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The FiiO M3 8GB MP3 Player - £49.00

FiiO Release firmware FW1.7 M3

FiiO have released firmware FW1.7 for their M3 8GB Portable High Resolution Music Player.
The FiiO M3 8GB MP3 Player - £49.00

The FiiO M3 8GB MP3 Player – £49.00

Head over to FiiO’s site for more details and to download the new firmware update:
The M3 8GB Portable High Resolution Music Player is FiiO’s most affordable MP3 player – available in a range of colours for £49.00.

Sony Walkman Roundup


The Sony NWZ-A15 (£159)


Sony have always been a big name in the portable audio world, and with the recent announcement at CES 2015 of their new Flagship player the NWZ-ZX2, Sony is really pulling out the big guns in order to push High Resolution audio.


The new NWZ-ZX2 won’t be available for some time unfortunately, but we have plenty of other Sony goodies to keep you busy until then. Read on for a roundup of Sony players now available at AMP3.


Sony NWZ-A15

The A15 was launched later last year and has proven hugely popular since it became available. The A15 is marketed as the ‘smallest and lightest’ High Resolution player on the market, and it certainly is very small; weighing in at a measly 66g you’re likely to forget that the player is in your pocket.


The A15 boasts an impressive 30 hour playback when listening to High Resolution files, and this jumps up to 50 hours when using plain old MP3s, meaning fewer charges and more time listening.


The player supports a multitude of file formats making it compatible with all the latest High Resolution download services. (Find Sony’s list of High Resolution download services here: http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/hi-res-audio-music-services)


The A15 is available with 16GB of internal memory and this is expandable via Micro SD card by up to 128GB. The player also features NFC and Bluetooth for easy pairing to your favourite Bluetooth speakers or earphones.


Head to the product page to get more info and pricing:

Sony NWZ-A15 16GB High-Resolution Walkman® – The Smallest and Lightest High-Res Audio Player


Sony NWZ-ZE585

The Sony ZE585 is Sony’s budget player, but don’t let that fool you – the ZE585 is still a great player.


The ZE585 ships with 16GB of storage, and boasts an impressive 77 hour battery life from a single charge. The ZE585 also features Sony’s ClearAudio+ software to optimise listening settings for each track and digital noise cancelling said to remove up to 98% of ambient sound so you can focus on the music.


Head over to the product page for more details:

Sony NWZE585 16GB MP3 Walkman Player with Video and Noise Cancelling


Sony NWZ-M504

Sony’s NWZ-M504 Walkman is a tiny MP3 player that has some interesting features.


Sony NWZ-M504 (£129)


The M504 has 8GB of internal memory allowing you to transfer about 1000 songs to the player, and will last for 15 hours of continuous music playback. It also features a tiny 0.9inch screen and Digital Noise Cancelling. Pretty standard issue stuff.


The interesting features come in to play when you hook the M504 up to your phone via NFC or Bluetooth. Not only can the M504 act as a headset for your smartphone, but you can wirelessly stream music and even enhance the sound quality as you do so – pretty neat for such a small player.


Head over to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-M504 8GB Walkman® with NFC & Bluetooth


Sony WS Series

The WS Series has been designed by Sony for people with active lifestyles.


NWS-WS Series - available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

NWS-WS Series – available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

The WS Series combine in ear wireless headphones and a light-weight mp3 player to allow freedom of movement whilst on the go.


The WS Series can be controlled by buttons on either earpiece or wirelessly with the included compact ring remote, allowing you to change tracks easily when you need a little extra motivation in the gym.


The players are waterproof making the WS Series perfect for use in the pool or other fresh water sports.
Add to this a lightning fast 3 minute charge (up to 60 minutes playback) and the ability to connect your smartphone or other device via NFC and Bluetooth and you truly have a very versatile MP3 player perfect for those with active lifestyles.


Head to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-WS615 Waterproof 16GB WS Series Sports MP3 Walkman


There we have it, all the newest Sony players available at AMP3. Keep your eyes glued to our Facebook page and the blog for updates on Sony’s NWZ-ZX2!


Head over to the Sony section of our store for more Sony products:

AMP3′s Sony Store


Amp3 introduces the a-Jays One+ headphones. Multifunctional, modern, minimal.

one+a-Jays  One+

~ £39.99 ~

a-Jays  One+ are new in to Advanced MP3 Players and come with a subtly incorporated in-line mic and button. Advancing on the original a-Jays One model with award winning sound and tangle-free cord, the a-Jays One+ now enables the user to make and receive phone calls. Another benefit, exclusive to Android users, is the Jays Headset Control App which gives the additional functions of controlling volume and track selection from the button too.

