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New Astell & Kern Jr player set for May launch


Astell & Kern, makers of the infamously expensive AK240, are set to launch a brand new mid-range player. Dubbed the AK Jr, this little brother to the rest of the A&K range is looking pretty good.



The 64GB player is garbed in the signature Astell & Kern Aluminium and, featuring a textured volume scroll knob, the AK Jr very much looks the younger brother to the AK 100 ii and AK120 ii players. It should retain some of the aspects of its brothers, such as DSD playback (albeit converted to PCM) and has an integrated Wolfson DAC that enables USB DAC functionality. No wifi for the Jr, but Bluetooth 4.0 and all the usual suspects when it comes to file types and the baby AK is shaping up to be quite a player.


“What about the price?” I hear you ask. How does £399 sound? It may look and sound like an Astell & Kern, but the small price tag puts it on a level with the likes of the iBasso DX90, the Sony NWZ-Z1 and the HiFiMan HM-802. Undoubtedly a smart move by Astell & Kern, this new addition to the A&K family is sure to have many an audiophile excited.

The AK Jr is due to be officially launched at High End Munich 14-17 May.


Check out AMP3′s range of Astell & Kern products:

Astell & Kern @ AMP3


Glimpsing the Future: Calyx M


Calyx M

Soon to join the ranks at AMP3 is the Calyx M. In the same tier as the new Cowon Plenue 1 and Astell & Kern’s AK100 ii, this beautiful player should have audiophiles’ mouths watering.


Featuring DXD of 32/384 and 128DSD support, you know this player means business. Not only this, but the M also has some other nice features, such as the large 4.65” OLED screen, or the detachable magnetic volume control giving the Calyx M an analogue feel.


The Calyx M looks lush in its anodized brown aluminium casing and the UI is dressed in dark, warm colours to match. Sporting the bass-in-treble clef logo etched on the back, the Calyx M is reminding users that it’s all about the music.

Keep your eyes peeled and glued to the blog, our Facebook page and website for news on the arrival of the next big thing at Amp3.


New Astell & Kern AK120 II coming to Amp3



The new efforts from our friends Astell & Kern will be hitting Amp3 in the next couple weeks.

The AK120 II and the AK100 II (not to be confused with the AK120 Mkii or AK100 Mkii) are the bigger, better looking – and brawnier – big brothers of the AK120 and AK100.

This time around the guys at Astell & Kern have thrown in some of the technology found in their flagship model AK240, so not only are they pretty, but they both boast DSD support up to 5.6MHz.

Whilst scoring themselves no points for product model clarity, it looks like they have created something quite special with these pair of Audiophile players.

Pricing and details are available at our website:

AK120 ii –

AK100 ii –



Want to see the future? Astell & Kern AK120 leads the way

Astell & Kern AK120



The AK120 vastly improves on the AK100 with estimated audio improvement being 20%. When we thought it couldn’t get better, the AK120 has paved the way for a whole new category of precision audio.

Basically, with electronics that boast two Digital to Analogue converters (DACs), the high resolution AK120 delivers an instantly impressive audio upgrade with incredibly immersive depth, clarity and spaciousness compared to the AK100.

Part of what makes these DACs so special is that they are made by audio experts, Wolfson, which makes the AK120 one of the most accurate reproductions of sound available. Think of it as building a luxury car and putting in Ferrari parts to compliment the engine.

It looks great too. Sleek and small enough to fit a shirt pocket the AK120 boasts a turning knob on the side for navigation and quirk appeal. Another unconventional bonus is the storage capacity. There’s 64GB of built-in memory and the added ability to double again with two built-in 64GB micro-SD card slots, this makes for a lot of space. Space that is as rare as the Dodo when it comes to high end players.

For a far more technical take on the AK120, check out the product page here. If you’re an audiophile with knowledge of sound engineering, this is where the £1099 price tag is justified. For anyone else, just know this: the AK120 is one of the truest sounding players on the market that will bring your music to life.




Video Preview of NEW Damson Twist Bluetooth Speaker!

Coming soon: Damson Twist Bluetooth Speaker

We love a travel speaker here at Amp3 Towers and we also love intuitiveness and design. With the soon to be arriving Damson Twist, we’ll have all that and more. This clever Bluetooth speaker uses the surface it is placed on as a means to producing sound. That invites all kinds of creative ways to generate sound. Check out ours here.

With a reassuring weightiness this speaker is small enough to be placed in a handbag or pocket and taken anywhere and placed anywhere.

Check out the video of the speaker in action here.

For more information click here.



Capture a meteor landing with the Cowon Auto Capsule AW1

Cowon AW1

Footage of the meteor shower that dazzled Russia on February 15 took the world by storm thanks to everyday commuters who caught the incredible meteor crash from cameras on their dashboards.

