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Clip Zip going from strength to strength and receives Editor’s Choice Award at TechGage

Clip ZipSansa Clip Zip

Not immediately associating SanDisk with brilliant little mp3 players is a forgivable mistake. SanDisk are mostly known for their global leadership in flash memory storage technologies. However, the Sansa range of budget mp3 players that SanDisk have produced have been positively received by reviewers and the great press keeps getting better. The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip model was recently featured in the Daily Star.


Technology website TechGage recently reviewed the Clip Zip and gave it an Editor’s Choice Award:

‘The current iPod shuffle 2GB retails for the same price as the Clip Zip 4GB, but it has no screen and is unable to have its storage upgraded. In that sense, Sansa is offering quite a compelling player here, and it’s become one of my favorites I’ve ever used. It’s so small that during a workout it’s not even noticed, and even if sweaty, it can still be navigated fine.’ TechGage


The Clip Zip is the latest Sansa mp3 player that incorporates extreme functionality with a basic style that makes it ideal for both exercise and casual listening. For a full review click here.


The Sansa Clip Zip is available from Advanced MP3 players for 4GB £39.99 8GB £46.72

Check it out

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clip zip black 100x100

Sansa Clip Zip has arrived! The very best of affordable MP3 players!



Clip Zip

Sansa Clip Zip



Get yours today here


Prepare for the arrival of Sansa’s latest product, the Clip Zip. They have done it again and made an enhanced version of the Clip+. This is an extremely affordable device with loads of features on it to keep you entertained. It is designed for the active user.
Physically clip your Clip Zip onto your clothes and enjoy the freedom the lightweight and compact MP3 player allows you to have. This newer model comes with a stopwatch feature to make timing your runs or exercise much easier.
It has a bigger 1.1” colour screen with a fantastic and vibrant display. There is also the option to expand the memory on your player with a microSDHC card. If the need may arise, you can record your thoughts or sounds on the built in voice recorder!


~Check back here for updates of when it arrives!~

Check out the Clip+

The Clip Zip 4GB will be availabel at £49.99

The Clip Zip 8GB will be available at £59.99





Friday’s Deal of the Day: Save £35 on The MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Table!

Today grab your new Internet Tablet at a very sweet price

Only £164 – Only at Advanced MP3 Players!

The Internet tablet market is growing, growing and growing some more. MT Electronics are one of the latest manufacturers to burst onto the scene. What do we think about it?

What’s Great? Price point, effective stylus makes interface easy to use, fast and powerful processor, built-in 2 megapixel webcam, standard HDMI video out, smooth Gsensor, expandable memory via the Micro SD Slot, Adobe flash support.
What needs Work? Casing not quite to the sleek standards set by the iPad, resistive interface


MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Tablet with HDMI output and Adobe Flash support – Only £164 (Was £199)

- full product description -

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Get Inspired by Your New Creative MP3 Players!

Fancy a new MP3 Players?

Advanced MP3 Players advise you one of the new Creative devices!

Creative #1:

This MP3 Player is small, compact and offers pocket-sized portability for your digital music collection. With up to 32 hours of playback time from one charge you won’t find yourself running out of power halfway through your journey which is always a benefit. There are some nice features on this player, like the FM radio for an alternative source of music, the easy file transfer process and nice calendar, contacts and alarm features. An impressive attraction is the ability to play with your EQ to get your perfect sound response.

For a pocket-able MP3 Player the Zen 300 is a nice choice with a fantastic value price point.

Creative Zen Style 300 8GB MP3 Player with FM Radio – £56.99

Creative #2:

It’s clear to see where the inspiration for this MP3 Player has come from, but that’s not a bad thing. The stylish Creative Zen M100 features a 1.4 Inch touch sensitive screen which is easy to use and navigate through the various menu options. This is a 8GB MP3 player but with the option of expanding your memory capacity by 32GB via a MicroSD card you could call it limitless. The Creative Zen M100 MP3 Player is stylish and affordable choice for someone who is looking for a compact and portable MP3 Player.

Creative ZEN Style M100 Touch 8GB MP3 Player Colour BLACK – £49.99

Creative #3:

The stylish Creative Zen M300 features a 1.4 Inch touch sensitive screen which is easy to use and navigate through the various menu options. The expandable memory alternative gives you up to 32GB extra capacity to play with, which is perfect for anyone with a larger than life digital media collection. By including an FM Radio and Bluetooth to the M300 model Creative have made an ideal companion for your daily commutes.

Creative ZEN Style M300 Touch 8GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth and FM Radio – £59.99

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Sunday Express_review

sWaP Rebel Watch: A Cool Gadget for the Summer!

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player with Camera

The sWaP Rebel Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player was in Sunday Express!

Listed as a “must have” this summer, the sWaP Rebel is a fantastic watch and mobile phone for all gadgets and tech lovers!

The sWaP is a rather unique addition to the mobile phone market and has lots of hidden features that will leave you startled, like the hidden camera, bluetooth compatibility, the FM radio and WAP! It is also open to most networks (other than 3). Thankfully sWaP included the Micro SD expansion as their on-board storage isn’t up to scratch with other devices, but this can be forgiven for it’s tiny size and spy-like design. No more bulging pockets with your mobile phone, mp3 player, wallet and keys, you will have a watch, a phone and an MP3 player round your wrist.

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player with Camera – £189

Also available on Advanced MP3 Players – Visit www.amp3.co.uk

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