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Come and Pay Us a Visit at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show This February

This February, Advanced MP3 Players will be at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show. Now in its 33rd year, the UK’s largest and longest running hi-fi show is the event of the year for audiophiles everywhere. It’s a chance to check out some of the latest product launches and even get yourself a bargain with plenty of exclusive deals and offers from over 170 brands. If you’re like us and you can’t wait to check out some of the latest hi-fi gadgets, you’ll love today’s post. We’ll be showcasing the latest products from Cowon, FiiO and iBasso, and to get you in the mood we’ve put together a little sneak peak of what you can expect next month!

Bristol Hi-Fi Show



Plenue R2 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player 

Ahead of its UK launch, we’ll be showcasing the brand new Cowon Plenue R2. But what features can we expect from this newbie? Well, the high performance DAC is second to none, with built-in high resolution headphone amplifier and impressive battery power. In terms of audio quality itself, this little device aims to give you the very best, with balanced output that brings crisp and clear original sounds. It supports a range of audio formats including the post popular MP3, WMA and WAV, and even lossless and uncompressed formats such as FLAC and ALAC. 

You can also expect high quality Bluetooth with the Plenue R2, as it supports aptX codec, allowing for higher compression and superior sound quality over the traditional SBC codec. But what does it all mean? Well, you can listen to your music, podcasts and more through any speakers, headphones or earbuds that have Bluetooth connectivity, all the while enjoying the richest sound quality.

Our favourite feature of the Plenue R2 has to be its AI functionality, designed for the very best listening experience. Use AI shuffle to change the playback order of your songs, as well as adjust your playlist positions to your preference. AI volume is there to normalise volume levels of each song so that there’s no more having to readjust for different songs, plus Cowon’s “JetEffect” technology ensures that the presets are adjusted to each file, so you can play your favourite songs exactly how you want them. You can even pair the Plenue R2 to your smartphone via Bluetooth too, enabling you to receive incoming call alerts. 

RRP £429.00


Plenue D 2nd Gen with 2.5mm Balanced Output 

In addition to the the Plenue R2, we’ll also be featuring the award winning Cowon Plenue D2 this February. Winner of the best portable music player in its price range in the 2019 What Hi-Fi? Awards, this nifty device is great for achieving HD sound with minimal noise distraction. Also equipped with Cowon’s JetEffect technology, you’ll be able to enjoy optimum sound to suit your preferences. There’s precise volume control with 140 levels enabling you to tailor the sound exactly how you’d like it, plus you can choose your desired playback speed with 11 levels ranging from 50% to 150%.

The Plenue D2 is also highly functional as well as impressive, with easy to use control buttons and a wide angle touch display. Along with its high performance, low battery consumption ensures you can enjoy up to 45 hours of top notch sound, and you can pack your favourite tunes in one place with 64GB of built-in memory plus micro SD card support of up to 128GB. It’s also super user friendly with an easy to operate graphic user interface, which includes high resolution album art and even a choice of player skins.

RRP £259.99



M15 Portable High Resolution Digital Audio Player 

Due for release in the UK at the end of February, we’ll be bringing the new flagship model of the FiiO M15 to Bristol with us next month. This jam packed device has plenty to offer, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peak. It’s packed with top of the line internal components, including the AK4499 third generation DAC, and four channels per chip, allowing for a rather impressive performance. Not only is the M15 powerful, it’s also designed immaculately inside and out to ensure that every last detail of your sound can be heard without compromise.

The M15 also supports FiiO link technology so you can control it with your smartphone, and there’s even extra features including karaoke playlist management, customisable multifunction button, and different music modes for you to enjoy your tunes exactly how you want. Combined with 15 hours of battery life and 1800 hours of standby time, it’s the perfect package.

RRP £1175.99


M11 Pro High Resolution Digital Audio Player

A step up from the fantastic sound quality of the original M11, the M11 Pro goes a step further with two AK4497/EQ DAC chips producing even more improvement on an already top notch sound. It’s equipped with fully balanced THX AA amplifier, which is designed to pack a punch delivering sound to most headphones, along with reduced noise and distortion.

The M11 Pro also features the Samsung Exynos 7872 hexa-core processor, used only by FiiO in digital audio players. It provides performance that’s on a par with the Snapdragon 625 and Kirin 659, meaning you can enjoy a unique, fluid experience listening to your music. Enjoy quality wireless music too with a variety of different Bluetooth formats transmitted and received, along with better signal strength and connection.

