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SoundScience QSB Portable Speakers for Only £19.99



If you’re looking for a nice little stocking filler for the audio enthusiast in your life – or even yourself – then we highly recommend checking out these USB powered speakers.


They’re a great way of improving the sound from your laptop or PC as they act as an external soundcard and have a rated output of 30W so pack some decent punch. They even come with a handy carry case so you can bring them with you on the move.


Not only are these speakers reduced to £19.99, we’re also offering free standard UK shipping if you enter code ‘HOHOSNOW’ on the checkout page.


Simply plug in, press play then sit back and enjoy.


Take a look at them here.



QSB speakers featured in TechRadar top 10 portable speakers of 2012! Read more here

QSBSoundScience QSB desktop speakers



Ideal for those either working away or wanting something substantial, this 30W two-cube system is heavy duty and highly accomplished.TechRadar


To read the full TechRadar review click the image below.


The QSB speakers are some of the best desktop speakers around. They pack serious sonic punch with crisp sound and impressive bass. The QSBs deliver maximum volume from minimum input. They connect to your laptop or PC via USB port and source their power from this connection too.


With minimum cables and a compact size not far exceeding the size of your hand, these speakers offer some of the best portable sound around. Coming with a handy carry case, the QSB speakers slot neatly in place making them easy to pop in a bag.


Check it out


If You Are Looking For Quality Speakers For Your Computer, Try The QSB Made by SoundScience!

Hands on the QSB: Gizmodo France is telling you their first impressions:

“Guarantee of quality, despite their small size, these speakers are relatively dense and have gold plated connectors on the back.”

“They are directly working via USB cable – no power required, “plug and play system”. The cables provide 2.5W per cube.”

” The QSB benefit from a revolutionary technology@: the NXT DyadUSB. It provides 15W per channel audio while limiting consumption to 2.5W. The power proposed here is equivalent to 30W – difficult to verify this announcement without laboratory – , but a thing is certain: despite their small size, the sound blows you away! ”

“Small size, sleek design, sound quality and easy to use, the QSB largely seduced the editorial team.” (read the full review here)

The QSB can be purchased online (next working day delivery) on Advanced MP3 Players

- Click here for more information –


A La Recherche d’Une Solution Sonore de Qualité Peu Encombrante et Qui Allie Sobriété et Puissance?

Si vous cherchez des mini-enceintes de qualité pour votre ordinateur, optez pour les QSB de chez SoundScience!

GIZMODO France vous raconte comment se sont deroulés leurs tests et vous donnent leur impressions:

“Gage de qualité, malgré leur petite taille, les enceintes sont assez denses et présentent des connectiques plaquées or à l’arrière.”

“C’est le câble USB qui alimente automatiquement le système sonore, pas de batterie, pas de piles, un simple connecteur USB suffit à fournir les 2.5W nécessaires par module.”

“Les QSB bénéficient d’une technologie révolutionnaire baptisée NXT DyadUSB qui permet d’obtenir 15W par canal audio tout en limitant la consommation à 2.5W. La puissance proposée ici est donc équivalente à 30W, une puissance annoncée difficilement vérifiable sans laboratoire, mais une chose est certaine : malgré leur petite taille, le son décoiffe !”

“Avec leur encombrement réduit, leur design sobre et classe, leur facilité et leur qualité sonore, les QSB de SoundScience auront largement séduit la rédaction.”

Ces mini enceintes sont en vente chez Advanced MP3 Players

- Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations -

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Burton newspapers

This Weekend What Will You Offer Your Dad? Burton Mail Suggests You the QSB Speakers!

Don’t forget your dad this weekend!

Offer him little gems for his day!

Burton Mail had the chance to test the QSB Speakers. Impressed by these two little gems, they decided to recommend them in their Father’s Day Gifts Guide 2011!

“The two tiny little boxes give out a frankly astonishing amount of sound without any loss of quality and their power definitely belies their diminutive physical size.”

“If your dad wants to save space without compromising on sound quality then these great little speakers are just the thing.” (Read the full review here)

Click here for more information about the QSB speakers

Available on www.amp3.co.uk from £89.99

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Hurry, Free Shipping on the SoundScience QSB Speakers Ends Wednesday!

You would love to have the new QSB Speakers…

So let’s order them before Wednesday and Advanced MP3 Players is offering you free UK delivery on this product!

“Fantastic sound quality, at home, in your hotel or on the move; it is difficult to imagine anything better than this amazing little package.” (Hi-Fi World – printed magazine)

“This kit frees the user from the mains power point, making it a great choice for people who need good sound on the road.” (ComputerActive)

“QSB’s are a real engineering masterpiece, quashing those preconceptions.” (Technology and Gadget News)

SoundScience QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology - £89.99


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One of our QSB Speakers reviews is currently top of Google!

I am glossy, I sound terrific, I am unique and I am loved by reviewers…

… Yes that’s correct: I am the QSB Speakers developed by Sound Science!

Technology and Gadgets News have recently reviewed these two little beauties and its review is currently top of Google News. You can’t miss them!

“QSB 30W HiFi speakers deliver sweet sound with a powerful base and unbelievably are powered directly from your computer through just the one USB cable.

“QSB’s are a real engineering masterpiece, quashing those preconceptions.” (read the full review here)

SoundScience QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology -£89

And today AMP3 suggest you to buy your pair with a discount coupon – click here to discover the deal!

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