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SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers: blast your workspace with some serious sound!

QSBSoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers


The design is clean and simple – all that was required was a union with my laptop’s USB port. Recognised immediately by Windows – the QSB sprang into life with a balanced, powerful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, while the edgy tones of Glasvegas echoed with the sonic sharpness of shattered glass.’ The Scotsman


What HiFi RATED 5/5 Read full review here



Here at Advanced MP3 Players we are no strangers to big things coming in small packages. This saying certainly rings true when it comes to the SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers. These SoundScience QSB speakers are clever little things in that they charge using only the power from your laptop or PC. You enjoy big sound from small speakers that don’t even need to be plugged in to a power socket.  A huge advantage if you wish to save space on your desk by reducing the clutter that comes with cables.
The QSB speakers themselves are neat packages of excellent sound engineering. They measure 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm but have the power of 30 watts. SoundScience have incorporated DyadUSB technology which is a revolutionary piece of kit that enables a 15W per channel audio burst all from only 2.5W of electrical power. This unique technology has been made by the best for the best.
As seen above the SoundScience QSB speakers have been well received by expert critics and definitely exceed their price point of £89.99. Their sound is big and certainly loud enough to get the whole office listening. If you’re after quality of sound and more than enough volume for your work space the QSB speakers are definitely the way to go.


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Cyber Clean – An Amazing Gadget-Cleaning Abilities!

With your new Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty Zip Bag

Say Goodbye to dust particles, dead skin and bacteria on your electronic devices!

The Scotsman tried and reviewed this new gadget:

“From a carpet of hair and skin fragments nestling between the buttons of your keyboard, to a remote control that looks like it’s been greased for a round of sumo wrestling, gadgets can become quite grotty.”

“Cyber Clean comes in a little Ziploc bag that proclaims its amazing gadget-cleaning abilities – “Press it on and the dirt is gone!” and “Proven to kill 99.999 per cent of germs”.”

“It works relatively well, although bear in mind that hardened keyboard grime may need deeper excavations.” (full review here)

Read more about this product here

Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty – 75g Foil Zip Bag – £5.99 / WAS £6.95

Other cleaning product available:

Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty – 145g Standard Cup – Only £4.90 (Was £6.95)

Read more about it here

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Be Up To Date With the Scotsman’s Gadget Reviews! Today Read About sWaP Rebel and Elonex 10in eTouch Blade!

Did you know that the Scotsman has a Gadget Review Section?

In April, the sWaP Rebel Mobile Phone Watch was reviewed. This is the most innovative Mobile Phone ever created. Available in five colours, the design is eye-catching. With this new gadget, you will be able to make calls, to transfer data from your PC to your watch and vice-versa. Check out your pictures and watch funny TV series on the colour touch screen.  A fun gadget highly recommended this summer!

“the sWaP Rebel is a fine example of geek fashion and deserves its place on Inspector Gadget’s wrist.” The Scotsman (Read the full review here).

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player – £189

Available soon

In May the Elonex 10in eTouch Blade Wi-Fi Internet Tablet was reviewed. Launched at Gadget Show Live in Birmingham this new tablet is an excellent compromise for those who are not willing to splash out on an iPad.

“The Blade is a bit like a low budget movie that unexpectedly turns into a box office hit. The iPad still has a superior screen and it doesn’t rival the build quality of the Samsung Tab. However, for half the price of its rivals, it’s sure to fly off the shelves.” The Scotsman (Read the full review here).

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – Android 2.2 Froyo Internet Tablet with 10″ Screen Built-in Wifi and HDMI Output – £179

- full product description here -


This Gadget Column is a great way to read good reviews and to keep an eye on the gadget’s world.

Keep an eye on the website

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