There’s plenty of storage for you to bring all of your music and more with you wherever you go, with 3GB RAM and 64GB of built-in storage, plus the compatibility with micro SD cards up to 2TB. You can enjoy up to 9.5 hours of battery life too, along with a fast charging battery which is fully recharged in just 2.5 hours – perfect for those on the go.

RRP £599.00


BTR5 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

Completing our FiiO line up is the BTR5 Bluetooth headphone amplifier, also due for release at the end of February. This is a must have for any audiophile, and lets you enjoy superb sound wherever you are on any device. Connect to wireless headphones, your computer, our your car’s AUX, or even create your own home concert experience by connecting to your TV’s audio. Plus, with built in NFC, you can connect the BTR5 to compatible devices in just a single tap.

For those who like to keep it simple, you can control the BTR5 with just one multi-function button that really does do it all. The sleek design is also highly impressive, with an aluminium alloy body similar to the latest smartphones, along with an oleophobic layer to prevent pesky fingerprint build up. You’ll also be able to enjoy a crisp and clear display with the help of the OLED screen.

RRP £89.99



AM05 5 Knowles Balanced Armature Driver IEM

We’ll be featuring these amazing iBasso AM05 earpieces in our selection this February too, which bring quality as well as style. With sleek and modern craftsmanship, these neat and stylish earpieces are ergonomically designed for comfort, making them perfect for watching movies or long music sessions, all the while enjoying silky smooth audio that’s packed with incredibly rich details.

RRP £259.99


DX160 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

The DX160 Digital Audio Player arrived here at Advanced MP3 Players towards the end of last year, and we love it so much that it’s coming with us to the Bristol Hi-Fi Show. This stylish and compact audio player is packed with plenty of features including 5G Wi-Fi and 32GB memory. Supporting a wide range of audio formats, it gives you plenty of flexibility in your music files, while the 5inch 1080p screen is crisp and clear so you can explore your music library with ease. 

The DX160 is a great choice for anyone who likes compact devices, as it weighs just under 180g so will easily fit into your pocket or bag. Combined with Li-Polymer battery that’s quickly recharged, you can enjoy up to 13 hours of your favourite music, making it a great option for travellers, commuters and more. 

RRP £349.99


The full specifications of these products are all available on our site, but why not come and pay us a visit at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show this February? Come and check out these amazing products we have on offer at Advanced MP3 Players. The show is running from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd February from 10am, and you’ll find us on the third floor in room 310. Come and say hello!


Written by Amy Jackson – Content Writer at Promo Codes For – 22nd January 2020

The Latest USB DAC Products: Our Pick of the Best

With so many new generation smartphones hitting the shelves this year, USB DACs have become increasingly popular, especially with those who love their music and podcasts. Thankfully, we’ve had a whole array of adapters that have arrived here at Advanced MP3s recently, with brand new offerings from iBasso, AudioQuest and Audirect. Today, we’re looking at some of our new products in a little more detail, and we’ve got an option to suit you, whatever your budget! 


iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output – £49

The iBasso DC01 is first up in our new arrivals, and compared to its previous model it’s made a significant improvement. For starters, the digital-to-analogue conversion chip that features is usually used in the more higher end DACs, and it’s equipped with AKM Velvet Sound technology, meaning that you can enjoy smooth and crystal clear sound. Taking another leaf from higher end audio tech, the DC01 is equipped with a balanced headphone amplifier allowing you to enjoy top quality sound complete with ultra low distortion. Combined, these features make the DC01 the perfect accompaniment for your music wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets currently available, the iBasso DC01 is incredibly versatile thanks to its USB-C connector. In addition, it comes with a USB-C to USB-A adapter that will allow you to easily connect it to a Mac OS or Windows computer via Plug & Play. Another feature that’s sure to go down well is the durability of the DC01. Its hybrid cable is made of 8 braided wires making it highly durable, as well as providing top notch connectivity, ensuring that you’re guaranteed to enjoy the best sound. At £49 too, it’s jam packed with features, all for an affordable price. 


iBasso DC02 – USB-C DAC Adapter with 3.5mm Output – £44.99

Next up, we have the iBasso DC02, coming in at a slightly cheaper price of £39, you’ll still be getting plenty of tech for your money. Again integrated with AKM Velvet Sound technology, this is perfect for those who want top quality sound on the go. Unlike other adapters which can be limited to smartphones and tablets, the DC02 is also compatible with computers too. Whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, you can easily connect it with the help of the USB-C to USB-A adapter and enjoy your favourite music on the device you choose.

