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New FiiO Products added to AMP3!

We’ve got some more new FiiO goodies now available to order! Check them out below;

FiiO Q5 Flagship DAC/Amp – £329.00


The Q5 is FiiO’s current flagship DAC; a powerful, Hi-Res amplifier with a range of connectivity options such as USB, optical, coaxial, line in and Bluetooth.

The Q5 has a USB DAC mode that supports decoding up to 384k/32bit and DSD256. There are dual micro USB ports. By default, the one o the left is for charging while the one at the bottom is for data input. There is a 3 in 1 composite output port for aux/coax/optical connections. There are both single ended and balanced headphone outputs on the supplies AM3A amp module. For different listening requirements, the Q5 features gain/bass boost.

Despite the wide range of compatiable input methods, the Q5 can automatically detect which is being used, and the light on the device changes to a corresponding colour indicating the input currently in use.

To help save battery, if the device detects no input signal, it will turn off automatically after a certain period of time (default: 10 mins). When connected to a smart phone or computer, the Q5 will not draw power from the source device.

FiiO FH1 Earphones – £74.99


The FH1 features 1 composite polymeric titanium diaphragm dynamic driver, and one Knowles Balanced Armature driver. The dynamic driver works to produce the bottomless lows, and the balanced armature driver works to produce extended upper-mids and highs.

The FH1 features a brass sound tube, helping to produce a more natural sound. The FH1 is also Hi-Res Audio Certified

The FH1 utilises the standard MMCX connector, and comes with both a 2.5mm oxygen-free silver-plated copper 4-wire balanced cable and a 3.5mm single-ended cable with in-line remote. Based on the FiiO F9′s success with their over-the-ear design, this ergonomic design is also used on the FH1. It is designed according to the human ear canal, which ensures tight and also comfortable wearing.

FiiO F9 Pro – £139.99


The newest member of FiiO’s F9 range of IEMs, the FiiO F9 Pro is presents a formidable sound.

The F9 Pro utilises a hybrid design in which each channel is composed of one dynamic and two balanced armature (BA) drivers. The 9.2mm dynamic driver is specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows while the two BA drivers utilising the American brand Knowles’ 30017 Balanced Armature Drivers, which precisely portray extended upper-mids and highs.

All of these models are now available to order from Advanced MP3 Players. Happy listening!


Four Premium New Astell and Kern IEMs Now Available to Order from AMP3!

Astell and Kern have been making a name for themselves as purveyors of some of the more luxury and fantastic sounding audio equipment available on the market today, and we at Advanced MP3 Players are happy to say four of Astell and Kern’s premium earphones are now available to order on demand. Get introduced below…

Michelle – £499

AKMICHELLESELARGEMichelle SE is based on professional sound technology from Jerry Harvey Audio, a well-known leader in the custom earphone industry. An extension of the existing Siren series, which is loved by audiophiles around the world, Michelle SE is a product that people who love music can enjoy at an affordable price.

T8iE MKII – £799

AKT8IELARGEThe AK T8iE MKII succeeds and improves on the AK T8iE, the world’s first Tesla in-ear headphone, collaboratively developed by Astell&Kern and Beyerdynamic. The new flagship model promises truly outstanding sound and exceptional build quality.

Rosie – £799

AKROSIELARGEThe 6 driver Rosie is reminiscent of the legendary JH 13. Rosie has the extention and silky defined Mids of the JH 13 with the adjustable Bottom and weight of the Roxanne IEMs. This series of IEM’s were designed to be used as a Mastering reference tool because the high driver was designed for optimum top end extention with minimal distortion. The mid driver is perfectly flat from 10Hz to 5kHz. Low driver designed for steeper low pass and with virtualy no distortion.

