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FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones - £129.00

FX Sport VRX Wireless Sports Headphones Now in Stock


The new FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sports Headphones have now hit the virtual shelves at AMP3.


FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones - £129.00

FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones – £129.00

The new and improved VRX Wireless Sports Headphones feature a built-in 8GB waterproof MP3 Player and are perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

The VRX headphones are lightweight and comfortable, are sweat/rainproof and offer full waterproof usage with a silicon skin case (sold separately) meaning you can even take your headphones swimming.FXSPORTVRXE1L

The most intriguing feature of the VRX Smart Sports Headphones however, is that users can create and upload workouts and training sessions. Pre-prepared workouts are available from the free FX-Sport Workout Store – weight training, circuit training, marathon programmes, swimming sessions – the VRX can run you through all these exercises and more with professionally constructed training sessions.

The VRX Headphones are also available in Red

The VRX Headphones are also available in Red

Not only this, but you can also upload the voices and workouts from real world-class personal trainers and coaches, offering a ‘one-to-one’ experience. Now there’s no excuse for missing your workout.


The VRX Smart Sports Headphones are available at AMP3 for £129.00:

FX Sport VRX Wireless Sports Headphones

Sony NWZ-W262: Finally the perfect MP3 player for sports?


Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB


The athlete who enjoys listening to their own music while exercising will be all too aware of the challenges in selecting the ‘right’ MP3 player and headphones. Before exercise even commences we fight a battle in trying to choose the perfect combination of MP3 player and headphones. The market is full of sports specific headphones and MP3 players but where you find one that is of quality standard the other might be significantly poorer in performance. For example, the iPod shuffle may be ideal in size and capacity but its headphones are distinctly lacking in the gym worthy stakes.

There is little else more frustrating than reaching the end of your run and inspired by good music and a rush of endorphins you push the last minute to a sprint, only to find you’ve tugged the headphones from your ears and attention is stolen from trying to beat your personal best to not tripping over the dangling wires.

So is there a shortcut to a perfect MP3 player and headphone combination? Sony seems to think so with their sports Walkman model the Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB.

This model keeps things simple. Wires get in the way, so the NWZ-W262 doesn’t have them. MP3 players are often too bulky, so Sony incorporated the player into the headphones. Sweat makes the earphones come out, so the NWZ-W262 is sweat proof and secure. This is a bold concept but is equally as intuitive; one of those “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.

The battery life is another winning feature. If you’re in a rush and have typically forgotten to charge the battery the NWZ-W262 will give you approximately half an hour of run time from only 3 minutes of charge. From 90 minutes you’ll get 8 hours. Sony also use the simple ‘drag and drop’ form of file transfer letting you put your music on the player with the ability to arrange it into playlists.

The headphones themselves boast a clear and powerful sound that even offer a comfortable fit. The innovative sweat proof design will also protect against rain and snow – you can even give them a wash under some running water after those particularly exertive training sessions.

So if you’re tired of searching the market for the perfect MP3 player and headphones for exercise, look no further than the Sony NWZ-W262.


For a full product description and list of specifications click here.


Buy now

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An often over looked Gem – Tiger Eyes Review by Andy Gordon

An often over looked Gem – Tiger Eyes

With Bluetooth so often getting the nod for people choice of Smartphone headset, its often easy to overlook some of the other options out there.

Not so BestBuy in the states.

Recognising the booming demand for Smartphone accessories, Best Buy have taken the exclusive option on the new Tiger Eye model.

Yes, the consumer, who has recognised for a long time that the biggest drawback to the iPod/iPhone were appalling headphones supplied in the box, has started to reach out for luxury earphones that also double up as a wired headset. The best of both worlds.

Shure for a good while now have offered their mic connection to allow their headphones to also have a microphone for this purpose, but what if I was to tell you that actually for not a huge amount more than that cable accessory, you could get a cracking set of earphones with mic in built, that sound as good as the Shure SE210 product if not better??

Yes Tiger Eyes is this product.

The 8mm Titanium drivers provide suitable punch for your Eye of the Tiger work out song, while allowing you to hear your friends, family, or customers in full stereo, with staggering clarity.

Bass response is sold and crisp, the level of definition is truly impressive, for something sub £100, let alone the mere £69 Jaybird are asking.