Dash-cams are growing in popularity as they provide key evidence in road incident cases – and even capture key astronomical moments in history! This kind of video evidence is becoming so valuable that it is even rumoured to be taking insurance premiums down a notch for drivers who’ve a dash-cam installed.

So, with a fractional chance of capturing a meteor shower and with the ability to provide quantifiable evidence in a road incident, what are you waiting for?

The Cowon AW1 provides full HD images and an array of smart technology to make sure it’s got you covered. Being Wi-Fi enabled and in conjunction with the Cowon app you can access your files from the AW1 remotely from a smartphone and other devices.

Images can be captured in low light with ultra-sensitive triggers setting the camera off so you never miss a thing.


Click here for more information.



Denon deliver with over-ear ‘Urban Raver’, AH-D400. Read more here!

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’

~ £249.99 ~


The second set of headphones to be featured in Denon week is the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’, the over-ear big brother to the Denon AH-C300s.

Their sophisticated design with electric blue trim with illuminated ring and luxuriously soft padding set these ‘Ravers’ apart from any other over-ear options on the market. Their awesome ability to reproduce sound like you’ve never heard is down to the fully upgraded tech specs the Denon sound engineers have been hard at work improving.


They boast a colossal 50mm driver with integrated amplifier for an intense bass experience akin to the AH-C300s. Once on, these over-ear ‘Ravers’ will deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Their two-axis ear cup articulation guarantees a perfect fit and the memory foam padding means you can listen to endless hours of music without fatigue.

Located on the headphones is the Denon control wheel. A crisply modern illuminated blue ring frames the rotary control and suggests futuristic design hues to match the futuristic functions of the headphones. On the wheel you can control calls, volume and track without needing to even glance at your mp3 player or phone.

All this technology requires a bit of battery power but not to worry, from a single charge the battery delivers a whopping 12 hours of sonic bliss and if the battery runs flat, you still can play music in passive mode. Click below to read more about the luxury Denon accessories and exclusive Denon app!




COMPETITION: Win yourself an UBER Bag o’ Crap. Find out how here!

Bag o’ Crap

Only £5


If you’re one of our gambling customers who took their chances on one of our famous Bags o’ Crap then enter yourself in our fabulous Facebook competition. For your chance to win the ultimate in Bags o’ Crappy goodness then enter the competition to get your hands on an UBER Bag o’ Crap worth £50! All you need to do is enter by clicking this link and posting a picture to the Amp3 Facebook page.


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So get snapping and get posting! Click the link below to be directed to our Facebook page.


What will you land yourself with? A diamond or a turd?




Exoglo heated body warmer keeps body warm in harshest of conditions



Exoglo £155

Exoglo Pro £185


The Exoglo is the latest in cutting edge technology to come from Scottish based company EXO2. EXO2 are no strangers to developing state of the art clothing as their sophisticated patented FabRoc is of an almost indestructible build making it of military grade robustness.


The Exoglo has been specifically designed for women and uses three carefully positioned FabRoc heated panels. A large panel covers the kidney area where the remaining two cover the chest. This creates a cocoon of heat to keep the core of the body warm in the coldest of winter conditions.


There are 1-3 levels of warmth to choose from which are selectable from a hand held remote for convenience. The Exoglo uses a 12v battery which provides between 2-5 hours of charge. Coming in two colours and cut to fit a woman’s shape, the Exoglo is perfect for surviving the coldest of conditions as much as for casual wear. The Pro-Stretch and lycra materials are windproof, waterproof, lightweight and breathable – perfect for surviving the next Hurricane Bawbag.



Check it out

apple logo

Steve Jobs: A Tribute


Steve Jobs 1955-2011

[His] brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.” Apple


On hearing of the passing of Steve Jobs at Advanced MP3 Players I would like, on behalf of all the staff, to state how sorry we are to hear of his death. Advanced MP3 Players operates in the very sector that Jobs helped to create and in which his legacy will continue to influence.

Steve Jobs, the visionary behind the Apple brand and information revolution changed the world of technology for the better. The impact of Apple Inc. touched and influenced the worlds of communication, design and high-end technology.


His passion and rigour as leader took Apple from mediocre Macintosh retailer to the technology giant that usurped Microsoft to become the world’s biggest technology company.

Jobs’ resolute belief and passion for tasteful design led the way to an untapped, unconventional culture of technology that fused creativity with the best of technology.

Advanced MP3 Players owes a lot of its success to the work of Steve Jobs and his genius that brought MP3 players to the mainstream. The world of technology has suffered an incalcuable loss and this is truly a sad day at Amp3.” Andrew Gordon, Managing Director.


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