Angie MKII – £1099

AKANGIEMKIILARGEThe Angie offers you the most sophisticated crossover network ever included in an in ear monitor. It is arguably the best in-ear consumer monitor and you will be blown away by the sound profile and attention to detail provided by these earphones. The Angie has been designed to offer the consumer a mastering quality IEM that can offer listeners live rock and roll tuning with a warm rich sound. The crossover network consists of four 4th order filters that create the exact sound the artist and producer intended. The Angie has 8 drivers (dual low, dual mid, and quad high) that let listeners to hear and enjoy every part of the music. The adjustable bass allows for customisation determined by the user’s listening preferences.

All four of these fantastic models are now available to order from Advanced MP3 Players. Please note that as these items are ordered on demand, they will take a little bit longer to arrive than the standard times stated on our website.

Happy listening!



Burn In Times: Yes or No?

What is Burn In?

Burning in audio equipment is a practice in which audio equipment is turned on for extended periods of time to get the components involved to achieve optimal performance. The practice is often talked about when audiophiles discuss headphones, speakers and even digital audio players. Some DAPs, such as iBasso products, come with a “burn in cable” to aid the burn in process, and possibly help encourage the practice. However, not everybody in the audiophile community is in full agreement about the merits of burning in new equipment. Some believe the true character of the equipment is not revealed until after the burn in period (which can take several hours, days, even weeks), whereas others find it to be superstitious and an unnecessary strain on the equipment.

The Case For

Indian Audio Brand Tekfusion believes burning in audio equipment to be a key part of the process of buying new equipment. They argue that a fresh pair of earphones are tested for performance and output at the factory, but the speaker diaphragm is still tight and requires loosening over time. Tekfusion state that speaker drivers should be stressed over a period of at least 40 hours.

JLAB Audio also sing the praises of burning in audio equipment, claiming most audiophiles agree that the sound quality of the equipment will be noticeable improved after the burn in period. They even provide a burn in audio file to be used, which features numerous sounds that encapsulate the audible frequency range so no pocket of harmonics is left behind. They use sounds such as white and pink noise, as well as frequency sweeps. You can find it on their website, but it isn’t exactly the most enjoyable (or quiet) listen.

Tyll Herstens over at Inner Fidelity attempted to find evidence of headphone break in by testing a pair of headphones at different times over a 90 hour period of use. The results showed there was in fact a difference in frequency response at each of the times tested. However, he did conclude that there was too many variables to suggest that the burn in period is a sure thing.


The concept of burning in system components is not restricted to audio equipment. It could therefore be argued that burning in time is advantageous because it will force certain failures to occur under supervised conditions so a better understanding of the system can be established, as well as finding out any faults with your new product.

The Case Against

The lack of evidence and industry standards in headphone testing means that conclusively showing the value of burning in periods is not currently possible.

The smaller size of parts such as balanced armature drivers in earphones means that there is not much room for deviation in the first place. Shure, one of the biggest names in the audio equipment market, tested a pair of their E1 earphones that had been used since their first launch in 1997. They measured the performance against a set fresh off the manufacturing line and found performance to be exactly the same. They believe that unless something is wrong with the equipment, there shouldn’t be an audible difference.

Others believe that though this difference of opinion may seem harmless, it adds an additional layer of confusion to new time buyers and may cause them to waste valuable time they could have spent actually enjoying their new gear.

Additionally, psychology may also play into the perception of a change in sound quality over time. It could be a placebo effect, where you believe you are hearing something else because you have been told you should. Alternatively, it could just be your ears adjusting to the signature sound of the equipment you are using.

So does burning in work?

Unfortunately, there is no consensus on the value burning in audio equipment has, which can be frustrating for consumers looking to do the best by their investments. The best someone with some new equipment could do would be to look at the arguments on both sides of the debate and decide based on what seems right to them. As mentioned on Tested, the win-win situation would simply be to burn your new gear in by listening to the music you love.

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module - £89.00

FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module
- £89.00


New to AMP3’s virtual shelves, the FiiO AM2 Amplifier Module is now available for Pre-order!