Quality of the product is top priority for all Jays models and this is certainly evident in these. They retain the immensely satisfying tangle-free cable by using a flat design as opposed to the standard round design. This kind of innovation usually comes with a compromise to quality but with the a-Jays One+ they enjoy a pristine sound.
Helping to produce this sound are the silicone ear buds which passively reduce ambient noise by creating a seal in your ear. By shutting out the outside world you reap the full benefit of the 8.6mm dynamic speaker. The sound is good with nice warm bass to keep all your tracks company. Importantly this applies to the clarity of sound when taking calls which, like your music, is crystal clear.

For more information click here.


pre order



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Amp3 expecting arrival of X mini KAI. X mi’s latest Bluetooth enabled device

X mini KAI capsule speaker

Arriving soon


Here at Amp3 we are very aware of the sheer power packed into the X mini capsule speaker range. They bring maximum noise to a minimum size. With every model that comes out X mi expertly fine tune their models to bring a better quality of sound to the same speaker. With the X mini II they advanced on their already clear sound to make it even clearer; with the X mini RAVE they brought us FM radio without increasing the size of the product or compromising battery life.

All these additions are well and good but perhaps a little boring. There is only so far an X mini can go without it repeating itself. The new X mini KAI capsule speaker transcends any muted expectations and enters the connected world of wireless Bluetooth.

By connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled media device you can both control your music and volume through the toggle at the base of the device and remotely through your phone or MP3 player. Connecting your device is effortless and rids you of the hassle of cables.

Not only is this a sophisticated upgrade but it immediately gives the KAI speaker serious purpose beyond that of producing clear and loud sound. The built in microphone transforms the KAI from being a speaker to a purpose built hub for conference calls. A double advantage in that it can be used for social purposes and professional. The speaker’s capacity for sheer volume coupled with X mi’s sharp focus on quality means calls are received loud and clear.

Retaining the standard 3.5mm jack the KAI will still connect to your MP3 player via this cable. Though most MP3 players and phones are equipped with a wireless function, this is still crucial in connecting multiple X mini speakers through the innovative Buddy Jack. Using the Buddy Jack option you can connect multiple X mini speakers to maximise sound. By connecting a KAI model you can control the entire fleet of speakers wirelessly.

Though the X mini KAI capsule speaker is priced significantly higher than previous models the functionality of this particular model far exceeds the expectations of this price point.

The KAI will be available shortly from Advanced MP3 Players for £69.

Check back here for regular updates on its arrival.


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The SoundMagic E10s get an Editor’s Choice award at anythingbutipod.com


I can really recommend the Soundmagic E10 if one’s looking for a natural, dynamic, non-fatiguing sound signature. They provide honest, effortless reproduction of audio material. To me, that is more important in the long run than them being initially ‘exciting’ in one aspect or another. The E10 are definitely worth their money, and then some’. Anythingbutipod


Anythingbutipod is the first port of call for any kind of informed tech discussion or review. Certainly these guys know what they are talking about which makes this Editor’s Choice accolade all the more distinguished.
The review is testament to the quality design and function of the E10 headphones. This particular model is Advanced MP3 Players fastest ever selling headphones positioning it solidly at the top of our headphones ranking.


For a full product description click here.



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RegHardware editor's choice

RegHardware features 5 Amp3 products in their latest round-up! See them here.


SP51PMEE SP51P headphones


Register Hardware Include 5 Advanced MP3 Player Headphones in Their Latest Review Round-Up


An impressive total of 5 Advanced MP3 Player headphones were featured in the latest Register Hardware Top Ten Earphones for Mobiles round-up. The experts over at Register Hardware have listed the best earphones with microphones to use with your mobile and unsurprisingly half of the featured products are stocked by Advanced MP3 Players. Check out the full product round-up here.


a-Jays Four



This model from a-Jays has an impressive noise isolating capacity and a 3 button remote and microphone and voice control. The stylish flat cable makes tangling less frequent and the headphones perform most impressively in voice frequency ranges.

‘The overall sound is very good, delivering a punchy bass and a slightly more pronounced midrange – which seems appropriate for a headset that claims to be “optimised for voice”.’ RegHardware
Rated: 80%


MEElectronics SP51P



MEE have incorporated a sound tuning ability for these headphones. A lot of earphones built with a microphone function have a sound preference that suits midranges to accommodate the sole sound of a voice when taking a call. The SP51P model lets you change the sound to suit the music, device or simply your own personal preference.

