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DN-2000 (£239)

New Dunu Earphones Coming Soon to AMP3

With the Dunu range of in-ear headphones proving popular at AMP3, we are soon to be stocking a range of new Dunu products. Check out the new arrivals below.



Dunu DN-Titan 1 Dynamic IEM Earphones with Top of the Line Dynamic Transducer & Nano Class Titanium Diaphragm


DN-Titan 1 (£79)

DN-Titan 1 (£79)


The most affordable of the new additions to the Dunu range, the DN-Titan 1s are definitely not to be sniffed at. Utilizing a titanium diaphragm these in ear monitors produce a thick bass and clear trebles that belies their price and can handle high power without causing distortion.


With a sleek, minimalist body crafted in metal designed to reduce extra resonance, these earphones are tough and durable.


See the link below for more details:

Dunu DN-Titan 1


Dunu DN-Alpha 1 Dynamic Balanced Armature Earphones – The World’s First Hybrid Earbud

DN-Alpha 1 (£129)

DN-Alpha 1 (£129)

Being touted as the ‘World’s first hybrid earbud’, the new DN-Alpha 1s certainly will pique music enthusiasts’ interest.


When looking for earphones to use on the move, people tend to look for in-canal earphones as they create a seal with the ear and isolate the listener from outside noise; not so with the humble earbud.


This may put some potential buyers off, but the DN-Alpha 1s are actually very comfortable and have been graced with a ‘hybrid’ system of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. With the dynamic driver providing quality bass and the balanced armature taking care of the mids and highs, the Alpha 1s prove to be well-balanced and smooth whilst maintaining comfort for the listener.


If this wasn’t enough, the Alpha 1s come supplied with a treasure trove of accessories to make sure you get the most from your new earphones.


Head over to the product page for more information:

Dunu DN-Alpha 1


Dunu DN-2000 Audiophile Dynamic Balanced Armature Hybrid IEM Earphones with Pioneering Hybrid Technology

DN-2000 (£239)

DN-2000 (£239)

Last but certainly not least, the DN-2000s again feature the combination of dynamic drivers and dual balanced armature drivers to create a ‘hybrid’ flagship earphone.


With a dynamic driver to produce strong bass outputs, and a single driver for both the mids and highs, the DN-2000s provide the listener with a full soundstage which is suitable for all genres of music.


The DN-2000s are as a result balanced and transparent but not lacking in bass, meaning they are the perfect earphones for those looking for a quality output for their high-resolution player.


Follow the link below for more details:

Dunu DN-2000


For those interested in our entire Dunu range, please see the link below;

Dunu at AMP3


HiFiMan audiophile headphones at bargain price!


HiFiMan RE262

HiFiMan have designed a set of headphones that have made audiophile quality of sound affordable. Enter the RE262 model. What is so astonishing about these headphones is their price tag. Not many of us are totally willing to fork out a fortune for headphones if we can buy cheaper ones that will “make do for now”. £99 is certainly a bit steep for a set of headphones that are distinctly average. But £99 for headphones that are of audiophile calibre is a steal.


The RE262 model is a fierce competitor in the high-end audiophile market but does not come with the inflated price. They compete directly with market leaders such as Shure’s SE535 and Sennheiser’s IE8 but do not compete in price. At £319 and £199 respectively, £99 for the RE262s seems a pretty modest asking.


Essentially, their excellence is in their sound. The lows are deep and textured where bass does not overcrowd the overall tone or infringe on mid ranges. There the mids are full and smooth with attention to detail that is crisp. Vocals and trebles compliment the sonic dynamism by contributing a large and detailed range.


Audiophile quality headphones are often delicate and fragile, the RE262 model is an absolute bruiser that has smashed the need for excessive expense and will hopefully redefine typically high price points for audiophile technology.


Check it out



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thinksound TS02s featured in Mail on Sunday! Check it out.

TS02 Mail on SundayThinksound TS02 featured in InDemand section of Mail on Sunday

The impressive eco credentials that thinksound boast have been acknowledged by the country’s most read Sunday newspaper.

The TS02 headphones deserve all the credit they get. Being top in the class for eco credentials they are also top in the class for sound reproduction.

The wooden housing allows for strong bass to compliment your listening experience as it should. As well as providing excellent bass, they tick all the other boxes delivering transparent mids and clear highs.


