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Box of Wonders

Cloud Media – Open Hour Chameleon 4K

Box of Wonders

Box of Wonders

Cloud Media may have their heads in the Heavens but their noses are firmly to the grind-stones as they produce yet another fantastic offering in the shape of the divine Open Hour Chameleon 4K.

Not content with simply offering media streaming solutions à la the Popcorn Hour range, Cloud Media are adding a few more cherubim to the choir, as it were.

Not only does the Open Hour Chameleon support 4K output for those of us with ultra hi-def TVs, but also features the ability to be used as a media player, a desktop computer and a games console.

The Open Hour Chameleon 4K comes with Android KitKat 4.4.2 installed out of the box, but Cloud Media plan to allow the user to be able to use up to 32GB SD cards from which to boot the OS of their choice, giving consumers huge flexibility.

This ‘box for everything’ looks to be the upcoming hot product for tech-savvy media consumers. Check out the Cloud Media website for details, and keep an eye out for release dates here on the blog and on our Facebook page.

Open Hour Chameleon 4K

Sunday Express_review

sWaP Rebel Watch: A Cool Gadget for the Summer!

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player with Camera

The sWaP Rebel Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player was in Sunday Express!

Listed as a “must have” this summer, the sWaP Rebel is a fantastic watch and mobile phone for all gadgets and tech lovers!

The sWaP is a rather unique addition to the mobile phone market and has lots of hidden features that will leave you startled, like the hidden camera, bluetooth compatibility, the FM radio and WAP! It is also open to most networks (other than 3). Thankfully sWaP included the Micro SD expansion as their on-board storage isn’t up to scratch with other devices, but this can be forgiven for it’s tiny size and spy-like design. No more bulging pockets with your mobile phone, mp3 player, wallet and keys, you will have a watch, a phone and an MP3 player round your wrist.

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player with Camera – £189

Also available on Advanced MP3 Players – Visit www.amp3.co.uk

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Grab your snack and your Popcorn Hour Media Streamer Now!

Transform your living room in to a Home Theater!

Popcorn Hour allows you to pull in digital video, audio and photos from various sources for your enjoyment on your HDTV!

Be prepared for new musical and cinema experiences with the award-winners Popcorn Hour (PCH). With these Fantastic Networked Media Tanks, you can stream or playback your digital media content from a variety of sources, such as your PC, NAS, digital camera, USB mass storage devices (Flash drive, HDD, DVD drive) ,  internal SATA HDD and even directly from the Internet via the Media Service Portal.

So relax, grab your snack and watch in streaming your favourite James Bond on your HD TV!

Choose your PCH and save money – AMP3 have two B-Grade Units discounted!

Popcorn Hour A-200 Networked Media Tank (B-Grade) – £149 / WAS £179 / Save £30

- full product description here -

Popcorn Hour A-110 HD Networked Media Tank (B Grade) – £139 / Was £199 / Save £60

- full product description here -

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All Your Digital Entertainment Desires Fulfilled by the Popbox!


Popbox – Digital Home Entertainment

If you are looking for an an incredibly simple way to play ALL of your digital content on your big screen TV, look no further!  Popcorn Hour have created a revolutionary and very cost effictive way to do just that!

The Popbox takes all your home videos, pictures, box-office films and music and makes it burst out your TV in up to Full HD!  The Popbox also has the added bonus of being able to connect to the Popbox Apps market!  This lets you access the internet’s most popular TV shows, videos, sports or any other digital content that’s out there!  This nifty little home theatre device can also play 3D content straight to your 3D TV, another nice touch from Popcorn Hour! 


Sit back on your sofa,  turn on the Popbox and get stuck into your favourite television programmes, you owe it to yourself! 


Available now at AMP3,
Only £139
-Click Here for more information-


Rebel from the standard with your New sWaP Rebel Mobile Phone Watch!

A New Gadget will soon land on Advanced MP3 Players’ World!

Be prepared for a tasty piece of technology : The sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player!

sWaP has developed an original product: it is a watch that can be used as Mobile Phone and Media Player. This tiny device is an absolute star: 1.46″ touch screen colour, bluetooth, 85 hours battery life, unique USB charging/data transfer point built into the strap.

This colourful device enables you to watch movies, listen to the radio, call friends and colleagues, transfer data from your desktop and much more. High quality and highly recommended!

Product soon available on ww.amp3.co.uk

- Keep an eye on the website -

What Do You Mean By “A Box That Does Pop”?

PopBox, the lattest born from The PopCorn Hour Family, is the perfect new Media Player for those who are looking for 3D experience at home!

Yes with the new PopBox, you finally have an incredibly simple way to play ALL of your own stored movies, home videos, pictures and music on your HDTV. Plus, with the PopBox Apps Market you can now easily access the internet’s most popular TV shows, videos, movies, sports, music and games on any HDTV in the house.