You can also enjoy sound tailored to your device too. This clever little adapter is also designed to override the internal hardware of the device it connects to leading to improved sound quality and less distortion. Perfect if you’re constantly chopping and changing between devices! For the finishing touches, the flexible sheath around the quad wire cable ensures durability, making your ideal companion for when you’re on the move. 


AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt USB DAC – £269

For those willing to invest a little more into getting their perfect sound with their devices, a popular option is the new AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt. The AudioQuest DragonFly range will be a name that most audiophiles are familiar with, and the Cobalt promises to be “the most beautiful sounding DragonFly yet!” So what can you expect from Cobalt? Well, the increased power supply is designed to reduce noise coming from device features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means you can enjoy supreme high-res audio like never before. Featuring the ESS Sabre 9601 headphone amp and bit-perfect volume control found in the DragonFly Red, Cobalt creates a top notch signal-to-noise ratio, while the 2.1 volt output ensures that it’s compatible with a huge range of headphones, making it wonderfully versatile. 

It’s not just the output that makes the Cobalt so versatile. It’s compatible with IOS and Android devices, along with Apple and Windows computers. You can also ensure the longevity of your device too, as AudioQuest’s free Desktop Device Manager. It ensures that you can upgrade the firmware of your device, meaning that you can stay one step ahead as technology continues to evolve! 

It’s clear that the AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt is a hit with music lovers everywhere, as the high demand has meant that it’s currently out of stock! However, if you’re desperate to get your hands on it, it’s still available for you to pre-order. 


Audirect Beam Portable USB DAC – £89.99

So what happens if you want that amazing, high quality sound, but your budget doesn’t quite stretch as far as the DragonFly Cobalt? Allow us to introduce you to a brand new member of the Advanced MP3 Players family – the Audirect Beam! Coming in at a more affordable price point, the Beam brings plenty to the table. Promising supreme quality sound, the Beam uses the well known ES9118 DAC chip for an impressive performance, and is designed to reduce distortion from external components.

Designed to pair with smartphones and mobile devices, this nifty little device comes with multiple cables for a range of different connectivity options making it highly versatile. Pair with iPhones using the Lightning cable, Android phones with the USB-C and micro-USB cables, or your PC with the USB-A cable. As a bonus, the stylish blue colour of the device means that the Beam is sure to impress even the fussiest of tech lovers!

To celebrate the release of the Audirect Beam joining the AMP3 family, you could be up for winning one in this month’s competition! Kick-start your listening experience with this stylish and versatile device, along with all cables included too. If you’d like to be in with a chance, simply fill in the form on our competitions page before the 29th November, and you could be the proud owner of this fantastic bit of kit!

So that’s a little taster of the new products to arrive here at Advanced MP3 Players this week, and there’s a different option for everyone in the world of USB DAC products. As we edge nearer towards the festive season, now is the perfect time to get searching for a fantastic gift for the audiophile in your family! Don’t forget, if you’re loving the Audirect Beam as much as we are, make sure you enter our competition for a chance to win one of your own! 
Written by Amy Jackson – Content writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes - 4th November 2019

A New Digital Audio Player & Two New Adapters: Exploring the Latest Offerings from iBasso

This October at Advanced MP3 Players, we’re looking forward to some new arrivals from digital audio player specialists, iBasso. We’ll be saying hello to the new DX160 Digital Audio Player, along with two brand new accessories, the DC01 and DC02 Adapters. So what can we expect with these new additions? Let’s take a closer look at what you can get. 


iBasso DX160 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

The DX160 is the latest arrival in the range of iBasso’s new products, and it has a lot to offer. This new compact digital audio player is fully equipped with 5G Wi-Fi and two way Bluetooth 5.0, meaning it provides a strong and stable connection, along with lower power consumption. The DX160 comes with the latest Android operating system – Oreo 8.1, and supports a wide amount of audio formats, giving total flexibility in managing your files. The 5inch 1080P touch screen will allow for easy browsing of your music library, while 32GB of memory ensures that you can jam pack the device with more of your favourite songs. If you happen to need a little more than that, fear not – the device supports both SDXC and SDHC Micro SD cards too. 