Let’s go green.

thinksound are ambassadors of the green movement and drive this belief forward through the production of their responsibly made headphones. All products are made with real wood from renewable sources and minimal volumes of plastic using PVC free wires. The packaging is made from bleach-free recycled cardboard and eliminates the common plastic pieces normally associated with headphone packaging.

Even the cable design which they specify is free of polyvinyl chloride, is demonstrative of Thinksound’s full attention to making their product as eco-friendly as possible.  For this reason, when I use the TS02 and introduce them to friends, I feel a certain distinguished pride which I only experience with Thinksound’s products.David Mahler,


Get yourself a pair of these today for only £49.99. There is also opportunity to upgrade to the TS02+mic enabling you to take phone calls through your headphones for £54.99.


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FIVE STAR rating for SoundMagic E10 headphones from What HiFI

Blimey, what a treat these little in-ears are. For a start, they look like they’re worth way more than £35, thanks to a metal casing that looks snazzy in any of the three finishes. They punch well above their weight in terms of sound quality too.’ What HiFi.

SoundMagic have struck a chord with those of us who want good audio quality from our headphones but don’t want to re-mortgage in order to get it. The market is flooded with incredible headphones but often they come at an incredible price.

The SoundMagic E10s are a high quality set of headphones made for everyday use. They’ve got a metal housing to protect from being tossed about in a bag or from being stuffed into a pocket.

The headphones cope well with high trebles keeping the sound clean and crisp but it’s with the bass tones where the E10s really shine. They reproduce deep and weighty bass notes much in the way higher end headphones (should) do.

Another necessary feature with good in-ear headphones is an ability to isolate noise. The varying size of earbuds that come with the headphones will ensure you get the right ones and once the shoe fits you’ll benefit from the passive noise isolating function.

Often touted as earphones that perform beyond their price range, Soundmagic definitely deserve the FIVE STAR rating from What HiFi.


Read full product description here

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REVIEW: NU Dolphin Lite

NU Dolphin

NU Dolphin Lite 2GB Wearable Waterproof MP3 Player reviewed by The Scotsman.

The quick charge function gives you two hours of playback from a five-minute charge, with 18-20 hours from a full charge. In actual fact the player is more crocodile than dolphin, with the included belt clip allowing it to be used for exercising out of the pool too.’  Read full review here.


When presented with the NU Dolphin headset you might struggle to get your head round how it gets round your head.  The funny contraption is meant to be as streamline as possible when you wear it in the water.


Despite its odd appearance it does the job. There are no wires or bulky MP3 players to worry about. Perfect for underwater and also ideal for any other kind of sporting activity. There are three sensibly sized large buttons placed on the back of the headset to make changing tracks and adjusting volume easy.


For any of us who minutes before leaving for the gym suddenly realise we’ve forgotten to charge our MP3 player, there is the exercise saving quick charge function. Five minutes charge time will buy you two hours playback time with the NU Dolphin. Impressive.

Wire and hassle free use this product for any exercise.

NU Dolphin

~ Get yours here ~

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Audiophiles, ready yourselves. The Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones have arrived and they are packing serious punch.


Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones

Grado have a reputation for attention to detail that is extremely welcome in an industry that is so full of detail and specifics. In the world of headphones there is so much to get right. Often you hear people fussing over the great mid-tones but are let down by shoddy bass reproduction or the headphones are so comfortable but don’t look great.

With Grado, all the boxes are ticked. They look great and the angle of the ear piece is designed to fit securely in your ear making a seal. The seal works to isolate noise and it does so to great effect. No need to worry about a passing lorry or busy bus ruining your pristine listening experience.

Now for the techy stuff.  These have been made with Grado’s proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature driver design and an ear bud manufactured from two different kinds of silicone rubber material. Distortion is minimised through careful engineering and frequency response is extended at both ends of the audio spectrum.

So in case you’re not a tech-head, this translates as incredible performance capabilities that result in definition, clarity and sound replication that is quite simply astonishing.

The Grado GR10s are a set of headphones that provide a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.


Read the full product description here.



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Fancy Free Earphones Worth £69?

Advanced MP3 Players is offering a FREE set of HiSoundAudio Crystal Audiophile Grade Earbuds with the First 10 orders of the Studio-V!

Pick up your Hisoundaudio Studio-V 4GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player:

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