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The FiiO X3 2nd Gen, X5 2nd Gen and X7 players can be used to improve audio played through your PC.

FiiO X3 2nd Generation Player Coming Soon to AMP3!

FiiO has introduced its highly anticipated new player, the X3 2nd generation and fans will be happy to hear that the all new X3 2nd Generation Player will be coming to AMP3 soon!

X3 (5)

The New X3 2nd gen. features an all-new digital audio architecture with dual crystal oscillators and ‘audiophile-grade architecture and components’. Whilst we’re not entirely sure what constitutes as ‘audiophile-grade architecture’, we are excited about improved USB DAC functionality and native DSD support.


On top of all this FiiO have designed a new UI and have promised the X3 2nd gen. will have better than ever build-quality. The player offers support for up to 128GB micro SD cards and features a coax/line-out, headphone output and micro USB port.

Watch this space!


Head over to the product page on AMP3 to get more details and pricing:


FiiO X3 All New 2nd Gen High Resolution Digital Audio Player


Cowon D3 selected as Best Buy in Which? Magazine! Read more here.


Cowon D3 32GB




The Cowon D3 has been selected as a Which? Magazine Best Buy MP3 Player in this month’s Test Lab. See the full feature here.


The D3 is a luxury media player that delivers the highest quality from the highest formats out there. To begin with, the screen is a 3.7” AMOLED. It presents sharp and well defined images and videos that will have you totally captivated by its HD quality. The magic of AMOLED is that each individual pixel produces its own light instead of the more common back light option often found in similar devices.



As is expected with Cowon products the D3 comes with the Cowon Jet Effect 3.0 & BBE+. Cowon are known experts in producing stunning sound quality. The Jet Effect 3.0 & BBE+ technology takes poorer quality audio files and makes them great and takes good quality files and makes them fantastic. Not only this, Cowon are very aware that everyone has different musical tastes and expectations. That’s why they have incorporated many different musical profiles for you to choose from. Adjust the D3 to be the media player you want it to be.


Other features include Bluetooth connectivity and a Gsensor that responds to the angles you are holding the D3 at. For an easy to use and high performing player, the D3 is an excellent choice as supported by Which? Magazine.


The 32GB is available for £279 from Advanced MP3 Players.


buy now

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Trusted Reviews Finalist

Sony NWZ-A866 and Cowon X7 make final cut at Trusted Reviews Awards!


The prestigious Trusted Reviews Awards winners have been announced and at Advanced MP3 Players we are delighted to report that two products reached the final stages of selection. In the Portable Media Player of the Year Award both the Cowon X7 and Sony NWZ A866 were runners up losing to the Apple iPod 4th generation. Public voting took place to establish a shortlist of finalists for every award. It was then down to the experts at Trusted Reviews to determine the winners of each category. The X7 and NWZ-A866 are not unfamiliar at Trusted Reviews having both received glowing reports previous to the awards.

The X7 and NWZ-A866 didn’t go down without a fight and certainly provided the grounds for a seriously ‘tough competition’. Read why below.


Cowon X7




Cowon are a brand synonymous with quality sound where this level of high fidelity playback is a rarity amongst players at a similar price point. It would be an understatement to say Cowon take sound seriously. What makes them unique however is Cowon appreciate that sound is different for every listener. What might sound brilliant to one person may sound horrendous to another. That’s why Cowon have included 35 pre-set music profiles to suit a vast amount of musical tastes.

The player is absolutely brimming with features such as having picture playback, video, a document reader and a flash player to name a few. Not only this but Cowon have made sure that these features don’t get in the way of what the Cowon is primarily for – to play music. They’ve loaded the device with a powerful battery that will give you 103 hours of music and 10 hours of video.


