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Xmas Jumper

AMP3’s 12 Days of Christmas Deals!


Trees are going up, carols are being sung and ridiculous jumpers are being worn – it must be Christmas time! And as a special holiday treat AMP3 will be running a countdown to the big day with some very special one-day only offers!


Xmas Jumper


Beginning on the Sunday the 14th December we will be offering one product every day with a special low price as an early gift to our fellow audio enthusiasts.

“What glorious gifts will you bestow upon us AMP3?” we hear you ask. Well, we can’t say; you will have to visit the ‘Deal of the Day’ section of our site each day to find out! Isn’t it fun?

So come all ye faithful to our website and check out our 12 Days of Christmas deals at AMP3 and you could be listening to all your favourite Christmas tunes on your new Audio Player for cheaper this Christmas.

Visit our Deal of the Day section here:


Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – the only accessory for travelling

Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones


These headphones from Denon are the pinnacle of luxury headphones designed for travel. The super soft padding of the ear cushions combined with on-headset controls make these a set of headphones ideal for someone constantly on the move.

Their Bluetooth wireless capability make for an ease of use you never knew existed. Simply connect and go. Noise-cancellation qualities make these ideal for use on a plane. Zone out and enjoy a blissful state of tranquillity.

These super smooth headphones wouldn’t be without the sublime sound of Denon and the Globe Cruisers have this in spades.

Check out exactly why they are your headphones of choice for travelling here.



PCS250MINI (1)

Custom fitted audiophile earphones from eers – PCS 250 deliver perfection in sound and fit

eers PCS 250 Custom-fitted Headphones – The World’s First Self-fitted Custom-Earphones



These are top of the range headphones that come with a do-it-yourself custom moulding kit so your eers headphones provide the best possible sound.


Using a SonoFit system the moulds are made in just five minutes. The process is quick and easy and at the end of it you’ve got perfectly formed silicon earbuds. Outside of making customised earbuds for headphones the SonoFit system is used by the army and healthcare professionals too.


These headphones are designed with the audiophile in mind and deliver exceptional sound quality in any environment without the need for excessive volume. The PCS-250 uses two dual driver speakers that act as both a tweeter and woofer. This allows the user to listen to music as clearly as it was recorded and to enjoy high fidelity audio especially in the genres of jazz, rock and classical.

These eers PCS 250 custom-fitted headphones are a world’s first so be one of the first owners of audiophile custom fitted earphones!



Deal of the Day: JayBird Sportsbands now only £69.99, SAVE £29.01!


JayBird Sportsbands

Was £99 ~ Now £69.99

SAVE £29.01!

These are the most stylish sports headphones you’ll find out on the market. However, their retro design does not suggest they are retro in performance.


Using a Bluetooth connection these headphones will wirelessly connect to your compatible phone or mp3 player – perfect for using at the gym. JayBird have long argued that if you don’t need wires, why have them? With these headphones you have a more enhanced freedom of movement to let you exercise without restriction.


With controls based on the headset you can change volume or track easily. The Sportsbands even come with an integrated mic to let you answer and end calls.


Save £29.01 today!





Deal of the Day: M-Audio Desktop Speaker System £87.99. SAVE £21.01


M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Compact Desktop Speaker System

Was £109

Now £68!

SAVE £41!

These are a small set of speakers that pack real punch. Bring the quality of sound found in the studio right to your desktop and enjoy films, games, music in high fidelity.

M-Audio are acclaimed makers of audio equipment. These speakers deliver clear, crisp highs and deep lows, along with superior clarity and imaging.

M audio

M-Audio’s attention to detail is as much in the build of the model as it is in its function. The wood walls inside the speakers give the sound a true capacity for bass which is often lacking in 100% plastic desktop speakers.
If you’re after high quality speakers made by a company that specialises in studio equipment then look no further than the M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Compact Desktop Speaker System.


m audio

buy now

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The superior sound of the Cowon iAudio S9

S9Cowon iAudio S9 16GB MP3 Player


8GB – £119

16GB – £139

32GB – £199


When I say ‘Cowon’; you say ‘quality’. COWON! QUALITY! COWON! QUALITY! You get the picture.
If you’ve been following the latest deals and reading the latest blog posts you’ll be tired of my going on about the superior sound of Cowon players. You won’t be disappointed – as one member of staff wrote in her product sleepover review of the C2 – ‘once you go Cowon, you don’t go back’. Well, why would you?


The iAudio S9 is one of the most highly regarded of the entire Cowon fleet. For good reason too; firstly, the ‘[s]ound quality is awesomeT3. The S9 uses Cowon’s new BBE+ audio architecture. This is a series of processes that reproduce the music of both your high and low quality files to make them sound incredible. The EQ facilities and stereo enhancements are notable in the S9 which are enjoyed while listening to any of the following file formats which the S9 accepts: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV and APE.
Cowon understand that no matter its high quality audio output, the sound is not going to suit everyone. Sensibly, it has incorporated 30 different music profiles to suit varying music genres so you can find the perfect match to your favourite music.
The S9 also has incredible video capabilities shown through its high quality AMOLED display. Movies are a delight to watch with bright colours and a crisp finish.
Other features on the Cowon S9 are an FM radio, calculator, picture viewer, document reader and best of all it is Bluetooth enabled. Connect to wireless speakers or wireless headphones.
If this hasn’t been persuasive enough you can read the full product description here.

buy now



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Dare to be distracted with the new TankBot! Get one today for only £24.99!


TankBot Desktop Robot

£24.99 from Amp3

New in to Amp3 is this quirky little desktop gadget, the TankBot. This small robot will bring some added character to the office and perhaps some much needed distraction!
Steer the device with your iPhone or selected Android models around a desk or surface or amuse yourself as it uses its in-built sensors to navigate independently.



With three different modes available you’ll never be bored when using the TankBot.

The first mode is autonomous obstacle avoidance. Plan an assault course of obstacles and see how the TankBot fares! The second mode is free roam. Let your TankBot decide where it’s going and see where it ends up. The third and final mode is where you are in control. Use the remote from your phone and put the TankBot through its paces at the touch of a button.

Check out the video here..

Dare to be distracted and get a TankBot today for just £24.99.



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Save £80 on Hisoundaudio Studio-V player AND get a set of FREE headphones worth £69!


Hisoundaudio Studio-V 4GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player with Expandable Memory and FREE Headphones Worth £69

Were £279 NOW £199

It’s big savings time. Save yourself a massive £80 on this Studio-V player for today only. Big things come in small packages and this is certainly true for this product.
This is a high end home audio system crammed into this compact little device. Sound is of astonishing quality and it is easy to use. With an OLED screen you won’t miss anything and a slot for an SD card you can enjoy an endless amount of capacity.


Get yours today



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Friday’s Deal of the Day: Save £35 on The MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Table!

Today grab your new Internet Tablet at a very sweet price

Only £164 – Only at Advanced MP3 Players!

The Internet tablet market is growing, growing and growing some more. MT Electronics are one of the latest manufacturers to burst onto the scene. What do we think about it?

What’s Great? Price point, effective stylus makes interface easy to use, fast and powerful processor, built-in 2 megapixel webcam, standard HDMI video out, smooth Gsensor, expandable memory via the Micro SD Slot, Adobe flash support.
What needs Work? Casing not quite to the sleek standards set by the iPad, resistive interface


MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Tablet with HDMI output and Adobe Flash support – Only £164 (Was £199)

- full product description -

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