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MiLi Power Spring 4 (HI-C23 1600 mAh) for Apple iPhone 4

Festival Essential Gizmos!

Did you buy tickets to attend UK Summer Festivals?

Exciting time… But don’t forget your essential gizmos to fully enjoy your festival!

Advanced MP3 Players recommend you few gadgets sweetly priced:

1- External Battery for Apple devices

The MiLi Power Spirit is an external battery for iPod and iPhone, With that extra juice delivered your audio playback time can be extended to 18 Hours! So when your standard iPhone battery fails, the MiLi Power Spirit becomes your saviour!

MiLi Power Spirit External Battery for iPod and iPhone – ONLY £19.95 / WAS £25

The MiLi iPhone 4 Power is a case and a rechargeable battery for iPhone 4. MiLi give you the opportunity to maximize your iPhone 4G’s potential by making full use of its vibrant display and features with extra energy from MiLi PowerSpring 4 Extended Battery! It can extend play time on videos up to 5.4 hours, audio up to 19 hours, net surfing time up to 3.9 hours and standby up to 3.9 hours.

MiLi iPhone 4 Power Spring Case & Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 4 – £39.99 / WAS £55

2- Camera – Immortalise your best moments!

Save £20 on the Sony bloggie touch MHS-TS20 8GB Mobile HD Snap Camera! A little gem for taking outdoor pictures.

Brilliantly easy to use, bloggie™ boasts a big, beautiful touchscreen that makes viewing your photos and video clips a pleasure. Flick through your images on the wide screen LCD with intuitive fingertip gestures – it couldn’t be easier.

Sony bloggie touch MHS-TS20 8GB Mobile HD Snap Camera - Only £199 / Was £219

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Fidelio Docks Lovers? Good News: Philips Expands its Range!

This morning Advanced MP3 Players is thrilled: their range of Philips Fidelio will be expanded soon!

Philips have just revealed their two new docks!

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision tells us more about them:

“Philips has added two further models to its Fidelio range of iPhone/iPad/iPod speaker docks.”

“Both are variations of the existing DS9000 model, which remains on sale at £399.”

“It’s joined by the smaller £299 DS9 (1st pic) and the £399 DS9010 (2nd pic).”

read the full article here

Philips Fidelio DS9 – £299

Enhanced by ZemantaPhilips Fidelio DS9010 – £399
Check at AMP3 Current range of Fidelio Docks

Denon DM38 DAB Voted the Best Hi-Fi System!

“Denon’s D-M38DAB (without speakers) was voted the best hi-fi system.”

“That’s the verdict of the latest research from social commerce company Reevoo.”

Today What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision reveals us that Denon DM38 is still a star among the gadgets enthusiasts. That’s a good news because over the last year the less well-known manufacturer have become the nation’s new must-haves:

“Bucking the trend is Denon’s D-M38DAB (without speakers), which was voted the best hi-fi system.”

(read the full article here)

Denon’s new DM38 Micro Component HiFi System gives your audio a whole new perspective.  With a clean dramatic sound the DM38 brings your music to life and surrounds you in audio bliss. (speakers available as an option – see below)

You can use multiple sources to listen to your music collection – the possibilities are endless!  Check out some of the brand new features below…

  • Digitally transmitted play function for iPod and iPhone (via USB) for best sound quality
  • DAB+
  • Easy timer setting
  • Easy-to-use remote control handset

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System & M37 Speaker Bundle - £260 / Was £288

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System – £199

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Get the Very Best From Your iPod/iPhone/iPad With The New Philips Micro Music System!

Fancy an ‘i’ dock music system which looks fierce?

Get the new Philips DCM3020/05 120 Watt Micro Music System for iPod/iPhone/iPad!

Philips look to create a micro sound system that caters for the entire range of apple ‘i’ devices. Dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad on this stunning looking system and fill your home with tunes directly from your gadget! The system will even charge your device while playing your tunes – dock, charge and play, it’s as simple as that! - read more about this product here

Crank up the volume and let’s party!

Philips DCM3020/05 120 Watt Micro Music System for iPod/iPhone/iPad - £169

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New Accessories in Stock at Advanced MP3 Players: Get the more from your iPod/iPad!

This week, AMP3 received new accessories:

Welcomes to the Hard Candy Cases Apple iPad 2 – Street Skin and the MiLi iPower Projector 2!