And I’m not alone in thinking this; check out the review on JAMM.

Now in addition to the mic they also let you control your music, and volume, meaning the iPhone/iPod or other smartphone can remain in your pocket, armband or bag.

In keeping with their development with the US triathlon team, they are also sweet and perspiration resistant, and have a lifetime guarantee to back up this claim. Like old car speakers the speaker diaphragms can determinate over time, especially if introduced to sweat – hence the titanium coating! Clever stuff indeed!

Seems as if Best Buy has the march on this product. Might explain why, with 2700 stores worldwide they are the largest CE retailer it he world

Review By Andy Gordon.

AMP3 Product Sleepover: Sportsband 2 – A Runners Red Revolution!

I bet you are sitting there wondering what a ‘product sleep over’ is!?  Well not to fear you are about to find out!

Here at AMP3 we value giving our customers an informed, open and honest opinion.  How can we give you the whole picture if our staff members haven’t had first hand experience with the products we are offering you?  Well now we can!  We are encouraging our staff members to take home and trial products for themselves, and everyday we will post up our results right here on our blog!

This week, our Accounts Manager, Zach gets some hands on time with the Jaybird Sportsband 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Sportsband 2 – A Runners Red Revolution

Pros: Easy to connect, Wire-free, exceptional sound quality with deep bass and crisp trebles,  crystal clear calls, hook them up to two devices, music and call control on the headset, stylish, Life changing in terms of how you exercise!

Cons: If you can find one let me know, I cant see past these!

Verdict: I’m pretty pleased with my purchase. Not only have they changed the way I exercise, but they’ve allowed me to enjoy my music at the same time. In addition to everything else, they are light and comfortable to wear for extended periods and no matter how hard you train, they are guaranteed to be sweat resistant, so no more excuses, get a pair and get running!

Full Review

I’ve never been much of a runner, mainly because the thought of spending an hour on the treadmill bores me to insanity, however…after being inadvertently signed up for the Edinburgh half-marathon,  it was inevitable that I would have to do some running at some point. But how would I motivate myself to run those long 13.1 miles…cue a motivational play-list on my Nokia music phone, held securely on my arm with a made to measure Nokia case, and my newly acquired Jaybird Sportsband 2 Bluetooth Headphones (in a very appropriately named Runner’s Red colour).

I can’t remember using the Bluetooth function on my phone before, but in the blink of an eye phone and headphones were effortlessly signing to each other…completely wirelessly!

Now I have done a few short sessions on the treadmill in the past, helped along with music and some wired ‘sports earphones’ and that’s the first difference right there. You really don’t realise just how annoying running with wired headphones is until the wires are gone. No more clipping wires to your shirt, no more stuffing wires down your back and out your sleeve and most importantly of all no more yanking the earphones out your ears during a spirited sprint finish!

The advantages don’t stop there!  Not only can you say hello to wire-free music, you’ll also be pleased to hear that you can say a very big hello to exceptional sound quality…no really!  They may not look like they are going to dazzle you with deep bass and rich treble, but get ready for a very pleasant surprise. And there’s more! The sportsbands also have a built in microphone, which, when connected (wirelessly) to you mobile phone allows you to receive crystal clear calls at the touch of a button.  But what if you are using some other bluetooth enabled music device, how will you hear your phone ringing I hear you ask? Step forward the sportsbands penultimate party piece. These clever little headphones get round this little dilemma by allowing you to connect them to two bluetooth devices…at the same time. So you can be reading an e-book on you iPad while listening to the melodic tones of Mozart and at the touch of a button can answer a call, to let the Mrs know that you’ll be home soon and that you like your steak medium ;-)

Back to the training though…the sportsbands final party piece lets you control your music device without having to take it out of your pocket. Stylishly incorporated onto the side of the right side headphone are controls for skipping tracks, forward and back and volume controls…yes you guessed it, up and down.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m pretty pleased with my purchase. Not only have they changed the way I exercise, but they’ve allowed me to enjoy my music at the same time. In addition to everything else, they are light and comfortable to wear for extended periods and no matter how hard you train, they are guaranteed to be sweat resistant, so no more excuses, get a pair and get running!

  Want to see more on this product? Check out its full features and specs at AMP3 – Click Here

 Review by Zach Welensky – Accounts Manager


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