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Friday’s Deal of the Day: Save £35 on The MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Table!

Today grab your new Internet Tablet at a very sweet price

Only £164 – Only at Advanced MP3 Players!

The Internet tablet market is growing, growing and growing some more. MT Electronics are one of the latest manufacturers to burst onto the scene. What do we think about it?

What’s Great? Price point, effective stylus makes interface easy to use, fast and powerful processor, built-in 2 megapixel webcam, standard HDMI video out, smooth Gsensor, expandable memory via the Micro SD Slot, Adobe flash support.
What needs Work? Casing not quite to the sleek standards set by the iPad, resistive interface


MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Tablet with HDMI output and Adobe Flash support – Only £164 (Was £199)

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Value against luxury! MT Electronics up for the scrap with an iPad?

MT Electronics Mini Image

Putting a ‘basic’, or as some may call ‘cheap’, tablet up against the likes of an iPad is never going to be pretty.  Surprisingly this pup has one or two little surprises hidden within its rubberised casing.  It’s a good battle but there’s no doubt in my mind which tablet is king, the iPad runs the show but the MT Electronics tablet gives us something to think about if we are budget conscious!

Positives: Having flash support is a godsend, Fast processing of web pages and menu navigation, Audio output is impressive, HDMI out, astonishing price point,

The bad: Personally I prefer the capacitive touch screen to this resistive one, camera could be of better quality, hopefully firmware upgrades will allow for a step up to honeycomb OS!

Verdict:If you are not ready to part with a huge amount of cash for the luxury iPad and don’t mind using a stylus I can see no fault with this device.  Internet browsing is made easy.  Its fast, powerful, has expandable memory, an in-built camera and a bagful of other pleasing features.  While the resolution is not High definition and the touch screen is resistive rather than capacitive, for the £199 price point this can be forgiven!  A great value Internet tablet, just don’t expect an iPad in disguise!

Full Review

I’d like to start this product review with some images of the brand new MT electronics Internet tablet, its clearly not as flashy as the sophisticated iPad but really if we are comparing devices that are opposite ends of the market what are we to expect.

Box Looks basic, but who needs a flashy box! Inside is the much needed charger, a set of ‘Apple Like’ earphones and a USB cable

Listening to Mr Eric Clapton via the YouTube app was a pleasure!

Turning the Tablet round seemed to cause an initial problem for the app…It soon sorted itself out!

Super fast web browsing was impressive.  Images and text appeared very crisp.

The connections are clearly labelled and all are very responsive.

Before i continue with the review my dog wouldn’t let me rest until she had her moment in front of the camera….

Slightly off topic…..but onwards with the review!

Initial impressions

Pressing down that little power button gave me a nice shock, the tablet starts up very quickly and immediately jumps to the home screen.  Unlocking it I instantly noticed the difference that the resistive touch screen makes.  I fiddled around with it and got it unlocked though, it was only here that I remembered this device has a handy stylus included.  Using the stylus makes using the interface more enjoyable and a much more pleasant experience.  I did find however, perhaps due to my clumsiness, that I entered menus I never meant to enter when trying to simply scroll through the list of options.  It takes a little getting used to but after a minute or two I had everything under control.  I was however impressed at the speed in which the menus changed, no wait time – always a Brucey bonus! I also like when devices can immediately adapt their screen to suit the different viewing angles and the Gsensor in the MT Electronics tablet copes well.

It’s all about speed.

One of our team has had this device before and they commented on the speed in which this device operates and I have no quibbles here.  This tablet certainly does have fantastic speed when loading up websites and navigating through the various menus.   I challenged the MT electronics to a speed test with my iPhone, they both were connected to my wireless home network and set the challenge of loading up our home page, who would win?  Both looked like they would load up the quickest at some stage in the loading process however, it may be marginal but the MT electronics Tablet did seem to be fully loaded before my iPhone was finished loading.

I tested the camera on this tablet and wasn’t that impressed, but I suppose that you are hardly going to be taking any iconic pictures with your internet tablet!  It’s fine for internet calls and instant messaging.  Audio is important to me, I love good bit of music so I thought I would test this out.  I connected the tablet to some simple 2.1 speakers at my desktop.  I have to say, the tablet has done itself justice.  Audio output was good enough to have me nodding my head along to the explosive AC/DC and TNT!


While it’s by no means a world beater, by no means an iPad replacement, it is however, an excellent value budget alternative.  Sleek design? Nope, simple design.  It does what it does, and it does it well.  With bagsful of features and functions including HDMI out, Android 2.2 and flash support for £199 it’s a great buy.

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