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New HiFiMan player coming to Amp3 – the HM700


HiFiMan HM700 will be hitting Amp3 in the next 4-5 weeks and just in time for Christmas.

This little player joins the ranks of audiophile super players at Amp3 and supports most lossless formats and boasts a 15 hour battery life!

With a new and unique balanced output design the HM700 has DOUBLE the output power.

Not only have HiFiMan invested in the top tech for this new player, they’ve also invested in top design. The HM700 is sculpted unlike any other player and competes as a stylish alternative to the usual clunky offerings of other high-end players.

Pricing and details available shortly! Keep your eye on the blog and website!


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Try our new Co-buy deals – spread the word and save more money!


For your chance to make mega savings on some of our best products check out our Amp3 co-buying page.

How it works: the more people that buy the featured product, the cheaper it gets.

Mega X-mini savings coming Monday! 


 You’re not limited to the products that are featured either, there’s even an option to choose the product you want most discounted. The product with the most votes then gets put up for co-buying. People power!

Check it out here! 


Coming Soon: iBasso DX50 DAC!

Next in line to join the Amp3 DAP players is the new iBasso DX50. This is another audiophile grade player to join the ranks of the AK100 and FiiO X3. Pitted in the middle pricewise the DX50 has serious qualities to boast about.

Fitted, like the AK100 and X3, with a Wolfson 8740 DAC you know this player means business. The bass, midrange and treble rangers all perform brilliantly offering highly detailed playback of music.

As with recent trends it wouldn’t be a true DAP without a Wolfson DAC which is housed in neat yet quirky brushed metal housing. In this respect, the DX50 certainly delivers.

Keep your eye on the blog, Facebook page and website for news on the arrival date for the next exciting thing at Amp3!



Everything you need in sports headphones: enter the new range of Yurbuds!

Yurbuds Inspire Range

From £25

Here at Amp3 we enjoy our fitness gadgets. We’ve got everything from underwater headphones, wireless headphones, sweat-resistant headphones and now we’ve got a range of yurbuds sports headphones.

This range of headphones was developed by long time triathletes and marathon runners Seth Burgett and Richard Daniels. The story is simple: sick of unreliable headphones Burgett developed the award winning idea for custom-fitted headphones while training for an Ironman 70.3 triathlon.

Check out this motivational video of the yurbuds in action!

After extensive research and user feedback the unique FlexSoft and TwistLock technologies were developed which ensure a secure fit and long-lasting comfort. The two go hand in hand so whether you’re using them for a short stint at the gym or on the 26th mile of a marathon – the yurbuds will remain securely in-ear and as comfortable as when you first popped them in.

Too many sports headphones currently on the market lack the features or functionality that are key to the needs of runners and athletes. With the yurbuds it’s obvious these are sports headphones designed by athletes for athletes. With features such as resistance to sweat and water; ambient noise awareness so you can still hear traffic; secure fit and comfort as well as exceptional sound quality these headphones do the job plus much more.

Grab a set from us today choosing from the Inspire for Women range or the Focus range.



CordCruncher Deliver Customisable Headphones That Won’t Tangle


That’s right! You read it correctly – there’s yet another new product coming to Amp3 HQ!

To add to the growing list of things to get crazy excited about we’ve got a product that is, quite simply, keeping it real. The CordCruncher! No technological wonderment, no pioneering the next revolutionary way we listen to music and certainly none of this impedance, FLAC and frequency response jargon to dizzy our perception of what an mp3 player or headphones actually do. Instead, we’ve got the mercifully simple but wonderfully innovative CordCruncher.


I see you, CordCruncher!

A set of headphones that come in an extremely exciting array of colours that promises not to tangle. Who’da thunkit?! Tangled wires are the age old headphone problem each and every one of us has been plagued by. Unlike with other headphones, where problem solving and patience have been pushed to the brink, the CordCruncher relieves us of this knotted nightmare by simply, not getting knotted.

This ingenuity comes in the form of an elasticated rubber tube that saves us this tangled misery and grants us a cable extension. Yes, you simply pull the Cordcruncher headphones from the top and the jack from the bottom and you’ve got a set of headphones stretching to 3.5 feet!



Now here is the really exciting bit. With hot pink, electric blue, ecstatic green and well, standard black to choose from it would be a crying shame to pigeonhole such perfectly pigmented CordCruncher headphones as just headphones. Luckily for us, THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. With the ability to secure the jack into the other end of the elasticated tube (where the ‘phones are at) you create a loop. Voila! Saturday night’s accessory strife is sorted by the CordCruncher. Wear it as a necklace, wristband or headband and ascend the ranks of ironic accessory hierarchy faster than you can say ‘hipster’.

CordCruncher, coming to a catwalk near you



From humble beginnings came Moxytronix. Established in Nevada, Las Vegas and born out of ‘creative chaos’ these guys set out to eliminate ‘daily inconveniences and frustrations that are often taken for granted’ – according to their website. From this chaos and with a little help from friends and a Kickstarter campaign, came the CordCruncher.