With Hard Candy you can protect your lovely iPad 2 from scratches and blemishes:

Hard Candy Apple iPad 2 – Street Skin – £34.99

- click here for more product information -

With Mili iPower transfer your films onto a big screen through one pocket sized projector:

MiLi iPower Projector 2 – £280

- click here for more product information -

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New iPod & iPhone speaker/docks/radios by Philips! Enjoy High-Quality and Room-Filling Sound Wherever You Are!

With Philips new iPod/iPhone devices, your music travels with you!

Appreciate your Music wherever you are!

From Clock Radio, to Mini Speakers, to Docks, Philips new range was designed with Apple in mind. All these new products are compatible with your iPod/iPhone!

Fill up your room with your music and enjoy all your favourite songs wherever you are: ideal for picnic, at your friends, at yours… wherever you are, your music is!

High-quality sound, stylish and portable, all you need is choose your favourite one among the following selection:

Click on the product image for more information

Philips SBP1120/1 Portable Speaker System for all MP3 Players - £13.49

Philips AJ3270D/0 Clock Radio for iPod/iPhone – £44.99

Philips DS3020/05 Fidelio iPod/iPhone Dock – £59 (WAS £69)

Philips DS3500/05 Fidelio Dock for iPhone/iPod/iPad with Bluetooth Connection - £129

Philips Fidelio DS7700/10 Portable iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock with Bluetooth Connection – £179

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MiLi Power Spirit – Your Battery Saviour!

This month, MiLi have developed an amazing accessory for iPod/iPhone owner!

A mini battery to ensure you always have a source of power!

So you have an iPhone? Isn’t it great having such a powerful and complex device in your hands?  Well, your iPhone is only as good as the battery power you have left in it.  If you forget to charge your iPhone over night or find yourself on a long trip it’s a guarantee that you will have one eye on your battery.  When your standard iPhone battery fails, the MiLi Power Spirit becomes your saviour!

MiLi Power Spirit External Battery for iPod and iPhone – £25

With Your Transcend Memory Card You Can Store 8GB of Music in your Wallet!

Transcend 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Class 10 Memory Card is so light that you can carry it safely in your wallet while on the go to your friends’ house.

Stick it into your player and start the music!

Pop a Transcend SDHC™ memory card in your compatible device and you’ll always have fast and convenient access to your favorite pics, music or videos, allowing you to keep them close to hand at all times.

Transcend 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Class 10 Memory Card – £46.67

- full product description here -

Also good to know: this Memory Card is an ideal gizmo to fully enjoy your new iPod Dock the Lenco High Free Standing iPod Tower 1 with iPod Dock, USB & Cardslot and 60W 2.1 channel output power” (Only £99).

Launched at the Gadget Show Live, this tower is a new iPod Dock model designed by Lenco. Popular among iPod users and music lovers. It is convenient and very easy to use: swipe your Transcend SDHC Memory Card into your tower and enjoy 8GB of stored music!  And right now you can get 10% off your Transcend Memory card when you purchase the Lenca iPod Tower (More Info)

You won’t regret your combo purchase of  “Transcend Memory Card + Lenco iPod Tower”.


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Sony CMT-FX350i DAB Micro HiFi with iPod Dock – A Surprisingly Refined Mini-System!

Advanced MP3 Players have just launched a fab new DAB with iPod Dock: The “Sony CMT-FX350i DAB Micro HiFi with iPod Dock”!

Be prepared to party all-night long with your new DAB Radio-Dock!

The easy to set up system is perfect to small or moderate sized rooms and the 10W RMS speakers produce an impressively detailed level of audio. Grab your iPod or tune the radio up and that’s you ready for new musical experiences.

Sony CMT-FX350i DAB Micro HiFi with iPod Dock – Only £99

- full product description here -

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Ozaki iCoat slap-on watch straps for iPod Nano – For A Futuristic Look!

Stuff News Nugget: Ozaki iCoat slap-on watch straps for iPod Nano, the futuristic watch you dreamed of!

Read Stuff News here

Ozaki have developed some flashy and stylish 6th gen nano accessories! This, the Ozaki iCoat+, takes shape in the form of a handy ‘wrist watch’!

Simply stick your iPod into the convenient holder, attach it to the stylish band and slap in onto your wrist! All you have to do now is change the iPod to display a clock and you have yourself a rather unique watch!

We offer loads of iCoat+ colour variations, each of which have their own unique design. So match your Nano or match your mood, the choice is yours!

Ozaki iCoat Watch+ for iPod nano 6G – £24.99

- full product description here -

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