The DX160 has a sleek CNC Aluminium frame with curved glass rear panel, and it’s currently available in a choice of two colours, with more options available later on. Weighing just under 180g, it’s nice and compact, making it perfect for popping in your pocket or your handbag. As for battery usage, you can enjoy up to 13 hours of play, while the Li-Polymer Battery supports fast recharging, making it perfect for long commutes and beyond! 


iBasso DC01 USB-C DAC Adapter with 2.5mm Output

It’s not just the DX160 that’s arrived at Advanced MP3 Players this month either. We’ve also seen the arrival of two brand new accessories. First of all, the DC01 USB-C Adapter. This small but powerful device is perfect for those who want to make the most of their music. Along with Velvet Sound technology, this portable adapter is equipped with a fully balanced circuit and low distortion dual LDO, creating a balanced headphone amplifier, which ensures top notch sound quality. With this usually being a feature in high-end audio equipment, this means that you’ll get sound that truly packs a punch wherever you’re listening or whatever you’re doing. 

The DC01 also features a premium hybrid cable, which will not only give you complete durability when on the move, but also the very best signal conductivity, so you can guarantee uninterrupted audio wherever you are. When it comes to compatibility, USB-C connector allows for compatibility with most Android tablets and smartphones, making it a great accessory for when you’re on the move. The USB-DAC function also means that you can connect the device to your Mac or Windows computer, and thanks to the Plug & Play system, you can start listening in seconds. 


iBasso DC02 USB-C DAC Adapter with 3.5mm Output

Finally, we come to the DC02 USB-C Adapter. For those of us with the latest gen smartphones that lack a headphone output, this little device will be a welcome addition. It’s perfect for people on the move with a weight of just 8 grams, and the flexible braided quad wire cable ensures durability and complete protection, along with uninterrupted signal transmission to allow the best quality sound, whatever you’re up to. 

Another benefit of the DC02 has to be its’ compatibility. Not only can you connect it to tablets or smartphones, the USB-C female to USB A male adapter means that you can easily connect it to your computer too, be it Mac, Windows, or Linux. Whether you attach it to a tablet, a computer or your smartphone, the DC02 is designed to amplify its’ own hardware while overriding that of your device, meaning you can enjoy reduced noise and distortion with your music. You can enjoy quality sound any time with the integrated Velvet Sound technology, and this clever little device gives you improved sound clarity whatever device your listening to. 


So that’s just a little taster of what you can expect from the latest iBasso products. If you just can’t wait, these products are all available to pre-order from Advanced MP3 Players right now, and you can be confident you’ll find them all at a great price.

By Amy Jackson – Bargain hunter, music lover, and content writer at Discount Promo Codes – 7th October 2019


DACs for your ‘phones?


Zorloo Z:ero


With greater demand for higher sound quality whilst on the move some manufacturers have come up with a novel way of getting you the quality you demand – earphones with integrated DACs.

The earphone manufacturer Zorloo has designed the ‘World’s First’ digital earphone, the bizarrely named Z:ero, which plugs directly into the Micro-USB port on your smartphone to provide you with digital audio output. With a Wolfson DAC and a headphone amplifier crammed into the in-line control, the Zorloo Z:ero is definitely more portable than carrying around a separate DAC and amp.


FiiO E18

Previously audiophiles on the move would have to carry around amplifier/DAC combos such as the FiiO E18

But Zorloo aren’t the only people to offer headphones with built-in DACs. Sony has already released the MDR-1ADAC, a set of over-ear headphones with a built-in DAC, and Philips demoed their new NC1L noise cancelling headphones at CES 2015, which has an integrated 24-bit DAC designed to give Apple users superior audio via the Lightning port on their device.


Zorloo may not have gotten there first, but incorporating DACs into earphones and headphones may be the start of a new trend as manufacturers look to target the more discerning smartphone audio enthusiasts.


Keep your eyes on the blog and our Facebook page for further updates!


Interested in portable amps and DACs? Follow the link below to see our full range:



Audioquest DragonFly v1.2 Wins Best What HiFi’s Product of the Year!


What HiFi's Product of the Year 2014

What HiFi?’s Product of the Year 2014


Audioquest’s DragonFly v1.2 USB DAC had it’s greatness recognised at What HiFi?‘s 2014 Awards Show last night, winning the much sought after ‘DACs Product of the Year’ award.


We’re sure those at Audioquest are very happy to have their achievement recognised last night, and quite rightly so – a well-deserved accolade. Well done Audioquest!