These headphones do their job well, relieve us of pesky cable knots and will soon be personally recommended as an accessory must-have by Anna Wintour (really, it’s only a matter of time). So what’s not to love?! Nothing.

Saturday night CordCruncher chic

Watch out for them on the website!


The future of headphones? New Sony MDR-10RBTs blaze ahead of the game


*Coming soon to Amp3*

At Amp3 we are giddily expecting the arrival of the new Sony MDR-10RBT headphones. These sleek, savvy and sound worthy headphones are sure to excite your aural senses. Sony are pioneers in tech and their incorporation of NFC technology might not be totally unique but the quality in which they do so is. Remember the first Bluetooth headphones out there? The sound crackled like your grandparents’ wireless if not within inches of the Bluetooth source. Now look where we are, with the likes of Jaybird you get 30 feet of distance while still maintaining impeccable sound quality.

Sony are the same for both Bluetooth and NFC connections. NFC enables an easy one click connection for instant listening. Listen to music without preparing to pair up like you would a NASA space shuttle launch. No trying to figure out where your Bluetooth is located, no draining the battery and no setting up – just click and play. It’s simple and easy and you reap great rewards.

Aural rewards. Packed with a 40mm neodymium driver you’ll not only hear everything, you’ll feel feel everything and experience the music as it’s meant to be heard. The Sony  MDR-10RBT headphones deliver across the spectrum offering deep-bass, rich mid-levels and electric high-ends.

Due to a sensibly sealed design, there’s not outside noise pollution – just you and the music.

We’re expecting these in shortly so keep your eyes on the website.



Brand new Sony NWZ-F886 packs it all in and delivers a serious punch

Sony NWZ-F886

Sony have never disappointed with their lines of music and media players. Always punching way above the standard of midrange offerings currently on the market Sony have consistently delivered incredible sound from incredible players.

The new Sony NWZ-F886 is no exception. This is a multifunctional player built for people who love music. Audiophiles will delight in such a beautiful unit capable of FLAC and Apple lossless formats while still maintaining an easy user interface and quality features to boast about. When it comes to audiophile music players it’s not often that you get a player with good memory space, a decent user interface and outstanding features. But with the Sony, you get this and more.

The Sony NWZ-F886 manages to incorporate all of this and pull it off exquisitely. Some of the main features are an inbuilt S-Master HX Digital Amplifier for added volume, digital noise cancelling capabilities and one-touch listening via NFC. There’s connection to the Google Play store and ability to download Android apps for a social side too.

We’re expecting the Sony NWZ-F886 at Amp3 very soon so keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for updates! For now, have a gander at the Sony site for further info.



Luxe appeal wins Hi-Fi Choice badge of honour for the Astell & Kern AK120

Astell & Kern AK120 - The Ultimate Portable Hi-Fi Audio System with MQS (Mastering Quality Sound)Astell & Kern AK120



Wow, they really loved the AK120 at Hi-Fi Choice magazine. Not only did this high fidelity player receive a double page spread, a front cover feature, a 5/5 star rating – it also got the coveted Hi-Fi Choice Recommended seal of approval!

To to state the obvious, that’s pretty impressive but it’s not to say we expected any less from this smooth operator. From the brushed metal allure to the outrageous sound engineering, the AK120 rightly deserves this lathering of praise from Hi-Fi Choice.

It is impossible to deny the sound and the luxe appeal of the AK120.’ Hi-Fi Choice

For more information and to see exactly what makes the Astell & Kern amazing, click here.



The exo2 StormWalker 2 heated jacket – a lesson in survival.

exo StormWalker 2


Though it pains me to say it, summer is almost over. Autumn is on our doorstep and as we brace ourselves for winter’s cruel icy hand to snatch away the rest of summer, we turn our thoughts to winter wardrobes. Now, this blog post is far from a lecture about patterns, cuts, shapes and styles better suited to the pages of Vogue – it’s a blog about survival.

In a country that boasts barely distinguishable seasons this might not seem like such a worry. “Ach, the old parka will do another year” you say. Well good luck to you.

Lest we forget the great snowfall of 2010 or indeed the incapacitating blanket of icy whiteness of last year. These unusual snowy cold snaps render a country incapable of basic operation. Public transport comes to a standstill. Nobody leaves the house. Schools shut. Cabin fever sets in and we curse our incapacity to survive normal winter weather.

So how do we prepare for this? If our local councils and governments won’t commit to the right infrastructures to cope with this weather then we must do so for ourselves, at least.

With the exo range of heated garments we can ensure that despite the bitter climate, we can rely on outdoor gear that will go the extra mile to keep us warm and cosy. Enveloped in an exo jacket, gloves and shoes, we too can go the extra mile. Without fear we can trudge forth with blazoning ease through the snow, ice and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us this winter. We can go get the milk, get to work and get on with life!

The exo2 StormWalker jacket was recently featured on the Channel 4 show, Gadget Man, where host Richard Ayoade professes the jacket comes with “revolutionary polymer”.

So fear not dear, petrified reader. This revolutionary polymer will get you through winter. Despite this blog instilling fear like an Al Gore global warming lecture, there’s light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel.