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What HiFi budget earphone round-up! See what Amp3 headphones made the cut!

What HiFi Magazine have compiled a top budget headphones round-up and featured in it were a handful of Advanced MP3 Player headphones. The round-up looked at a variety of headphones that were each of excellent quality. The headphones featured in the round up included the below.


SoundMagic E10



Rated: 5/5

Simply but stylishly designed the E10s boast more in the way of sound than in appearance – and rightly so. The E10s have received heaps of praise and it doesn’t stop here. Their superior sound  (that is more akin to earphones double this price point) is powerful and suits a variety of music types.


Jays a-Jays Four

a jays 4


Rated: 4/5

These are perfect everyday earphones that combine the portability and functionality well. They are a light set that boast a flat cable that won’t tangle. The sound is well defined and open. The in-line button control is a lovely touch that cuts the a-Jays Four a distinct edge in this round-up.


Skullcandy 50/50



Rated: 3/5

The recognisable skull emblazoned on all Skullcandy products identifies their quality make and individual aesthetic. These 50/50 earphones show typical preference for bass but also boast a dynamic sound.


thinksound TS02





The TS02 headphones are great and warm sounding headphones that won’t leave you feeling guilty about the environment. They have a wood housing which give their warmth in sound and are made from consciously selected materials from sustainable sources. A clear sound and a clear conscience.

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Gizmodo France give thinksound TS02s great review

thinksound TS02


Even if they can not be 100% ecological, Thinksound went as far as possible to meet environmental requirements.Gizmodo France read full review here


The thinksound TS02 headphones have been given a glowing review by the experts at Gizmodo. thinksound are masters of blending great sound with minimal environmental impact. In an age where everything is made from all types of plastics and metals this is quite a hard feat. Yet thinksound have managed and delivered exceptional sounding headphones while they were at it.


Not many reviewers champion the ecological efforts of thinksound – simply, reviewers are there to review the earphones’ capacity for pumping out the sounds they’ve promised to deliver. Yet, Gizmodo see this as a winning factor: ‘Also they look environmentally friendly is not just a single value. These headphones also offer excellent quality.’ (Translation).


The TS02s are warm sounding earphones made with a dedication to the environment. Get your clear sounding earphones and keep a clear conscience.
Thinksound offers excellent value for money especially if they are adding their part green, frankly rare on this type of product. We applaud just for the use of sustainable materials and recyclable.’ Gizmodo France


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thinksound TS02 headphones get the green light from the BBC winning 4/5 stars!


TS02 headphones


With mic £54.99


The TS02 headphones from thinksound have cultivated a seriously credible reputation for themselves amongst the UK’s tech experts.  Their most recent fan being the BBC who recently rated the headphones a massive 4/5 stars.
Potentially the world’s greenest headphones the TS02s already have a lot to boast about. Their eco-friendly credentials set the headphones apart from the competition, where no other headphones boast the same shallow carbon footprint and solidly impressive sound reproduction capabilities.
The wooden housing provides the basis for their trademark warm and earthy bass notes. The reduced speaker diameter adds an acoustic dynamic to the impressive soundstage.
For a clear sound and clear conscience, look no further than the TS02 headphones.


check it out

ts02 bag

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thinksound TS02s featured in Mail on Sunday! Check it out.

TS02 Mail on SundayThinksound TS02 featured in InDemand section of Mail on Sunday

The impressive eco credentials that thinksound boast have been acknowledged by the country’s most read Sunday newspaper.

The TS02 headphones deserve all the credit they get. Being top in the class for eco credentials they are also top in the class for sound reproduction.

The wooden housing allows for strong bass to compliment your listening experience as it should. As well as providing excellent bass, they tick all the other boxes delivering transparent mids and clear highs.


Let’s go green.

thinksound are ambassadors of the green movement and drive this belief forward through the production of their responsibly made headphones. All products are made with real wood from renewable sources and minimal volumes of plastic using PVC free wires. The packaging is made from bleach-free recycled cardboard and eliminates the common plastic pieces normally associated with headphone packaging.

Even the cable design which they specify is free of polyvinyl chloride, is demonstrative of Thinksound’s full attention to making their product as eco-friendly as possible.  For this reason, when I use the TS02 and introduce them to friends, I feel a certain distinguished pride which I only experience with Thinksound’s products.David Mahler, Head-Fi.org


Get yourself a pair of these today for only £49.99. There is also opportunity to upgrade to the TS02+mic enabling you to take phone calls through your headphones for £54.99.


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Thinksound TS02 Headphones Great Sound You Can Talk About!

Thinksound in the news 13/03/2011 – 21/03/2011

Thinksound is a developing Brand in the UK and are already in the spotlight thanks to its unique ts02 in-ear headphones – the flagship of the brand. Made with real wood, this model creates a more natural resonance and unparalleled accoustics. They simply sounds incredible! Every day more and more audiophiles experience them and convert themselves to Thinksound!

Have a look at thinksound ts02 best reviews to date:

CNET Audiophiliac – Steve Guttenberg
“bass was rendered with real precision, so every note’s attack and pitch was never in doubt.”

Macworld Magazine (print)
“a great headset with a beautiful design, a warm and relaxed sound, a great microphone, and a unique emphasis on environmentalism.”

Stereophile – Stephen Mejias
“I’ve learned to enjoy music in a new way…it is easy to love and keeps me listening to my music.” “The ts02 is certainly among the most enjoyable in-ear models I’ve heard”

thinksound TS02 In Ear Wooden Headphones + Mic
Available Now at www.amp3.co.uk
at £59 (WAS £64.99)

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