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What HiFi budget earphone round-up! See what Amp3 headphones made the cut!

What HiFi Magazine have compiled a top budget headphones round-up and featured in it were a handful of Advanced MP3 Player headphones. The round-up looked at a variety of headphones that were each of excellent quality. The headphones featured in the round up included the below.


SoundMagic E10



Rated: 5/5

Simply but stylishly designed the E10s boast more in the way of sound than in appearance – and rightly so. The E10s have received heaps of praise and it doesn’t stop here. Their superior sound  (that is more akin to earphones double this price point) is powerful and suits a variety of music types.


Jays a-Jays Four

a jays 4


Rated: 4/5

These are perfect everyday earphones that combine the portability and functionality well. They are a light set that boast a flat cable that won’t tangle. The sound is well defined and open. The in-line button control is a lovely touch that cuts the a-Jays Four a distinct edge in this round-up.


Skullcandy 50/50



Rated: 3/5

The recognisable skull emblazoned on all Skullcandy products identifies their quality make and individual aesthetic. These 50/50 earphones show typical preference for bass but also boast a dynamic sound.


thinksound TS02





The TS02 headphones are great and warm sounding headphones that won’t leave you feeling guilty about the environment. They have a wood housing which give their warmth in sound and are made from consciously selected materials from sustainable sources. A clear sound and a clear conscience.

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The Gadget Show rates Shure SE535s 4Gs! Read more here

Shure SE535Shure SE535 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones

~ £319 ~

Shure SE535s – RATED: 4Gs from The Gadget Show!


The experts from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show have put together a very selective in-ear round up. Only three headphones were chose for the round-up, one of which were the Shure SE535 noise isolating in-ear earphones.


These are premium earphones that earned their way on to the Gadget Show’s round-up. Their sound-isolating merits were praised by Jason, a tech expert presenter from the show. He described their sound as, “great, [with] well rounded quality.”




Shure earphones are known for their high fidelity sound and these headphones certainly have this. The SE535s have a preference for bass which The Gadget Show acknowledged stating it as “very full.” So if it’s bass that you’re after, get yourself a pair of Shure SE535s!


The sound of the Shure’s might be bassy but it also has a lot of space. Having incorporated both a driver and a tweeter in each of the headphones Shure have packed these earphones with quality technology that delivers pristine sound. They are designed as over-ear earphones to keep cables out of your way. The earbuds create a seal around the ear giving them their noise-isolating quality and also provides a comfortable fit thanks to the optimized nozzle.


These earphones are excellent performers but come with quite the price tag. Rest assured though with Kevlar casing for the cable and a gold-plated MMCX Connector, the Shure’s are worth every penny.


The Gadget Show awarded the Shure SE535s a massive (but well deserved) 4/5 G rating!


For more information click here.

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Amp3 introduces the a-Jays One+ headphones. Multifunctional, modern, minimal.

one+a-Jays  One+

~ £39.99 ~

a-Jays  One+ are new in to Advanced MP3 Players and come with a subtly incorporated in-line mic and button. Advancing on the original a-Jays One model with award winning sound and tangle-free cord, the a-Jays One+ now enables the user to make and receive phone calls. Another benefit, exclusive to Android users, is the Jays Headset Control App which gives the additional functions of controlling volume and track selection from the button too.

Quality of the product is top priority for all Jays models and this is certainly evident in these. They retain the immensely satisfying tangle-free cable by using a flat design as opposed to the standard round design. This kind of innovation usually comes with a compromise to quality but with the a-Jays One+ they enjoy a pristine sound.
Helping to produce this sound are the silicone ear buds which passively reduce ambient noise by creating a seal in your ear. By shutting out the outside world you reap the full benefit of the 8.6mm dynamic speaker. The sound is good with nice warm bass to keep all your tracks company. Importantly this applies to the clarity of sound when taking calls which, like your music, is crystal clear.

