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All the latest MP3 Players: 32GB and Over


The Calyx M has Landed!

Calyx M - £795.00

Calyx M – £795.00

The long wait is over – the Calyx M has finally arrived in stock at AMP3.


This big brown hunk of audio goodness offers true high resolution audio, and will play pretty much any audio file type you throw at it. Boasting DSD capability and the ability to be used as an asynchronous digital-to-analog converter with the ability to play back virtually any file type, including DSD, 128DSD, DXD and 32Bit 384KHz, the M really means business.



Coming in at the same tier as the Cowon Plenue 1 and the lower end Astell & Kern, Calyx’s M has true audiophile’s set firmly in its sights.

Head over to AMP3 now to get further details on the Calyx M:


Cowon Z2 is rated 7/10 by Trusted Reviews! Read more here


For the true audiophile this is a triumph, the Cowon Z2 sounds fantastic with superior audio processing, wide codec support, a responsive UI and expandable storage.’ Trusted Reviews

The Cowon Z2 is the highest performing audio player from Cowon yet. This player exceeds Cowon expectations delivering exceptional audio and video quality as well as adopting and Android UI. Access a variety of apps while listening to your music in high quality.

This personal media player blows any other rival straight out of the water in terms of the quality of its key functions. If it’s a music player that does what it says and more that you want, look no further than the Z2. Tech experts Trusted Reviews agree giving it a 7/10. To read their full review, click here.


The 16GB version retails for £199 and 32GB £249.



Audiophile grade Sony player boasts Android OS


Sony NWZ-Z1060 32GB Android Walkman MP3/4 Player With 4.3″ Touch Screen



The latest Sony personal media playing device is the beautiful Sony NWZ-Z1060. Android enabled and loaded with the very best technology, the Sony NWZ-Z1060 plays both video and audio files in stunning clarity. The Sony NWZ-Z1060 has been expertly engineered to reproduce sound with higher than ever noise and distortion reduction levels.


S-Master MX technology typically used to power AV receivers, HiFi amplifiers and hi-end theatre systems, has been optimized for mobile devices where the Sony NWZ-Z1060 is the flagship model. This power drives the Sony NWZ-Z1060’s digital amplifier which has been upgraded from previous models to include further reduction of the jitter process, feedback and improved volume control. TheNWZ-Z1060 comes with 32GB of sound and is the best sounding Sony player yet.


Get yours today for £274!

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It’s all in the name – Colorfly C4 Pocket Hi-Fi wins praise from RegHardware

C4Colorfly C4 Pocket Hi-Fi


‘Virtually all digital music players these days make claims for ‘great sound quality’ but few take it to the extremes of the Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi. It claims to be the only portable player capable of handling 24bit/192kHz audio files. By comparison, CD audio is 16-bit/44.1kHzand you could argue that there’s no real need for such a high resolution, but music production kit is capable of producing recordings atthis level, and so here’s a portable player to match.’ Read full review from RegHardware here

RATED: 75%


The Colorfly C4 Pocket Hi-Fi is a luxury media player suited to even the most particular of audiophiles. As the name suggests  Colorfly C4 Pocket Hi-Fi. Built in the wooden walls of this portable player is technology that produces sound akin to what a Hi-Fi system is capable of outputting.  The digital audio converter produces high quality acoustics with a massive audio range of up to 120db as well has a high decoding rate.



The Colorfly C4 Pocket Hi-Fi also implements a patented Jitter Killer technology to make the sound ever more superior than the other portable players out there.  The real wood housing has been engraved by hand making each player unique. Loaded with sophisticated technology this player is one of the best out there. With excellent looks and superior technology, the Colorfly C4 Pocket Hi-Fi is a true champion of sound.


Pre order




Cowon J3 – exceeding expectations in sound, video and design.

J3Cowon J3


Cowon J3 32GB MP3 Player


~ £169 ~


“All the core strengths of the Cowon S9 are still in place, including superb sound and excellent video quality, while the addition of a memory expansion slot and improved battery life are very welcome. The wholly unexpected and unheralded appearance of support for H.264 video and AAC audio now makes the J3 one of the best PMPs on the market.” RegHardware




Cowon are a brand known for excellence in sound. The J3 both embodies this reputation and exceeds it. Winning the prestigious redDot Design Award in 2010, this award added to a long list of accolades for Cowon.


Using the BBE+ audio architecture the J3 is capable of making poor quality audio files shine while bringing out the best in the better files. This MP3 player is not only capable of delivering unwavering quality of sound it can also play high quality videos. The individual pixels in the 3.3” AMOLED screen produce their own light meaning the on screen picture changes more fluidly than on an LCD screen.


Delivering what the consumer wants, Cowon listened to customer feedback and updated the J3 to include expandable memory. Add an SD card and build on the memory the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models can already hold.


Click here for images, video and a full product description.



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Simplicity, Stylish and Stunning – It Can Only Be Sony NWZ A845!

Sony NWZ A845, launched last year by Sony, is still producing the goods!

Qualified as “a survivor from the previous generation of media players” by Stuff this morning, the Sony A845 is still out performing others in the amrket! Slim, fast, stunning memory capacity (up to 64GB).

With your Sony A845 you will experience unparalleled video and music playback. This MP3 Player also blocks external sound with Digital Noise Cancelling.

Looking for a new MP3 Player, don’t look any further, the A845 is the perfect one. With 4 stars in Stuff, this leading publication is also recommending it to you:

“It’s outshone in various areas by any iPod you care to compare it to, but aside from Apple’s players there are scant few portables that can stake a claim to your pocket these days. For sound quality and simplicity alone, the A845 is worth a look, especially if you can get one at a discount.” (read the full review here)

Sony NWZ-A847 64GB WALKMAN MP3 Player – Only £279 (WAS £299)

- full product description here -

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Sony A846 Leaves Reviewers Stunned!

Sony A846 – Apple beating sound quality!

How could you resist to this little gem made by Sony? The thinnest MP3 Players with high sound qualities has already convinced more than one of us!
Reviewed 5 stars by What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, Sony A846 is winning awards from many different reviewers:

What Hi-Fi: “For the first time in years the little Apple has a genuine rival”



T3 Magazine: “Sony has once again produced a gadget which cranks out tunes better than any Apple PMP. For that reason, audiophiles should plump for this every time.”



TechRadar: “the latest Sony Walkman is truly a contender for our favourite personal digital audio player.”

PistonHeads Gassing Station :


“The screen is one of the best screens I have seen on an mp3 player, very bright, excellent contrast and great viewing angles.

“The A846 is excellently built. It appears to be made of metal, with a scratch resistant glass screen.

“The screen is one of the best screens I have seen on an mp3 player, very bright, excellent contrast and great viewing angles.

“The sound is warm, with a very nice and full low end. the sound is excellent with a hint of warm lushness.

“The OLED screen is very good, but at least for my taste a bit too small for watching feature films.”


The Sony A846 (32GB) and A847 (64 GB) are still available from
- full product information here –


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