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Trusted Reviews Finalist

Sony NWZ-A866 and Cowon X7 make final cut at Trusted Reviews Awards!


The prestigious Trusted Reviews Awards winners have been announced and at Advanced MP3 Players we are delighted to report that two products reached the final stages of selection. In the Portable Media Player of the Year Award both the Cowon X7 and Sony NWZ A866 were runners up losing to the Apple iPod 4th generation. Public voting took place to establish a shortlist of finalists for every award. It was then down to the experts at Trusted Reviews to determine the winners of each category. The X7 and NWZ-A866 are not unfamiliar at Trusted Reviews having both received glowing reports previous to the awards.

The X7 and NWZ-A866 didn’t go down without a fight and certainly provided the grounds for a seriously ‘tough competition’. Read why below.


Cowon X7




Cowon are a brand synonymous with quality sound where this level of high fidelity playback is a rarity amongst players at a similar price point. It would be an understatement to say Cowon take sound seriously. What makes them unique however is Cowon appreciate that sound is different for every listener. What might sound brilliant to one person may sound horrendous to another. That’s why Cowon have included 35 pre-set music profiles to suit a vast amount of musical tastes.

The player is absolutely brimming with features such as having picture playback, video, a document reader and a flash player to name a few. Not only this but Cowon have made sure that these features don’t get in the way of what the Cowon is primarily for – to play music. They’ve loaded the device with a powerful battery that will give you 103 hours of music and 10 hours of video.


The Cowon X7 offers great value, at £199 for a generous 160GB of storage, and it has class leading file support to boot. A large screen, good battery life and superb sound quality also help to make this a real contender.Trusted Reviews


Sony NWZ-A866





The Sony NWZ-A866/A-867 models take a distinct leap in quality from former models. This player incorporates sophisticated features such as a responsive touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity. Excellence in sound has long been a top priority of Sony and the NWA-A866 is no exception to this. Using five unique Clear Audio Technologies and the S-Master MX digital amplifier to reduce noise and distortion, Sony exceeds the expectations of experts and audiophiles alike.


Sony has incorporated highly sophisticated specifications in the NWZ-A866 but has sensibly maintained a basic menu grid making navigation effortless. The touch screen is pleasingly efficient and responsive with a solid home button located at the bottom.
Though some of the features on the player are certainly periphery (Karaoke mode) the others are totally necessary.


The Bluetooth function allows you to seamlessly connect with other wireless devices such as wireless headphones, compatible speaker docks, car audio head units and other devices. Alongside the Bluetooth function, Sony has incorporated a variety of entertainment features.
To top it all off, the Sony is beautifully designed with a smooth user interface.


Our panel liked the drag-and-drop interface which freed them from the binds of iTunes, and the pitch and speed alteration modes, which would appeal to musicians.Trusted Reviews

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Get the Very Best From Your iPod/iPhone/iPad With The New Philips Micro Music System!

Fancy an ‘i’ dock music system which looks fierce?

Get the new Philips DCM3020/05 120 Watt Micro Music System for iPod/iPhone/iPad!

Philips look to create a micro sound system that caters for the entire range of apple ‘i’ devices. Dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad on this stunning looking system and fill your home with tunes directly from your gadget! The system will even charge your device while playing your tunes – dock, charge and play, it’s as simple as that! - read more about this product here

Crank up the volume and let’s party!

Philips DCM3020/05 120 Watt Micro Music System for iPod/iPhone/iPad - £169

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There always seems to be a problem with iTunes! Converting audio format advice is available though!

Every week our resident tech expert tackles a couple of problems our customers are facing. Get this advice first hand from our tech expert!  Feel free to leave us comments and more questions, yours could be answered next time around.

This week’s questions:

  • How can I convert my iTunes music in M4A format into MP3 so I can play it on a player that doesn’t support Apple’s music formats?
  • I’ve bought a set of Jaybird Sportsband 2 headphones to use with my old iPod Video, but I’m not sure of the adapter I would need for this iPod. Can you help?

How can I convert my iTunes music in M4A format into MP3 so I can play it on a player that doesn’t support Apple’s music formats?

Apple have published a guide on their support website to show how you can easily convert music from within iTunes into a range of other formats including MP3.


I’ve bought a set of Jaybird Sportsband 2 headphones to use with my old iPod Video, but I’m not sure of the adapter I would need for this iPod. Can you help?

With the iPod video you would need to use the Jaybird uSport adapter. This connects into the headphone jack of the iPod. The uSport will work with any iPod or MP3 player via the headphone jack.

For iPod Classic and iPod Nano owners, you can use the Jaybird iSport which would plug directly into the dock connector on the iPod, but it’s not supported by the Video.