For more information click here.


pre order



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Exclusive Facebook deal! 10% off NuForce Icon iDo when you become a Facebook fan!

NuForce Icon iDo


**The NuForce Icon iDo is on special offer for one week only through an exclusive Facebook deal. Until Monday 24 October you get a generous 10% off the Icon iDo amp.**


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About the iDo

The NuForce Icon iDo is here to solve all of your audiophile woes and breathes life into those digital files that aren’t living up to their full potential in your Apple device. Credit to Apple, their range of mp3 players are stunning works of design and function but this is no consolation to audiophiles who expect a higher standard of sound from such a high quality mp3 player. With Apple, ‘high quality’ doesn’t translate as ‘specialist’ which is why many people are left disappointed.

This is where the iDo comes in. Apple stores the original high quality digital file on its mp3 players easily but the problem is with their in-built digital to audio converter.  Their converter is where the quality wanes and becomes that less than special sound. What the iDo does is goes into the device and bypasses this converter extracting the original high quality file giving back the studio quality sound it is capable of producing.


It might sound a little complicated but the solution is simple. The iDo gives you the quality of sound that belongs to your digital file without the need for a high-end, specialist mp3 player.


Save yourself 10% on an iDo by becoming an Amp3 Facebook fan. Check out the page here:


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The Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones have arrived. Pre order to guarantee supreme sound.

DenonDenon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

The Denon DN-HP1000 headphones have arrived and are ready to pre-order.

Denon are a brand that take music production seriously. State of the art products are what Denon specialise in producing and for a real sonic adventure look no further than the Denon DN-HP1000 headphones.


With large 53mm drivers these headphones know how to bring you serious sound. That would be a massive 1700mWatts of pure power to each ear cup. Denon have managed to bring incredible volume to these headphones and the DN-HP1000s boast a flawless delivery. Expect zero distortion when bringing high fidelity to your listening experience.


Not only does Denon set the sonic bar for all other headphones but it recognises the necessity for functionality and comfort in quality headphones. These headphones have a swivel function at the ear cup to increase flexibility and decreases risk of breakage through use specifically by DJs.

The headband is generously padded as are the ear cups and will conform to all head sizes. It also folds up for ease of transportation.


To top it all off, the headphones are pretty stylish too. They incorporate real stainless steel that when coupled with the black create a neat yet stylish finish.

~Read the full product description here~




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Are You More Red/Black or Silver/Black? The Bicoloured SoundMAGIC E10 Arrive in AMP3!

The E10 are SoundMAGIC new flagship headphones!

Meanwhile these new in-ear headphones, let’s have a look at Head-Fi Forum:

“The sound signature of E10 is balanced with a mild U-shaped frequency response, forward but not rich, quick, energetic and dynamic with a fairly strong bass. Bass reaches down deep to sub-bass and hit with good impact, almost to a point of being bass dominant.” (Head-Fi – read the full review here).

The SoundMAGIC E10 is a beautifully finished in-ear sound isolating earphone made from brushed metal in a choice of four vibrant colours. The E10’s internal acoustic design follows on from the massively popular PL11, but with some serious improvements both to aesthetics and sound.

The new SoundMAGIC range is available soon on Advanced MP3 Players - from £19

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Looking for Sound Quality and Affordable Headphones? Think MEElectronics!

MEElectronics are expert in sound and high quality and their headphones have with a secret: surprising prices!

MEElectronics is still a brand new in the UK. They offer unique headphones which sound amazing and are very affordable. Discover this brand by picking up one of their models currently discounted: the SP-51only £29.99!

The SP51 sound preference in-ear headphone allows you to tune the sound to fit your preference with the simple change of the tuning ports. Switch from pounding bass to a relaxing neutral sound or onto a fun sound with a little enhanced bass any time you want without splashing our for three different headphones!

Try them now and share your experience on Facebook

MEElectronics SP51 Sound Preference In-Ear Headphone with Sound Tuning – Now £29.99 / Was £39.99

Check MEElectronics range: click here



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