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hood bud 100x100

The innovative Hoodie Buddie has arrived! Pre order now!





The Hoodie Buddie has ARRIVED

Pre order here!

This cool idea brings together headphones and clothing, curing your listening experience from tangled up earphones!
The hoody uses HB3Technology. Inside the front pocket is a headphone jack that you can plug in to most MP3 Players. It links to the headphones which are located in the hoody and emerge from the end of the hood’s drawstrings. Perfect positioning for your ears.
Your headphones are always available hanging handily on either side of your head. What is more handy is there is no disconnecting needed for when the time comes to throw your Hoodie Buddie in the wash.
Just chuck it in the washing machine with your other clothes and at the end of the cycle will be a perfectly functioning but much fresher Hoodie Buddie for you to enjoy.


Pre order!






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Exogear Exomount is the Register Hardware Accessory of the week! Pre-order Yours Today!

Here at AMP3 we were getting geared up for the arrival of Exogears Exomount.  Now however with the Exomount making Register Hardwares ‘Accessory of the week’ and gaining a first class recommendation we can’t wait! 

Yes, it is simply a gripping gadget for your chosen mobile phone, mp3 player, internet tablet or GPS system, however the price point and effectiveness of the Exomount make it a winner! 

Exogear Exomount Universal Car Mount

Grip grab and stick your Exomount anywhere!

Available Thursday at Advanced MP3 Players
Only £19.99

“Exogear’s rather impressive Exomount consists of a bulldog clip-like gripper at one end and a normal-looking suction mount at the other. The clip part of the assembly is extremely easy to fit devices into – just press the back sections together, insert device and let go.”
“Grippy, grabby mount to hold your gadget safe in the car or in the house.”
Register Hardware Rated: 90%

Night’s in will never be the same – Cantons 5.1 Speaker system, the Movie 125 MX coming soon to AMP3!

5 Star Award Winning Canton Movie 125 MX

The Canton Movie 125 MX is available for Pre-order at Advanced MP3 Players!

The 5 Star Award Winning Movie 125 MX from Canton is a class leading, compact 5.1 Speaker system!  It comes with 4 identical satellite speakers (15mm tweeter + 8xm mid/bass driver), a front centre speaker (2x 15mm tweeter + 8xm mid/bass driver) and a powerful 140W active subwoofer with 20cm forward firing driver!

The Canton Movie 125 MX boasts a clean, clear, crisp and precise sound reproduction- What HiFi were so impressed they slapped a 5 star award on it….

“It doesn’t get shouty at volume, for example, and neither does it lose detail at low levels – something that any number of rivals are prey to…at the money, it’d be greedy to ask for more.” What HiFI Rated 5/5 (full review)

Available for Pre-order Today, £400
-Click Here-

Tablet Stand

UPDATE: NOW IN STOCK Breffo Spiderpodium – Gadget Seen on The Apprentice!

Advanced MP3 Players is delighted to inform you that two new Trendy Gadgets by Breffo have arrived!


Spiderpodiums are NOW IN STOCK.



Gadgets As Seen On the Apprentice!

A multi-award winning gadget grip and docking station for Smartphones, Camera’s, MP3 Players, SatNav Units and much more! Portable, lightweight, and packs flat, Spiderpodium is the ultimate travel companion.

Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Gadget Grip and Travel Dock As Seen on The Apprentice (Black) – £14.99


Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Flexible Tablet Stand (Black) – £19.99


Spiderpodiums NOW IN STOCK.


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New: Soundcast Wireless and Weather Resistant Speaker! Pre-Order Yours Today!

Two Premium Speakers Arrive at Advanced MP3 Players

For unforgetable Music Experience – Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Events!

A stunning speaker in short! This portable, wireless and weather-proof speaker by Soundcast is perfect for adding some premium quality music both indoors or outdoors. The weather-proof design makes the OutCast Junior perfect for BBQ’s, house parties or just general home audio listening.

Soundcast OutCast Junior Receiver – Wireless and Weather-Resistant Speaker – £495

- click here to find out more -

The Soundcast OutCast speaker system is an extremely innovative speaker system that is also wireless and weatherproof! Send wireless signals through walls, across the garden to a range of 350ft from the base station. This all weather system is a treat to setup and has a fantastic level of audio playback both wired and wirelessly.