‘[…] the output is commendable and the adjustable soundscape is a feature I’d like to see implemented in more headsets.’ RegHardware Rated: 70%

Phonak Audeo 112



These headphones are made with comfort and sound reproduction as a priority with the ability to take calls as an added bonus. Like the SP51P model the Audeo Phonak headphones use filters to allow you to tailor the sound of your music.

‘Noise isolation is good too and the built-in microphone performs well – there’s a multifunction control button for smartphones too.’ RegHardware

RegHardware recommendedRegister Hardware Recommended and rated: 90%

Sennheiser MM30i



Made specifically for the latest Apple models the MM30i has an in-line remote that lets you control everything from volume to voice control with minimal effort. The sound is as typically the case with Sennheiser bass heavy, but high quality. Passive noise isolation is a welcomed feature.

‘Small and basic but bloomin’ marvellous, these Sennheisers are a great choice for any iPhone user seeking a budget headset with a lot of oomph.’ RegHardware

Register Hardware Editor’s Choice and rated: 90%


Skullcandy FIX


It’s all in the name with these headphones. Designed to fit securely in the ear, Skullcandy market these headphones as a pair to suit the active user. The sound is well rounded leaning toward a bass sound with the friction free cable reducing distortion.

‘The earbuds are a comfortable firm fit that isolate noise well enough to hear the music and not so much that you could wander into oncoming traffic. Oh, just like it says on the tin, they stay in place too.’ RegHardware Rated: 70%

Click here to see our full range of headphones.

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hood bud 100x100

The innovative Hoodie Buddie has arrived! Pre order now!





The Hoodie Buddie has ARRIVED

Pre order here!

This cool idea brings together headphones and clothing, curing your listening experience from tangled up earphones!
The hoody uses HB3Technology. Inside the front pocket is a headphone jack that you can plug in to most MP3 Players. It links to the headphones which are located in the hoody and emerge from the end of the hood’s drawstrings. Perfect positioning for your ears.
Your headphones are always available hanging handily on either side of your head. What is more handy is there is no disconnecting needed for when the time comes to throw your Hoodie Buddie in the wash.
Just chuck it in the washing machine with your other clothes and at the end of the cycle will be a perfectly functioning but much fresher Hoodie Buddie for you to enjoy.


Pre order!






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T3 Magazine recommends 7 Amp3 products in ‘The Guide’





In October’s issue of T3 Magazine, an impressive 7 Advanced MP3 Player products were recommended in ‘The Guide’ section.

The expert reviewers at T3 were wowed by our products ranking them amongst the best in their field. In over half the cases the products topped the chart!

Take a look at the products that were featured below. We’re telling you they’re the best, T3 is telling you they’re the best, now decide for yourself.



In-Ear Headphones Category

Sennheiser IE8

ie8RANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


Shure SE315

ShureRANK: 4

RATED: 4/5


On Ear Headphones Category

AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphones


RATED: 4/5


BlackBox M10

M10RANK: 4

RATED: 4/5


JayBird Sportsband 2

Sportsband2RANK: 5

RATED: 4/5


Music Streamers Category


Sonos Play:5

Play:5RANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


HiFi Systems Category


Denon Ceol

Denon CeolRANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


Find full product descriptions here


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Tablet Stand

UPDATE: NOW IN STOCK Breffo Spiderpodium – Gadget Seen on The Apprentice!

Advanced MP3 Players is delighted to inform you that two new Trendy Gadgets by Breffo have arrived!


Spiderpodiums are NOW IN STOCK.



Gadgets As Seen On the Apprentice!

A multi-award winning gadget grip and docking station for Smartphones, Camera’s, MP3 Players, SatNav Units and much more! Portable, lightweight, and packs flat, Spiderpodium is the ultimate travel companion.

Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Gadget Grip and Travel Dock As Seen on The Apprentice (Black) – £14.99


Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Flexible Tablet Stand (Black) – £19.99


Spiderpodiums NOW IN STOCK.


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New In Stock: The Slim and Sleek Archos 20C Vision!

Add style and simplicity to your life:

Enjoy the new Archos 20C!

The 20C has great potential for anyone looking to pick up a player without breaking the bank! It’s stylish design and touch interface is a neat feature. Breaking free from any dedicated upload software, such as iTunes, Archos give you ease of file transfer with a drag and drop interface. 12 Hours of playback time from a lightweight and pock-sized player is great for work and your commutes. Other features include an adjustable EQ, photo and video playback and an FM radio. Great little player for the price-point!


ARCHOS 20C Vision 8GB MP3 Player with FM Radio – £52

- Find out more at www.amp3.co.uk –