The AM2 is a replaceable/upgraded amplifier unit that you can use to change the sound quality of your FiiO X7. Feel that your power-hungry headphones require more juice to get that sweet music to your ears? The AM2 is a medium power amplifier unit for FiiO X7 designed to allow you to change the sound quality of your X7 at will.

Replacing the modules is extremely easy; simply using the Screwdriver that came with your X7 it is merely a matter of undoing 2 screws to remover the AM1 and replace it with the AM2.


The  FiiO X7 AM2 AMP Module is available to pre-order now at £89.00.


Head over to the product page at AMP3 for more details:



AMP3 Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes you just need to crank the volume up so, AMP3 have put together this handy buyer’s guide for our range of speakers.

If you’re after a new set of desktop bookshelf, Bluetooth, or even multi-room wireless speakers, AMP3 have you covered.


Audioengine 2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers

Audioengine A2+ Speakers - £195

Audioengine A2+ Speakers – £195

About a 1/3 of the size of their big brother (the A5+), the Audioengine A2+ are your answer to poor quality, affordable desktop speakers. These powered Multimedia speakers are the perfect size for your desktop and will give a marked improvement on basic computer speakers.


With built-in amplifiers, newly designed Kevlar woofers and the same custom tweeters used in the A5+, the A2+ speakers are perfect for all types of music, movies and videogames. Also, the A2+ has a built in DAC allowing you to get much-improved sound quality through a USB connection with your computer.


What makes the A2+ Speakers great?

Simple ‘plug in & play’ connections

Built-in power amplifiers and USB DAC functionality

Perfect for all types of music


What’s not so good?

Better suited for use in smaller rooms


You can see the A2+ Speakers here:

Audioengine 2+ (A2+) Premium Powered Desktop Speakers


SoundScience QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology

Soundscience QSB USB Speakers - £19.99

Soundscience QSB USB Speakers – £19.99

These desktop computer speakers from SoundScience plug straight into the USB slot on your computer to give you instant volume. Capable of delivering a much greater sound than similar small desktop speakers, the QSB speakers have been praised by many for their astonishing output.


Being powered solely through a USB connection the QSBs are portable and even come with a handy hard case for when not in use. What’s more, the experts over at What HiFi? gave them an impressive 5/5!


What makes the QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers Great?

Stylish and sturdily built

Impressive sound quality and volume given their size



What’s not so great?

Quite heavy, though remain portable

Perhaps not bassy enough for some


See the QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers here:

QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers


Sony SRS-X7 Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS-X7 Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker - £259

Sony SRS-X7 Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker – £259

The SRS-X7 Wireless Speaker is one of Sony’s newest speakers, and comes packed with plenty of features. This 32W wireless speaker offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and support for Apple Airplay and DLNA streaming.


With 6 hours of battery life when using Bluetooth the SRS-X7 is a great portable speaker that offers fantastic sound quality. Download the handy Songpal app free of charge to easily control your music and tweak settings. The Speaker even features Sony’s Clearaudio + technology, automatically choosing the best sound settings for each song for lazier listeners.


What makes the Sony SRS-X7 great?

Excellent connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Airplay, DLNA)

32W of clear and robust sound

Sleek minimalist design


What’s not so great?

Battery could be longer


See the Sony SRS-X7 here:

Sony SRS-X7 Portable Wireless Speaker


Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth

Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System - £479

Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System – £479


If you’re looking for a speaker system to cater to all your needs, look no further than the feature –packed Sony MHC-V7D Home Audio System. The MHC-V7D offers a window-shattering 1550W level sound pressure – perfect for ticking off your neighbours.


The MHC-V7D Home Sound System supports both Bluetooth and even has a CD player – retro! As if this wasn’t enough, Sony have added LED lighting effects that sync with your music, ‘party-chain’ support to add other speakers, Karaoke modes – even DJ effects – to truly get your party going.

What makes the Sony MHC-V7DHome Audio System Great?

Absolutely huge sound, perfect for parties

Karaoke & DJ effects; Built-in Light Show syncs with your music

Bluetooth, NFC and CD player built in

What’s not so great?

