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’1970s fantabulous’ that quirky Colorfly C4 makes waves at Hi-Fi World

Colorfly C4


The C4, a staple at Amp3, might appear retro but the sound it’s capable of emitting is distinctly modern. Hi-Fi World think so too. In a recent 3 page review Hi-Fi World had this to say of the walnut cased wonder:

1970s fantabulous, the Colorfly C4 Pro is one wacky device […] it has an exciting sound that seemingly lifts hi-res higher, making listening a thrill.’ Hi-Fi World.

This product, with an average customer rating of 5/5 stars, is certainly wacky. Few high end music players veer from the cool crispness of brushed metal housing and predominant black, white or silver colouring. The C4 got the sound right – exactly right according to customers and reviewers alike – and decided to get unique with its design.

If you’re designing a luxury music player you’ve got to make it look the part and nothing screams luxury than technology enclosed in walnut wood, right? Obviously Colorfly designed this vintage beast with intentions to visually compliment the 50 year old malt you’ll undoubtedly be drinking while listening to its aural offerings. The juxtaposition between design and performance invites, nay positively encourages, discussion and debate akin to verbal hot topics like the meaning of life or the latest episode of Homeland. A truly luxurious and memorable player.


As Colorfly appreciate, appearances do count, but when you’re forking out £549 on a music player you’re going to want it to do what it says on the tin. And the C4 absolutely does. So who’s really complaining when you’re being carried through a heady sonic experience by something better placed in the 70s than alongside the seas of brushed silver players out there? Probably no one.

Get yours today.


Tried and Tested: The Matrix One Speaker Video Review Is Here!

Matrix One Bluetooth Travel Speaker


The travel speaker market has been crying out for a decent Bluetooth speaker and now, recently landed at Amp3 HQ, is the Matrix Audio One. Bluetooth simply makes hooking up to your phone or Bluetooth device that little bit easier and doesn’t mean your device is tied to wherever the speaker is.

AND not only can you wander ‘til your heart’s content (up to 10m!) but you can also make or answer calls with the speaker. Use it for conference calls or simply as a hands free kit.


**Check out the Amp3 review video here**


The Matrix One is available now for £59.99


The Revo PiXiS DAB and DAB+ radio wins Which? Best Buy Award

RevoRevo PiXiS DAB and DAB+


As the first sub £100 DAB/DAB+ radio with colour touchscreen the Revo PiXiS had a lot to live up to coming as the latest in a strong line of Revo radios.

Fitted with a bright 3.5” colour touch screen the PiXiS delivers cutting edge technology at an affordable price. The compact clock will sit neatly on a bedside table or in the kitchen without being cumbersome. Despite its sleek size the PiXiS delivers controlled levels of bass and clarity of sound.

Wake up to your favourite radio station accompanied by visual information presented on the beautifully bright TFT screen.

“We sent it to our lab to see if it made the grade… and make the grade it did.  Easy to use controls, decent alarm options and a pleasing sound mean Revo walks away with its first Best Buy award.” Which?

For more information on the Revo PiXiS, click here.



Men’s Health give glowing review to Jaybird Freedom Sprints! Read more here

Jaybird Freedom Sprints



The Jaybird Sprint wireless headphones triumphed in the expert lead Men’s Health ‘aural exam’. Rated 8/10 for stability and sound quality the Jaybird Sprints demonstrated that these headphones are a cut above the rest. Testing took the shape of hill sprints in 5k runs by running enthusiast Kerry McCarthy, an editor at Runner’s World where sound quality was tested by Dr Michael Terrel, a scientist at Queen Mary University.


‘These come with a selection of buds and hooks to tailor the fit for your ear. This kept them securely in place throughout our hard hill sprints test. Easy-to-access buttons make it simple to adjust the volume mid-session, leaving you free to focus on the road.’ Men’s Health

For sport and exercise, there is no better option for listening to music than wireless headphones. With studies showing endurance is boosted by 15% there’s all the more reason to pick up a set of Sprints.



Elliot video reviews the AH-D400 Urban Ravers from Denon.

Denon Urban Ravers AH-D400



These headphones are Beats beaters in terms of style and sound. With a funky light that encircles the on-ear control wheel and chunky over-ear design these headphones ooze street chic. Check out the video review here.

Their sounds boasts seriously big bass designed specifically for digital music. Enjoy everything from electro, house and hip-hop on these headphones.

For more information check out our hands on video review here.




Colorfly C3 gets 7/10 from Wired!


RATED: 7/10

‘Terrific sound, solid build, very portable’ Wired

The sublime Colorfly C3 has been reviewed by Wired online and has impressed with its ability to produce portable audiophile quality sound.