Follow the link below to check out some of the other award winners from this year:

And for What HiFi?‘s own review of the Audioquest DragonFly v1.2 DAC:


The Audioquest DragonFly v1.2 USB DAC PreAamp and Headphone AMP, available at Advanced MP3 Players:

FiiO E10K - £69.99

FiiO E10K Now in Stock at AMP3

FiiO E10K - £69.99

FiiO E10K – £69.99


Another great offering from FiiO, the E10K (Olympus 2) is now in stock at AMP3. An upgrade on the original E10, the E10K has a PCM5102 DAC chip inside. Designed to improve the quality of sound coming from your laptop, the PCM5102 chip can the can handle PCM files in up to 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution.




With reduced delay and internal silence when changing tracks having an optimized low-pass filter and selectable bass boost circuit the E10K is ticking all the right boxes. Highly recommended if you are looking for increased sound quality from your laptop. Head on over to our website to get more details on the FiiO E10K (Olympus 2).


E17 Wins Editors’ Choice Award at Sound + Vision Magazine. Read More Here

FiiO E17 Alpen



The FiiO E17 has come out top trumps at the Editors’ Choice Awards for Sound + Vision Magazine. Rated as one of the 23 best audio and video products of 2012 the FiiO E17 proved its merit to the tough panel of editors.


The E17 is a portable headphone amplifier with an on board digital audio converter (DAC). So not only will the E17 take you lacklustre files and give them a huge volume boost but it will transform those files into an unrecognisably brilliant sound. With the ability to drive high powered headphones the E17 is all you need to give ordinary music files an audiophile makeover.



If that’s not enough for you, the E17 can also function as the brains of your desktop system. Via a docking connector, you can use the E17′s DAC to feed the the E09K desktop headphone amp [£109], which will provide all the current you might need for home listening. And you can pick up both units for significantly less than you’d spend on many comparable portable headphone amps alone. Now that’s a bargain.’ Sound + Vision



Denon deliver with over-ear ‘Urban Raver’, AH-D400. Read more here!

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’

~ £249.99 ~


The second set of headphones to be featured in Denon week is the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’, the over-ear big brother to the Denon AH-C300s.

Their sophisticated design with electric blue trim with illuminated ring and luxuriously soft padding set these ‘Ravers’ apart from any other over-ear options on the market. Their awesome ability to reproduce sound like you’ve never heard is down to the fully upgraded tech specs the Denon sound engineers have been hard at work improving.


They boast a colossal 50mm driver with integrated amplifier for an intense bass experience akin to the AH-C300s. Once on, these over-ear ‘Ravers’ will deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Their two-axis ear cup articulation guarantees a perfect fit and the memory foam padding means you can listen to endless hours of music without fatigue.

Located on the headphones is the Denon control wheel. A crisply modern illuminated blue ring frames the rotary control and suggests futuristic design hues to match the futuristic functions of the headphones. On the wheel you can control calls, volume and track without needing to even glance at your mp3 player or phone.

All this technology requires a bit of battery power but not to worry, from a single charge the battery delivers a whopping 12 hours of sonic bliss and if the battery runs flat, you still can play music in passive mode. Click below to read more about the luxury Denon accessories and exclusive Denon app!




i.Fuzen scores big at Read more here!

i.Fuzen iPhone 4 case



‘If you’ve been wondering what to treat your iPhone to for its birthday, this might just do the trick.’ Read the full review here. have rated the i.Fuzen case and given it a massive 7/10! The i.Fuzen iPhone4 case is a revolutionary piece of kit for any iPhone 4/4s user.


The i.Fuzen operates as a protective case, a charger and a headphone amplifier.  Addressing all the shortcomings that any iPhone user will be well aware of, this beauty brings out the very best your phone has to offer. Almost double your battery life and enjoy your music as it should be heard through the amplifier. By extracting audio through the base of the phone the i.Fuzen makes it sound infinitely better.

‘Switching on the spare battery (there’s a button on the back) from a full charge stretched playing time to almost twice its normal length — so it’s well worth considering if you regularly find yourself out of juice when you’re out and about.’


E17BMINI give the FiiO E17 8/10. See why here!

The FiiO E17 has been reviewed by the tech experts over at Giving the E17 a deserving 8/10 Wired said:

E17FiiO E17

~ £99 ~


You don’t need to have fussy ears to appreciate the benefit of this compact little marvel, the sonic improvements are easily noticeable, and it has the advantage of being easily


The E17 is both an amplifier and DAC that will revolutionise sound. Lacklustre files become brilliantly bright and punchy and bass is dispersed in even measures. The E17 features treble control – unlike the majority of amps out there – and left and right balance controls to further refine the sound you want.


Unbelievably, the E17 is a portable device. All of this sophisticated technology and these outstanding features can be taken anywhere. Have outstanding audio wherever you go.