Quite chunky

May make you unpopular with your neighbours

See the Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth here-

Sony MHC-V7D Home Audio System


SONOS PLAY: 1 Mini But Mighty Wireless HiFi System Speaker

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Multi-room Speaker - £169

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Multi-room Speaker – £169

The PLAY: 1 is perfect for introducing wireless music to your home. The PLAY: 1 connects to your wireless network and can be controlled through the dedicated Sonos app – from anywhere in your house. Small and simple to set up, the PLAY: 1 is surprisingly loud and delivers tremendous sound quality.


You can add more SONOS speakers to get your favourite tunes played wirelessly in multiple rooms, or even have a different song for each room!


What Makes the Sonos PLAY: 1 Great?

Great sound quality

Play all your music wirelessly

Control each speaker separately or together from the app


What’s not so great?

No inputs for other devices


See the SONOS PLAY: 1 here –

SONOS PLAY: 1 Mini But Mighty Wireless HiFi System Speaker

Sony Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones - £45.00

Sony and SoundMAGIC ‘best earphones to buy in 2015′

What Hi-Fi? have released a list of the best earphones to buy in 2015, including the SoundMAGIC E10S and the Sony MDR-EX650AP earphones.

Sony Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones - £45.00

Sony Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones – £45.00

Both pairs of earphones have previously been awarded 5 stars in individual What Hi-Fi? reviews, and this new mention on their list only adds to the heaps of praise both sets of earphones have been receiving.

SoundMAGIC E10S in Silver/Black - £39.99

SoundMAGIC E10S in Silver/Black – £39.99

You can see the What Hi-Fi? roundup of best earphones to purchase in 2015 here:

Head over to AMP3 for more details on both sets:

Sony MDR-EX650AP



The FiiO X3 2nd Gen, X5 2nd Gen and X7 players can be used to improve audio played through your PC.

FiiO X3 2nd Generation Player Coming Soon to AMP3!

FiiO has introduced its highly anticipated new player, the X3 2nd generation and fans will be happy to hear that the all new X3 2nd Generation Player will be coming to AMP3 soon!

X3 (5)

The New X3 2nd gen. features an all-new digital audio architecture with dual crystal oscillators and ‘audiophile-grade architecture and components’. Whilst we’re not entirely sure what constitutes as ‘audiophile-grade architecture’, we are excited about improved USB DAC functionality and native DSD support.


On top of all this FiiO have designed a new UI and have promised the X3 2nd gen. will have better than ever build-quality. The player offers support for up to 128GB micro SD cards and features a coax/line-out, headphone output and micro USB port.

Watch this space!


Head over to the product page on AMP3 to get more details and pricing:


FiiO X3 All New 2nd Gen High Resolution Digital Audio Player

Sony's new flagship player - NWZ-ZX2 (£949)

Sony’s New Flagship NWZ-ZX2 Coming Soon to AMP3


Sony's new flagship player - NWZ-ZX2 (£949)

Sony’s new flagship player – NWZ-ZX2 (£949)


Coming soon to AMP3, Sony’s new flagship audio player has been turning some heads already.


With Sony making a public commitment to high resolution audio last year they have really stepped up their game in pushing hi-res format (they even had Moby explain why Hi-Res is important), and the new NWZ-ZX2 is the culmination of their commitment to high resolution.


Released as part of a raft of new portable players, headphones and speakers the ZX2 stands out immediately from other audio players for its price. At just under £1000 it seems that Sony are asking rather a lot for a portable audio player, especially considering that most of us now carry smartphones everywhere we go – some of which are capable of playing some high resolution formats.


The ZX2 ships with a nice leather case to keep the screen protected

This being said, a closer look at the features of the NWZ-ZX2 shows you where your money is going.

And there are plenty of features here too. Being Sony’s new flagship player the ZX2 supports all the usual digital formats meaning it will play pretty much whatever you throw at it, including PCM and DSD files.