Let’s see what Andy thinks about it:

Popcorn Hour PopBox 3D – Digital Home Entertainment Media Player

Only £139 – available for pre-order NOW

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AMP3 Sleepover: The Arnova 10…The Extinction of the ‘Shanpad’

I bet you are sitting there wondering what a ‘product sleep over’ is!? Well not to fear you are about to find out!

Here at AMP3 we value giving our customers an informed, open and honest opinion. How can we give you the whole picture if our staff members haven’t had first-hand experience with the products we are offering you? Well now we can! We are encouraging our staff members to take home and trial products for themselves, and every day we will post up our results right here on our blog

Elliot, our Sales Supervisor managed to grab one of the few Arnovas available on the market and give us a brief on the product.

Archos Arnova 10 Sleepover Review


  • A solid choice if you want an Internet Tablet on a tight budget.
  • Quick enough to run most applications without a lag.
  • Features a large touch screen for easy typing and navigation (less eye-strain too we’d say).


  • The built quality is not quite as strong as the Archos 101 as the body is largely plastic rather than metal.
  • The lack of a stand at the back means you’d have to hold the player while watching movies so you can see the screen (or pick up a case with a stand to remedy this).


The Arnova 10 is highly recommended for people interested in the emerging tablet market without spending upwards of £300. Feature wise you can expect quite a full packet with lots of room to expand with downloadable apps from Android.
Full review follows…

Hi there – how are you doing? If you don’t mind I’d like to borrow a few moments of your time to talk a little bit about the Arnova 10 Internet Tablet.

So what is the Arnova 10? Well it’s a new tablet device from Archos and by all accounts we’re pretty lucky to have them in at the moment as Archos are still considering whether to mass produce them or not. Hopefully they see sense and get these out into circulation.

Now, many of you will already be pretty familiar with the current range of Archos Internet Tablets which are out at the moment as they’ve been very popular with both customers and reviewers. But what if you can’t justify spending that sort of money on a tablet player? Until now you were basically left with the iPad knock-offs and all of their little quirks (I’m half-seriously hoping the term ‘Shanpad’ takes off to describe these…). Wait…there’s a knock at the door…oh hello Arnova 10 – nice to meet you…

I’ve been tinkering with this player for several days now and really quite like what I’ve seen so far. The screen is large enough for my clumsy-fingered brethren at 10” and while it may not be a fancy capacitive touch screen, like its cousin the Archos 101, the resistive screens really is good. However, I would say that if you were watching a movie you might want to consider using ones of decent quality to stop them looking a bit stretched.

Internet browsing is very simple and pretty quick over WIFI and those extra screen inches really help when it comes to typing so you can easily take the office with you while out and about (there’s a myriad of apps available for most work needs). You’re also given 4GB of flash storage for your music and films with a handy slot for a memory card when you run out of space. Plus if you get bored of working, watching films or surfing the interwebs then there’s always the forward facing camera to play around with…and of course downloadable games such as Angry Birds et al.

I suppose the moral of this story is: Want a large screen tablet without having to stroll down the scary woods-at-midnight road of the Shanpad? Then seriously consider picking up an Arnova 10 (there is a 8” version) – it’s pretty swish.


Want to see more on this product? Check out its full features and specs at AMP3 – Click Here

Review by Elliot Holmes, Sales Supervisor

Shug at the GSL

Think Out of the Box with Syabas – Think PopBox!

This week, you may be among the 20,000 visitors at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham who went to the “PopBox Stand”!

In fact, this year, the PopBox – delicious media player developed by Syabas – is one of the hottest new technologies launched at the Gadget Show Live!

If you didn’t have the chance to attend this big event, relax: Advanced MP3 Players found a great video on Computer Active that shows off the PopBox!

Check out now this great video made by Computer Active and learn more about this fantastic new media player!

Available for pre-order from Advanced MP3 Players, the Popcorn Hour PopBox 3D – Digital Home Entertainment Media Player is priced at Only £139 !

- full product information here -


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BBC iPlayer said “Yes” to PopBox!

Happy days with BBC iPlayer and PopBox Media Player:

Popbox got certification for BBC iPlayer

Just before being launched in Europe next week at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham (stand G3), PopBox got the fantastic certification for BBC iPlayer!

You will be able to take full advantage of your new PopBox with this awesome app! The iPlayer app itself takes just a few seconds to download. Then you will enjoy any of your BBC favourite programs through your HD TV. Wow what an exciting time for all technology enthusiasts!

Keep an eye peeled on Advanced MP3 PLayers website, the PopBox will be soon available – from £139

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