Soundcast OutCast Wireless and Weather-Resistant Speaker Receiver with iCast Transmitter – £730

- click here to find out more –


Both speakers are available for pre-order now!

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Sonos Play:3 Arrives at Advanced MP3 Players! Pre-Order Now!

The most anticipated Sonos Unit  - “Sonos Play:3″ – is landing in Advanced MP3 Players Next Week!

Available now for Pre-Order!

Sonos have decided to launch a new wireless speaker system. This new product seems very promising and more affordable (£259).

Sonsos PLAY: 3 All-In-One Speaker System

TrustedReviews says…

“The Sonos range has just opened-up to a whole new swathe of buyers. A £249 price tag may not make the Sonos Play:3 an impulse buy, but buying a Sonos system isn’t the imposing prospect it once was. With sound quality better than you might expect of its small stature, this is a cheaper, less conspicuous alternative to the B&W Zeppelin Air.” (click here to read more)

What Hi-Fi tells us:

“The speaker can be used on its own, or as a pair for stereo sound, and can also be flicked between vertical and horizontal, changing their tonal balance as they do so.”

“With a new brand logo to match the new names, it marks a fresh onslaught on the ‘wireless hi-fi’ (Sonos’s preferred term) market.” (click here to read the full article).

Available NOW at Advanced MP3 Players

- Click here to find out more -


Are You the One Who Love the New Philips GoGear Muse?

What Hi-Fi revealed us that Philips have now launched their new MP4

Welcome to the GoGear Muse 3 portable player!

“It comes with a 3.2in, 16:9 screen and uses Philips’s ‘Sound Personalisation’ technology. This allows the user to adjust the sound by running their fingers around the four corners of the screen, which are marked ‘powerful, warm, sparkling and vocal’, selecting the type of sound they prefer.”

“As well as supporting audio formats such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis and WAV, it also handles video formats including MP4, WMV9 and RMVB.” (read the full article here)

The Philips GoGear Muse – Available soon in AMP3

Keep an eye on Advanced MP3 Players


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Will Simple Audio Beat Sonos this Autumn?

Launched in Autumn 2011, Simple Audio Multiroom System is the new Sonos’ Competitor!

Featured like “Beautifully Simple”, will this new product blow away Sonos?

What Hi-Fi explains:

“Simple Audio, the company founded by ex-Linn employees to develop a new PowerLine multiroom audio system, has launched a website giving more details of the product.

Head on over to and you can discover who’s behind the company, how the system will work and the range of products it will offer.

Initially due for launch this summer, we now understand Simple Audio will arrive in the UK this autumn once a distribution deal has been struck with retailers.” (read the full article here)




Desktop controller and iPhone Controller

- For More Information keep an eye peeled on Advanced MP3 Players -

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Fed up of blurry photos? The world’s first always in focus camera. Check it out.

Self FocusingI don’t know about you, but I always have a few cracking photos that are made decidedly dodgy by focus issues. Lytro look to have the solution with brand spanking new technology that captures the entire light field. Instead of just sucking all the light into a single image like normal digital cameras – they preserve the entire field allowing “pick and mix” focusing on your PC.

Pretty amazing stuff – target a boob in the picture below and you’ll see what I mean!



I’ve pre-ordered one of their cameras – I reckon their technology will be in every camera in the next few years. What do you reckon?

More info:



Got an iPad? This Summer Enjoy BBC iPlayer on your iPad Wherever you are in Europe!

BBC iPlayer has been developed for Europe: you will be able to access all BBC programmes outside the UK from your iPad for less than £6 month!

“The BBC’s iPlayer is set to go live on the iPad for European viewers later in the summer.”

“Jane Bennett, president of BBC Worldwide’s networks and global iPlayer operations that the international version of the BBC’s online video player will be different from the UK one, which focuses on recent content in a catch-up format.” (What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision – read full article here).

Soon with your BBC iPlayer app, you will enjoy thousands of movies, TV programmes, music and even more, wherever you are in Europe!

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