The Cowon X7 offers great value, at £199 for a generous 160GB of storage, and it has class leading file support to boot. A large screen, good battery life and superb sound quality also help to make this a real contender.Trusted Reviews


Sony NWZ-A866





The Sony NWZ-A866/A-867 models take a distinct leap in quality from former models. This player incorporates sophisticated features such as a responsive touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity. Excellence in sound has long been a top priority of Sony and the NWA-A866 is no exception to this. Using five unique Clear Audio Technologies and the S-Master MX digital amplifier to reduce noise and distortion, Sony exceeds the expectations of experts and audiophiles alike.


Sony has incorporated highly sophisticated specifications in the NWZ-A866 but has sensibly maintained a basic menu grid making navigation effortless. The touch screen is pleasingly efficient and responsive with a solid home button located at the bottom.
Though some of the features on the player are certainly periphery (Karaoke mode) the others are totally necessary.


The Bluetooth function allows you to seamlessly connect with other wireless devices such as wireless headphones, compatible speaker docks, car audio head units and other devices. Alongside the Bluetooth function, Sony has incorporated a variety of entertainment features.
To top it all off, the Sony is beautifully designed with a smooth user interface.


Our panel liked the drag-and-drop interface which freed them from the binds of iTunes, and the pitch and speed alteration modes, which would appeal to musicians.Trusted Reviews

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Cowon J3 – exceeding expectations in sound, video and design.

J3Cowon J3


Cowon J3 32GB MP3 Player


~ £169 ~


“All the core strengths of the Cowon S9 are still in place, including superb sound and excellent video quality, while the addition of a memory expansion slot and improved battery life are very welcome. The wholly unexpected and unheralded appearance of support for H.264 video and AAC audio now makes the J3 one of the best PMPs on the market.” RegHardware




Cowon are a brand known for excellence in sound. The J3 both embodies this reputation and exceeds it. Winning the prestigious redDot Design Award in 2010, this award added to a long list of accolades for Cowon.


Using the BBE+ audio architecture the J3 is capable of making poor quality audio files shine while bringing out the best in the better files. This MP3 player is not only capable of delivering unwavering quality of sound it can also play high quality videos. The individual pixels in the 3.3” AMOLED screen produce their own light meaning the on screen picture changes more fluidly than on an LCD screen.


Delivering what the consumer wants, Cowon listened to customer feedback and updated the J3 to include expandable memory. Add an SD card and build on the memory the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models can already hold.


Click here for images, video and a full product description.



Why not become a Facebook fan today as well? Click the image below and receive exclusive offers from Advanced MP3 Players just for clicking the ‘like’ button.



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New iAudio10 takes home top design award at the Good Design Awards, Japan

Cowon iAudio10



New Cowon iAudio10 takes home top design award at Good Design Award presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


Cowon’s latest MP3 player has been creating quite a stir in the tech world. All new Cowon products are awaited with baited breath as the experts in sound improve upon already excellent products.

Now, to add to the anticipation, the iAudio10 has landed the Audiovisual Device Award at one of the world’s top four design awards ceremonies.  The sublime iAudio10 has been expertly crafted to blend ergonomic and aesthetic appeals. The contemporary form is skilfully shaped and balanced to sit comfortably in the hand’s natural grip.


Amp3’s very own Elliot has written a comprehensive review which you can read here. Cowon continue to improve upon an excellent product base that includes the S9 – the winner of the 2009 iF Design award.


Nam-Kyu Park, CEO of Cowon, had this to say following the iAudio10 award:

With this award, Cowon’s excellence in product design and UI [user interface] has once again received international recognition. We will strengthen the image of our brand in the international market even more by continuing to introduce new products that set themselves apart in their design and satisfies the sensibility of the consumer.


The iAudio10 will be available for pre-order shortly at the following prices: 8GB £99, 16GB £119 & 32GB £149

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anythingbutipod put the Cowon D3 to the test. See how it did here!


Cowon D3



The amp section in the D3 is very well performing, as usual for Cowon players. It shows no background hiss with even the most efficient IEMs (except for the BBE issue described above, which seems to be a software issue, not hardware), it has very low output impedance and drives finicky multi-armature IEMs with crossovers properly.anythingbutipod.com

The Cowon D3 has had a thorough grilling by the guys over at anythingbutipod. Every detail, every feature, every aspect of the D3 has been expertly scrutinised by the specialist critics and you can read the full review here.


