this hasn’t been persuasive enough you can read the full product description here.

buy now



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Start a RAVE with the X mini RAVE now in. Pre order today!


The wait is finally over. The X mini RAVE has finally arrived. Like with the other models you can bring explosive sound to almost any situation. Now, with the RAVE you can bring explosive FM radio to any situation!


X-mini’s newest offering is the same small design that has incorporated FM radio. The radio receiver is located in the RAVE’s speaker eliminating the need for an external antenna and reducing clutter. Often a radio feature is neglected from audio equipment where you would normally expect it. Not with the RAVE though. On top of its game in terms of noise, it is now top of its game in terms of features.


The FM radio brings a welcome boost to the other models and has a clever memory feature that stores and recalls the last played radio station to add a touch of sophistication.


Pre order yours today for £39.99 and be prepared for sharing your music or to start a spontaneous dance party!

pre order


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clip zip black 100x100

Sansa Clip Zip has arrived! The very best of affordable MP3 players!



Clip Zip

Sansa Clip Zip



Get yours today here


Prepare for the arrival of Sansa’s latest product, the Clip Zip. They have done it again and made an enhanced version of the Clip+. This is an extremely affordable device with loads of features on it to keep you entertained. It is designed for the active user.
Physically clip your Clip Zip onto your clothes and enjoy the freedom the lightweight and compact MP3 player allows you to have. This newer model comes with a stopwatch feature to make timing your runs or exercise much easier.
It has a bigger 1.1” colour screen with a fantastic and vibrant display. There is also the option to expand the memory on your player with a microSDHC card. If the need may arise, you can record your thoughts or sounds on the built in voice recorder!


~Check back here for updates of when it arrives!~

Check out the Clip+

The Clip Zip 4GB will be availabel at £49.99

The Clip Zip 8GB will be available at £59.99





Get Inspired by Your New Creative MP3 Players!

Fancy a new MP3 Players?

Advanced MP3 Players advise you one of the new Creative devices!

Creative #1:

This MP3 Player is small, compact and offers pocket-sized portability for your digital music collection. With up to 32 hours of playback time from one charge you won’t find yourself running out of power halfway through your journey which is always a benefit. There are some nice features on this player, like the FM radio for an alternative source of music, the easy file transfer process and nice calendar, contacts and alarm features. An impressive attraction is the ability to play with your EQ to get your perfect sound response.

For a pocket-able MP3 Player the Zen 300 is a nice choice with a fantastic value price point.

Creative Zen Style 300 8GB MP3 Player with FM Radio – £56.99

Creative #2:

It’s clear to see where the inspiration for this MP3 Player has come from, but that’s not a bad thing. The stylish Creative Zen M100 features a 1.4 Inch touch sensitive screen which is easy to use and navigate through the various menu options. This is a 8GB MP3 player but with the option of expanding your memory capacity by 32GB via a MicroSD card you could call it limitless. The Creative Zen M100 MP3 Player is stylish and affordable choice for someone who is looking for a compact and portable MP3 Player.

Creative ZEN Style M100 Touch 8GB MP3 Player Colour BLACK – £49.99

Creative #3:

The stylish Creative Zen M300 features a 1.4 Inch touch sensitive screen which is easy to use and navigate through the various menu options. The expandable memory alternative gives you up to 32GB extra capacity to play with, which is perfect for anyone with a larger than life digital media collection. By including an FM Radio and Bluetooth to the M300 model Creative have made an ideal companion for your daily commutes.

Creative ZEN Style M300 Touch 8GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth and FM Radio – £59.99

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