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In-depth review of Cowon Z2 has arrived from Amp3! Elliot puts the hotly anticipated Z2 through its paces.

Cowon Z2


£259 32GB

£219 16GB


The best way to describe the looks of the Cowon Z2 is to imagine that the Cowon J3 has had a baby with the Nokia Lumia 800 as the two look very similarRead Elliot’s full review here.


After what has been a period of intense testing, our very own, Elliot, has put the Cowon Z2 through its paces. The hotly anticipated Z2 device boasts the amazing sound quality that Cowon is renowned for. The video is presented on an AMOLED screen delivering high quality and crisp images when both still and moving.


Cowon typically produce high functioning devices with an aesthetic to match. They already have a long list of design awards and the Z2 has already done its part in contributing to it – winning the prestigious Japan Good Design Award 2012.


For more information on the Cowon Z2 click here.


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