The Cowon D3 is an impressive little device that boasts an array of high performing features. The HD quality playback will keep you glued to the screen for hours on end. High quality entertainment is  synonymous with Cowon products and this D3 is nothing but high quality. Enjoy hours of entertainment whether it be listening to high fidelity music or browsing the internet.


See how the  Cowon D3 fared with anythingbutipod here.

Click here for a full product description



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Cowon C2: “This is one of – if not the – Best-Sounding Digital Media Player We’ve Heard”

IT Reviews loved the Cowon C2:

“best-sounding digital media player we’ve heard”

The Cowon C2 is the new born from Cowon. Sleek and neat MP3 Player, with the C2 all that matters is audio perfection! The C2 picks up where its predecessor left of and takes things a step further. The stunning design leaves nothing you wanting of nothing. It’s lightweight, is jam packed with neat features and is home to some finely tuned kit that delivers a fantastic audio experience. AMP3 recommended without a doubt! (click here for more information on the product)

IT Review explains:

“Everything from hard rock to drum and bass to classical sounded fantastic on the C2, and for audiophiles this would surely be one of the most satisfying experiences around.”

“Users who will take advantage of some of its massive range of features and superb audio will find it to be one of the most versatile and best performing devices of its type.” (read the full review here)

Cowon C2 16GB MP3 Player with Expandable Memory – £139

(8GB – £109)

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Archos 35 Tested and Loved by Tech Made Easy! Check Out its Great Review!

The Archos 35 is nifty little gadget for unique digital experience!

If you’re looking for an Android Tablet, the 35 isn’t for you. This time, Archos have decided to develop a dedicated digital media playing gadget! This is without a doubt an excellent all round portable media player. Tech Made Easy tested and reviewed it for you:

Overall: 8.5/10

“We like it for its originality”

“It’s clear that the Vision is designed purely as a media playback device, which is fine; some people don’t want a device that keeps them connected to the rest of the world or allows them to play the latest games.  They just want a media player. Fortunately, the 35 Vision can fill this role, and fill it well.”

“This leads us on nicely to battery life. Archos quote the battery as being good for 14 hours of music, 5 hours of SD video or 3 hours of HD video.”

“If you accept the 35 Vision for what it is, a basic personal media player, then it does offer great value for money.

Please the full review here

ARCHOS 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output – Only £89




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Comfort, simplicity and style, don’t miss this hot new MP3 Player from Archos

Archos’ latest innovation: this modern portable media player has an easy-to-use touch screen and stylish button control interface which facilitate your browsing!

With Vision in your hands, you will have many opportunities:

  1. Listen to your favourite songs
  2. Turn up the radio
  3. watch your videos and photos

No more boring bus journey, say bye to complex touch screen MP3 Players. With Vision, look further!

ARCHOS 24B Vision 8GB with FM MP3 Player – £62.99

Comfort, simplicity and style, don’t miss this hot new MP3 Player – already available at AMP3!

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Cowon J3 – The Perfect Match For Those Who Care About Audio Quality!

Cowon J3 – the new words to use when you want to describe “astonishing audio quality”

Trusted Reviews have recently tested the Cowon J3. Once again audio quality seems to be Cowon J3′s top quality:

“Excellent sound quality and now-rare audio recording features make the Cowon J3 a top buy for sound quality enthusiasts.

“Pros: Superb sound quality, Excellent EQ, Clear AMOLED display.”

The Cowon is also impressively light and therefore its fits easily in your pocket when you’re on the go:

“Our first impression on picking up the device was how light and insubstantial it feels (…) – just 76g”

- read the full review here – The Cowon J3 is a perfect portable media player for all audio enthusiasts. With stunning its touch screen, long life battery and fantastic videos capabilities, you will love your Cowon J3.

Check its availability here – from £159.

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