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Holiday Season Soon! Bring on the Noise Free Travel Experience!

Noise Cancelling Headphones 1, Babies Screaming 0!

That’s right, I’m already getting in the holiday mood, and with my holiday coming ever closer I can almost taste my first holiday beer and feel the warm summer sun radiate around me as I partake in a much needed annual break.  Are you going abroad? Getting on a plane?  No matter where I go I always seem to be sat two seats from a couple with a new born.  Don’t get me wrong babies are cute, but on a 5 Hour + flight the screams do become a little…well…tedious to say the least.

This year though, babies screaming, the rowdy party a couple of seats back and even the general noise of the plane won’t be an irritation to me!  I’m investing in some noise cancelling headphones!

If noise cancelling headphones are a new concept to you, it really is time you were brought into the light!  With active noise cancellation, headphones you can cut out almost all external noise interference, be it a screaming baby, or even the other half – If it is the other half, don’t let on, just insist the headphones are to stop the baby screams interrupting your travel enjoyment!

So with the opportunity to simply indulge in my favourite ACDC album without any extra noise interference, the only thing there is to do is to point me in the direction of some great noise cancelling headphones.  Over-ear or In-Ear the choice is entirely yours, I can see me forking out for either the NC600s from Denon or the ATH-ANC3 from Audio Technica and if I can pull the cash together up the stakes with the Sonys MDR-NC500 or Denons AH-NC800s!

On that note, I’ll leave you to ponder on the new audio world of Active Noise Cancellation


Denon AH-NC600 Noise Cancelling Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-ANC3 In-Ear Headphones Sony MDR-NC500 Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones Denon AH-NC800 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

AMP3 Product Sleepover: EXTREMELY LOUD! Andrea Trials the X-mini Happy!

I bet you are sitting there wondering what a ‘product sleep over’ is!?  Well not to fear you are about to find out!

Here at AMP3 we value giving our customers an informed, open and honest opinion.  How can we give you the whole picture if our staff members haven’t had first-hand experience with the products we are offering you?  Well now we can!  We are encouraging our staff members to take home and trial products for themselves, and every day we will post up our results right here on our blog!

This week, our Key Accountant Andrea is blown away by the Xmini Happy!  Can she talk over the immense sound this little capsule speaker produces?

Video Review Guide – Xmini Happy

Pros: Unbelievably loud, drop and drag file transfer, retractable audio cable enables connection to any 3.5mm line out connector, perfect for festivals, holidays and a get-away, 12 hours music playback when played through MP3 Player.

Cons: Only 5 hours battery life if playing music direct from SD card

Verdict: Well I’m suitably impressed with the X-mini Happy Capsule Speaker, it has most definitely lived up to the ‘Sound Beyond Size’ label that comes with it.  Recommended? I would have to say yes! It really is the perfect travel companion. The Happy gives you an unlimited source of music wherever you are via SD card or any other device with a 3.5mm audio out port!  The battery lasts up to 12 hours and the volume is more than enough for to fill any room you are staying in – you might even get told to turn it down!


Want to see more on this product? Check out its full features and specs at AMP3 – Click Here

Review by Andrea Keir - Key Accountant




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