As with many of Sony’s newer devices, the ZX2 Walkman features a clever piece of software developed by Sony in their quest to bring hi res to the masses. The DSEE HX™ software boasts the ability to improve the sound quality of your music, even if you aren’t using high resolution files.


Now, some audiophiles out there will tell you that it’s impossible to take a format such as MP3 and ‘boost’ it to high resolution quality, and they’d be right; your player can’t decode information that isn’t there in the first place. And this is the reason Sony’s DSEE HX technology is so clever – it is essentially is an algorithm designed to scan your files and to ‘predict’ what information appears to be missing, resulting in a smoother waveform and upscaling your MP3 to ‘near hi-res audio’.

Some may call it a gimmick but it actually works surprisingly well, helping to smooth things out and giving a clearer sound.

Talking about clever tech developed by Sony we should probably mention the fact that the ZX2 features a special new audio technology developed by Sony called LDAC. Normally Bluetooth will downgrade your audio quality as the wireless technology simply can’t transfer enough data; aptX Bluetooth won’t even bring you CD-quality playback. Transferring up to 3x the data, LDAC allows high quality wireless listening through compatible devices.


Along with this the ZX2 features NFC compatibility allowing you to connect to your favourite devices with a single touch.


The ZX2 features NFC one-touch connection

The ZX2 features NFC one-touch connection


The ZX2 has updated on the original ZX1’s design, offering a more streamlined player with rounded edges and recessed buttons. The ZX2 also ships with a snug leather case, allowing access to all the physical buttons, but keeping your screen well protected. The screen itself is a high quality 4inch touch-screen and the ZX2 runs Android 4.2 meaning you can connect to the Google Play store.


The battery life has also been extended to 60 hours of MP3 playback and up to 33 hours of hi-res audio playback. The 128GB internal memory can be supplemented by a Micro SD card giving you plenty of scope to carry your music library wherever you go.


All in all the Sony NWZ-ZX2 is an impressive piece of kit. Perhaps bearing a large price-tag, but the ZX2 is packed full of specialist technology designed specifically by Sony to give you the best listening experience wherever you are. And all of this for less than half the price of an Astell & Kern AK240; bargain.

The Sony NWZ-ZX2 High-Resolution is expected to be in stock by the beginning of March.

Head over to AMP3 for further details:

Sony NWZ-ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman


Audioengine B2 Premium High-Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker

The Audioengine B2 Premium High-Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker (£225)

Audioengine’s new premium Bluetooth speaker, the B2, is now available from AMP3!


Featuring Bluetooth aptX, the Audioengine B2 is able to provide the top-class sound quality we expect whilst also allowing you to connect your sources wirelessly. And connection to the B2 is fast and easy; just plug the B2 in and search for it with your device.

Walnut Finish


Want to use a non-Bluetooth device? No problem, as the Audioengine B2 has a 3.5mm input giving you flexibility of use.


Audioengine have graced the hand-built wooden cabinets of the B2 with custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters to ensure you get the best sound. Not only this, but the B2 is available in 3 different finishes and a detachable grill to ensure it fits in with your décor; Walnut, Black and Zebrawood.


Black Finish


Head over to the product page for more details:

Audioengine B2 Premium High-Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker


The Calyx M has Landed!

Calyx M - £795.00

Calyx M – £795.00

The long wait is over – the Calyx M has finally arrived in stock at AMP3.


This big brown hunk of audio goodness offers true high resolution audio, and will play pretty much any audio file type you throw at it. Boasting DSD capability and the ability to be used as an asynchronous digital-to-analog converter with the ability to play back virtually any file type, including DSD, 128DSD, DXD and 32Bit 384KHz, the M really means business.



Coming in at the same tier as the Cowon Plenue 1 and the lower end Astell & Kern, Calyx’s M has true audiophile’s set firmly in its sights.

Head over to AMP3 now to get further details on the Calyx M: