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DACs for your ‘phones?


Zorloo Z:ero


With greater demand for higher sound quality whilst on the move some manufacturers have come up with a novel way of getting you the quality you demand – earphones with integrated DACs.

The earphone manufacturer Zorloo has designed the ‘World’s First’ digital earphone, the bizarrely named Z:ero, which plugs directly into the Micro-USB port on your smartphone to provide you with digital audio output. With a Wolfson DAC and a headphone amplifier crammed into the in-line control, the Zorloo Z:ero is definitely more portable than carrying around a separate DAC and amp.


FiiO E18

Previously audiophiles on the move would have to carry around amplifier/DAC combos such as the FiiO E18

But Zorloo aren’t the only people to offer headphones with built-in DACs. Sony has already released the MDR-1ADAC, a set of over-ear headphones with a built-in DAC, and Philips demoed their new NC1L noise cancelling headphones at CES 2015, which has an integrated 24-bit DAC designed to give Apple users superior audio via the Lightning port on their device.


Zorloo may not have gotten there first, but incorporating DACs into earphones and headphones may be the start of a new trend as manufacturers look to target the more discerning smartphone audio enthusiasts.


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CordCruncher Deliver Customisable Headphones That Won’t Tangle


That’s right! You read it correctly – there’s yet another new product coming to Amp3 HQ!

To add to the growing list of things to get crazy excited about we’ve got a product that is, quite simply, keeping it real. The CordCruncher! No technological wonderment, no pioneering the next revolutionary way we listen to music and certainly none of this impedance, FLAC and frequency response jargon to dizzy our perception of what an mp3 player or headphones actually do. Instead, we’ve got the mercifully simple but wonderfully innovative CordCruncher.


I see you, CordCruncher!

A set of headphones that come in an extremely exciting array of colours that promises not to tangle. Who’da thunkit?! Tangled wires are the age old headphone problem each and every one of us has been plagued by. Unlike with other headphones, where problem solving and patience have been pushed to the brink, the CordCruncher relieves us of this knotted nightmare by simply, not getting knotted.

This ingenuity comes in the form of an elasticated rubber tube that saves us this tangled misery and grants us a cable extension. Yes, you simply pull the Cordcruncher headphones from the top and the jack from the bottom and you’ve got a set of headphones stretching to 3.5 feet!



Now here is the really exciting bit. With hot pink, electric blue, ecstatic green and well, standard black to choose from it would be a crying shame to pigeonhole such perfectly pigmented CordCruncher headphones as just headphones. Luckily for us, THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. With the ability to secure the jack into the other end of the elasticated tube (where the ‘phones are at) you create a loop. Voila! Saturday night’s accessory strife is sorted by the CordCruncher. Wear it as a necklace, wristband or headband and ascend the ranks of ironic accessory hierarchy faster than you can say ‘hipster’.

CordCruncher, coming to a catwalk near you



From humble beginnings came Moxytronix. Established in Nevada, Las Vegas and born out of ‘creative chaos’ these guys set out to eliminate ‘daily inconveniences and frustrations that are often taken for granted’ – according to their website. From this chaos and with a little help from friends and a Kickstarter campaign, came the CordCruncher.



These headphones do their job well, relieve us of pesky cable knots and will soon be personally recommended as an accessory must-have by Anna Wintour (really, it’s only a matter of time). So what’s not to love?! Nothing.

Saturday night CordCruncher chic

Watch out for them on the website!


‘Sonic thump and powerful bass’: Denon’s secret ingredients in the AH-W150 wireless headphones


Denon deliver ‘sonic thump and powerful bass’ to score a huge 7/10 from Men’s Health in their sports headphone round up. The Exercise Freaks are part of Denon’s brand new range of headphones and are targeted at the athletes among us.

Addressing the common occurrence of headphones dislodging when you’re using them to work out, Denon have designed these to stay put. With an over ear fit and a sweat proof coating you won’t need to worry about these falling out or even the close contact to your head and outpourings of sweat ruining their sophisticated innards.

Said innards are what provide the impressive audio quality in these sports headphones. The amp will ensure that whether you’re blocking out the Intense Dance Euphoria Extreme Bass Remix 2013 Edition CD your gym is playing or simply the wind while outside, the Exercise Freaks will provide the power needed and enough passive noise isolation to avoid turning up the volume unnecessarily.

Better yet, if buying a brand new shiny set of headphones isn’t motivation enough to get outside, Denon even have an exercise app available. Check out more on the app and tech specifics here.



Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’ rated Best Headphones for Travel by The Independent.

Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’


The Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ headphones have been rated as the Best Headphones for Travelling by The Independent newspaper. In a round-up of the best headphones out available the Denon’s won out in the travel section.

‘This pair of on-ear headphones are deeply comfortable and offer great build quality.’ The Independent

These headphones will bring a touch of luxury to your travels boasting incredible noise cancellation and super soft memory foam fit. The Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’ have dual functionality and will operate both wirelessly and plugged in for in-flight use. Enjoy the freedom of having high quality wireless headphones and on-ear controls for the ultimate in ease of use.

If it’s incredible comfort and optimum function you’re after look no further than the Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’.


***Latest Christmas Delivery Dates***


Christmas Delivery Dates

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New HP-100s Sound Magic with luxury comfort padding and supreme sound!


SoundMagic HP100 Closed Back Headphones




These closed back headphones from SoundMagic are monsters of sound. Coming from the manufacturers that brought us the E10 and E30 in-ear models we know these are going to be good.


On first inspection these headphones look insanely comfortable. Their over-arching headband is wide and thick which displaces weight evenly and offers a luxuriously padded underside for hours of long listening. Hunker down with the full series of Harry Potter audiobooks without feeling any discomfort on your ear – the HP-100s are wide enough to encircle your whole ear, lightly resting on your head.

Offering high-fidelity listening the HP-100s are optimized for sonic excellence. Thanks to specifically tuned drivers a wide soundstage and impeccable definition is heard. This immense capacity for audio is to the standard of studio headphones so SoundMagic have enabled the ear cups to pivot to almost any angle making them perfect for DJs as well as everyday users.


Like any high quality set of headphones, the SoundMagic HP-100s come with a variety of accessories that includes a flight adapter, cleaning cloth, hard storage case and carabiner hook.


Read more here about why the HP-100s from SoundMagic are too good to be true.




Denon deliver with over-ear ‘Urban Raver’, AH-D400. Read more here!

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’

~ £249.99 ~


The second set of headphones to be featured in Denon week is the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’, the over-ear big brother to the Denon AH-C300s.

Their sophisticated design with electric blue trim with illuminated ring and luxuriously soft padding set these ‘Ravers’ apart from any other over-ear options on the market. Their awesome ability to reproduce sound like you’ve never heard is down to the fully upgraded tech specs the Denon sound engineers have been hard at work improving.


They boast a colossal 50mm driver with integrated amplifier for an intense bass experience akin to the AH-C300s. Once on, these over-ear ‘Ravers’ will deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Their two-axis ear cup articulation guarantees a perfect fit and the memory foam padding means you can listen to endless hours of music without fatigue.

Located on the headphones is the Denon control wheel. A crisply modern illuminated blue ring frames the rotary control and suggests futuristic design hues to match the futuristic functions of the headphones. On the wheel you can control calls, volume and track without needing to even glance at your mp3 player or phone.

All this technology requires a bit of battery power but not to worry, from a single charge the battery delivers a whopping 12 hours of sonic bliss and if the battery runs flat, you still can play music in passive mode. Click below to read more about the luxury Denon accessories and exclusive Denon app!



PCS250MINI (1)

Custom fitted audiophile earphones from eers – PCS 250 deliver perfection in sound and fit

eers PCS 250 Custom-fitted Headphones – The World’s First Self-fitted Custom-Earphones



These are top of the range headphones that come with a do-it-yourself custom moulding kit so your eers headphones provide the best possible sound.


Using a SonoFit system the moulds are made in just five minutes. The process is quick and easy and at the end of it you’ve got perfectly formed silicon earbuds. Outside of making customised earbuds for headphones the SonoFit system is used by the army and healthcare professionals too.


These headphones are designed with the audiophile in mind and deliver exceptional sound quality in any environment without the need for excessive volume. The PCS-250 uses two dual driver speakers that act as both a tweeter and woofer. This allows the user to listen to music as clearly as it was recorded and to enjoy high fidelity audio especially in the genres of jazz, rock and classical.

These eers PCS 250 custom-fitted headphones are a world’s first so be one of the first owners of audiophile custom fitted earphones!



Deal of the Day: JayBird Sportsbands now only £69.99, SAVE £29.01!


JayBird Sportsbands

Was £99 ~ Now £69.99

SAVE £29.01!

These are the most stylish sports headphones you’ll find out on the market. However, their retro design does not suggest they are retro in performance.


Using a Bluetooth connection these headphones will wirelessly connect to your compatible phone or mp3 player – perfect for using at the gym. JayBird have long argued that if you don’t need wires, why have them? With these headphones you have a more enhanced freedom of movement to let you exercise without restriction.


With controls based on the headset you can change volume or track easily. The Sportsbands even come with an integrated mic to let you answer and end calls.


Save £29.01 today!