This luxury player is the baby sister of the Colorfly C4 – a seriously luxury player made with a wooden back panel and retro controls – and is as beautiful in sound as it is design.

Boasting a no nonsense user interface the C3 is designed to simply look incredible and sound incredible. No fuss or frills here. Simply it offers good looking portability with audiophile sound to boot. Wired said, ‘With good quality recordings, it sounds sublime.’

The C3 will play WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA and MP3 files so no matter what you use to listen to music, the C3 will play it. For an affordable answer to stylish sound, look no further than the C3.




Polly and Jason review the Denon Urban Ravers AH-D400

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Ravers’ Over-Ear Headphone with Microphone Remote Controls for iPhone/iPad/iPod



RATED 5/5 Gs!

‘They’re as dangerous as they are cool: Denon’s epic looking over earheadphones pack a giant volume knob on the cups, so you can crank them up to 11 on the go.’ Gadget Show

Exhibited at Gadget Show Live Christmas 2012 the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Ravers’ took the fancy of presenters Jason and Polly who put them to the test on a busy London train. The headphones held up and the presenters were particularly taken with the Denon app. See the website review here.

Denon have incorporated awesome sound in the form of 50mm drivers into the street styled AH-D400s. Unlike any headphones out there the Urban Ravers produce an unrivalled sonic performance at the £249.99 price point AND are stylish to boot.


Move over Dre Beats! These Ravers definitely have the edge on cool. On-ear controls mean with a simple twist of the control dial you can change track, volume, answer a call and hang up – all from one place! To top it all off, there’s even a cool LED light to keep you entertained.

If you’re a fan of digital music, these are for you. Boasting a deep and controlled bass these Ravers are suited to electro, techno, hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass genres particularly. Packed full of proprietary Denon tech you can rest assured these are going to sound amazing.


With the exclusive Denon app you’ve got one touch access to song lyrics, can update Facebook or Twitter with what your listening to and listen to digital radio via Tune-In integration!

So what are you waiting for?!




That’ll do nicely – Cowon Z2 receives a huge 4/5 star rating from What Hi-Fi!

Z2 16GB£199

Z2 32GB£249

**RATED: 4/5**

The Cowon Z2 has been tried and tested by experts in sound – What Hi-Fi – and has received a 4/5 star rating!

And the Cowon Z2 does sound great. The tonal balance is spot on, sounding crisp and clear, but not bright at high volume. There’s good detail to voices, decent dynamics and bass notes are solid but not overpowering. It’s a comfortable, enjoyable listen.

What Hi-Fi

The Z2 is the Android enabled media player from Cowon boasting a fluid user-interface so you can navigate between apps, music and video effortlessly. Though the Z2 competes in a market where almost every hand held device is multifunctional.


What differentiates the Z2 from any other player out there is its exceptional capacity for sound. Cowon is the go-to brand for affordable audiophile music. With an impressive 4/5 star rating it would seem What Hi-Fi agree.




Denon AH-W150 wireless sports headphones receive gadgeteer Suzi Perry’s praise. Read more here!

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak



TV presenter and former Gadget Show host, Suzie Perry uses the Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak headphones as her preferred headphones for sport!

Tweeting last week Perry stated the headphones boast ‘great sound’. And that they do. These totally wireless Bluetooth headphones come from the makers of a long line of high quality headphones the AH-W150’s are Denon’s solution to quality sound while exercising. Having your cake and eating it – in a hypothetical sense, of course.

The common problem with sports headphones is that manufacturers are so wrapped up in providing a practical user experience that sound quality is compromised. This is simply not so with the Denon Exercise Freaks. Instead, the quality of sound reproduction is akin to any of their similarly priced in-ear range.

Music matters and with recent clinical tests showing that music can improve your performance by up to 20% it’s important to choose headphones that will deliver a good thumping bass to run alongside to but with all the balance of mid and treble tones. That’s where the Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freaks come in.

Read more about the Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak headphones here.




Jaybird Freedom Sprints given glowing review by the Huffington Post!

Jaybird Freedom Sprint



The Huffington Post has put the new Jaybird Freedom Sprints through their paces and they’ve come out winning! The Huff Post’s expert tech writer said of them, ‘In design they reflect that task well. These are simple, understated headphones, with none of the overblown chintz of some other brands. They are light, black, plastic and lightly adorned with decoration, and while other headphones will give you a more ‘premium’ experience (whatever that means), they look the part.’ Read the full review here.

The Jaybird Freedom Sprints are the latest offering from leaders in fitness headphone design, Jaybird. They are a massive 40% smaller than their predecessors, the Jaybird Freedoms, and have even incorporated smaller on-ear controls. With a lifetime warranty against sweat, these headphones are well worth the investment as they are certainly built to last.