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The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand - from £24.50

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand - from £24.50

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand – from £24.50

New to AMP3’s virtual shelves, the Glass Skull headphone stand is the perfect spooky accessory for your headphones. If you’ve been looking for a creepy companion to guard your headphones when not in use, then this fella is perfect for scaring away would-be headphone thieves.

Who's a handsome boy then?

Who’s a pretty boy then?

Cousin of the famous AMP3 Glass head, the Glass Skull is available in 7 creepy colours and replete with anatomical features, the Glass Skull will provide quite the talking point. Not for the faint of heart!

See the Glass Skulls over at AMP3:

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand

*Please Note – no headphones are included*

FiiO E17K (£99)

New FiiO Amplifiers coming to AMP3

Fiio (Mont Blanc) E12A Portable Headphone Amplifier – IEM SPECIAL EDITION

FiiO E12A (£129)

FiiO E12A (£129) 

Building on the success of the first model, FiiO are soon to release the new E12A headphone amplifier.


The upgrade to the E12 will feature a new upgraded OP AMP section, large capacity battery giving 20 hours playback, and new intuitive controls. The E12A Portable Headphone Amplifier IEM Special Edition will be available in a shiny silver colour, unlike previous FiiO amplifiers.


The FiiO E12A is expected to arrive late February so keep your eye on our site!

Head over to our site to get more details:

Fiio (Mont Blanc) E12A Portable Headphone Amplifier – IEM SPECIAL EDITION


FiiO E17K (Alpen 2) Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC

FiiO E17K (£99)

FiiO E17K (£99)

Also soon to grace AMP3’s virtual shelves is the new upgraded E17K Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC.
The ever popular E17 has been on a diet and been given a makeover by the technicians at FiiO; the E17K is thinner and more powerful than its predecessor, and features fewer buttons on its face. The volume wheel has been updated to respond to twists and clicks.


The E17K can also be used as a USB DAC when connected to your computer via USB, enabling DSD decoding and bringer you a much higher sound quality than you are used to from your computer.


Head over to the product page for more information:

FiiO E17K (Alpen 2) Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC


Check out the rest of our amplifiers at the link below:
AMP3 Headphone Amplifiers


If Ferrari made headphones…

Ferrari by Logic 3 S100i Scuderia Noise Isolating Earphones with Mic and 3 Button Remote – Red



Well it’s your lucky day. They do. Maintaining some of the key Ferrari car features and design queues the Ferrari by Logic 3 S100i Scuderia noise-isolating earphones are as stylish as the car and as high performing too.

Built with an in-line mic and controls these headphones will enable you to change track or volume easily or even pick up or make calls on the move.

The Ferrari Scuderia earphones are inspired by the competition, speed and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team. They even come with a cool looking carry case. So expect big things.


Check out more on the headphones here.



CRAZY Denon Savings

This week we’ve got some serious deals going on for our Denon range of headphones. Denon are one of the top brands in the headphone industry so grab up a bargain while you can!

Check out the Denon AH-C101 headphones reduced from £79.99 to £49.99 – that’s a saving of £30!

Or, pick up a set of AH-D600 ‘Music Maniac’ over-ear cans for £279.99 and make a saving of £220!

Only at Amp3 will you find this kind of savage price slashing. Check out the Denon range here!



Denon deliver with over-ear ‘Urban Raver’, AH-D400. Read more here!

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’

~ £249.99 ~


The second set of headphones to be featured in Denon week is the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’, the over-ear big brother to the Denon AH-C300s.

Their sophisticated design with electric blue trim with illuminated ring and luxuriously soft padding set these ‘Ravers’ apart from any other over-ear options on the market. Their awesome ability to reproduce sound like you’ve never heard is down to the fully upgraded tech specs the Denon sound engineers have been hard at work improving.


They boast a colossal 50mm driver with integrated amplifier for an intense bass experience akin to the AH-C300s. Once on, these over-ear ‘Ravers’ will deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Their two-axis ear cup articulation guarantees a perfect fit and the memory foam padding means you can listen to endless hours of music without fatigue.

Located on the headphones is the Denon control wheel. A crisply modern illuminated blue ring frames the rotary control and suggests futuristic design hues to match the futuristic functions of the headphones. On the wheel you can control calls, volume and track without needing to even glance at your mp3 player or phone.

All this technology requires a bit of battery power but not to worry, from a single charge the battery delivers a whopping 12 hours of sonic bliss and if the battery runs flat, you still can play music in passive mode. Click below to read more about the luxury Denon accessories and exclusive Denon app!




ColcaSac iPad Sleeve: An UGG boot for your iPad.

ColcaSacColcaSac iPad Sleeve



Protect your iPad with a ColcaSac by taking advantage of its generous internal padding and tough outer material. It might look as though you are putting your iPad to bed in one of these sleeves but rest assured it is thoroughly protected.

ColcaSacs are manufactured from natural materials. The cotton is hand-loomed from a village in Mexico where the organic hemp is sourced from the valleys of China. These materials fuse organic and natural roots to make a robust yet comfortable case to protect your very modern iPad.

The materials are grown, weaved and printed in the United States. 100% certified cotton gives it the strength to withstand everyday wear and tear where the non-toxic, low-impact dye adds the brilliant colour and design.

Rest assured ColcaSac is not only a company that only looks environmentally friendly but actually is. With every purchase, ColcaSac shares a fraction of the profits with environmental organisations through the 1% For the Planet scheme.

Protect your iPad in a fully functional, responsibly-made sleeve. If only they made them for people…


buy now


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